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Frequently Asked Questions
All the things you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

I thought you said you were going to focus only on your fanfic on this site?
I changed my mind and decided to use this site as a central clearing house. My knitting blog is located at The Loopy Loup. Personal stuff can be found at Dreamwidth.

Why do Jess Leahs and Carl Dane have different a backstory for each thing they appear in?
Originally Jess was written to be only in the Loup Garou series, and Carl for an Original World of Darkness tabletop roleplaying game. But I kept finding them popping up in odd places where I needed a character for a story or writing roleplaying game. Obviously, those origins wouldn’t work elsewhere, so they are modified as needed.

I thought Carl Dane and Thorn were Toreadors. Why in some stories are they a part of a bloodline I’ve never heard of?
House Van De Nacht spun off from a RPG I was involved in called Tenebrae Nostro. For fics relating to that game, they are broodmates in a bloodline of a friend’s and mine creation, complete with their own discipline. In other World of Darkness games, both are Toreadors.

What happened to Runs in the Blood?
Isa and I have both had real life issues that have resulted in a wicked case of writer’s block. Until the time where we can update it consistently, we decided that it would be better to take it offline. I am in the process of redoing the website.

What happened to the other stories that disappeared?
For reasons that I won’t go into, I felt it best to remove them from this site.

Cake or death?
But if you're out of cake, my choice is 'or death?'

What does that last question have to do with Lycanthrophile's fiction?
Absolutely nothing. I'm an Eddie Izzard fan and can't resist quoting that line whenever I get the chance.