Carry on My Wayward Sons
Author: Lycanthrophile ( and dean_the_hunter (
Fandom: Supernatural, Original Characters
Originally Posted: February 02, 2008
Spoilers: Season 2
Disclaimer: With the exception of Jess, they belong to Wonderland Sound and Vision and Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. No copyright infringement intended.
Rating: NC17 for male/female sex and male/male/female sex
Warning: Wincest
Summary: Jess meets the rest of the Winchester family and they learn some hard truths. Sequel to Bad Company.
Word Count: 25,322
Notes: Originally a roleplay log between myself and dean_the_hunter
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Dean tossed his jacket over the foot-board. He then dropped his bag down. "Bet these old motels carry a lot of history. Spooky history." He looked back to his younger, but taller brother, Sam.

"You are just looking for the Shining connection," Sam was pulling his coat off as well.

"Hey, was your idea to come here. I wanted to head someplace warmer."

"The Bahamas?" Sam tossed his jacket down as well.

"It's warmer. Women wear a little less. Who knows, you might even get lucky," he punched Sam on the arm.

"Does this place have somewhere to eat?" Sam walked into the bathroom, looking in the mirror.

"Can check it out. But I do know they have a bar. Com'on, let's unwind for a night and just relax. Have a little fun," Dean winked at his brother and pulled at his arm as he started past him.

"Unwind. Relax. Why do I get the feeling this is going to lead to me being in pain for some reason?" Sam followed Dean out who was just chuckling.

The two brother went down toward the bar. Upon entering, there was hardly anyone there. Spying the bar, both sat together and a bottle of whiskey was ordered up. Two glasses were sat before them and Dean did the honors. Soon the two were moving to a table and quartering the glasses and getting a rather nice buzz going.

Jess hung up the payphone with an unsatisfying slam. "Why do I even bother calling?" she asked the room in general. She could have quoted her conversation without even needing to have it. Her father would ask if she had found anything new leading to the Demon. She would say no. Her father would then ask in that oh-so-guilt inducing voice if she was even really trying. Or was she just out driving cross country for the hell of it, seeing the sites and forgetting the all important revenge.

Jess let out a loud exhale and started to walk to the bar. Almost there, she paused, head lifting slightly. Something smelled familiar to her. Not certain if it was someone she knew, she quickly scanned the room. When she didn't recognize anyone, she continued to the bar and ordered up a shot of tequila.

"Oh that is so not fair. You cheated!" Sam reached across the table, which had some of the brown liquid they had been drinking spilled upon it. He tried to hit his brother.

Dean leaned back chuckling, "I did not cheat. It's called skill, Sammy. I win so now you have to drink." Dean's face held a smug look. "Now drink up, cry baby."

Sam kicked him under the table, watching as Dean let out a yelp and grabbed at his shin. "I think you are just trying to get me drunk. Hey, we're out of whiskey." Sam tipped the bottle upside down.

Dean kicked Sam back. "Then go get us another bottle. Oh, and Sammy, don't walk leaning to one side."

"Jerk" Sam got up, wobbling a bit as the room suddenly spun before stopping. Dean was snickering as Sam just glared at him and walked over to the bar. He stopped a little bit away from the woman there, "Say, what do you recommend would get him plastered?" Sam pointed back to his brother with his thumb as he asked the bartender.

The man just shook his head and walked away to fetch a bottle. The night was slow and had been for a while. Things were slow for a while so it was entertaining to see anyone like this.

Sam was leaning on the bar waiting when he glanced over to the woman, "Hi," he nodded and smiled to her.

She had been watching the stranger out of the corner of her eye as she downed her second shot. She knew he smelled familiar, but could not for the life of her figure out from where. The alcohol in her system made her less cautious than usual. "Hi," Jess said as she turned the glass and thumped it onto the bar. "I'd tell you to try some Cuervo Gold, but then I'm a cheap drunk."

Sam gave that pearly white smile of his that made his cheeks dimple a bit like his father's, "Cuervo Gold huh?" He looked back toward his brother, "Well I'm a cheap drunk too but my brother back there..." He turned back to her, "Hey, Cuervo Gold," Sam asked the bartender who grabbed the bottle and placed it before them. "Oh, sorry, I'm being rude, name's Sam." He grabbed the bottle then looked at her glass, "Say, want to join us?" Sam motioned with his other hand, still in a cast. He had broken his wrist several weeks back, trying to get a zombie back in her grave and put an end to her murder streak.

He did have a nice smile, she thought before answering. "I'm Jess," she said. It couldn't do any harm to join him and his brother and have a little fun for once. She'd get drunk, have a few laughs, and then stumble off to her room to sober up. "If you guys don't mind, why not?"

"Well since it was your suggestion, you and I are both cheap drunks, maybe you can help me gang up on my brother." He smiled as he took the bottle and escorted her to the table.

Dean looked up and quirked an eyebrow. What was this? "Brought re-enforcements? Or is she gonna be a referee?"

"Jess, this is my brother Dean." Sam introduced as he pulled a chair out for her before taking his own seat. "I invited her since she recommended the drink choice." He sat the bottle before Dean.

"Tequila? Mixing drinks, Sammy? Okay," Dean grabbed the bottle and was pouring as he spoke, "It was your idea, little lady? Did he tell you we were playing quarters for drinks? Or do you have a better game in mind?" He looked to her under his long lashes.

"He didn't mention quarters," Jess added with a sideways glance at Sam. But she pulled out a coin. "But I think I'm up to the challenge."

Dean smirked, "Alrighty, now we have a game. Hey, Sammy, maybe you won't have to drink so much."

"You cheat," Sam answered.

"Oh, ladies first," Dean offered up while rolling the coin over the backs of his fingers.

Jess took the coin with a smirk. She made a big show of lining up the shot, aiming it just so. And her smile grew wider when the coin hit the inside of the glass with a satisfying thunk. "I believe," she said as she poured out a shot and passed it to Dean, "That this is yours."

Dean tipped his head to Jess with a bit of a smirk before taking the glass.

"You are going down," Sam grinned with a bit of confidence.

"You keep dreaming that," Dean informed his brother before tipping the drink back, drawing in a breath and letting it out as he sat the glass down.

Sam gave his turn a try and missed. He gave out a little curse and sank back in his chair, his long legs touching her for a moment which caused him to sit up and whisper a sorry. Instead reverting to pushing his chair back and leaning on his knees.

Dean took his go, landing it solid just as Jess did. He pulled the coin out and was looking between the two. He then flipped the coin and grinned, "You win, little lady, this is yours. Sorry, Sammy, you lucked out." Dean pushed the glass to her.

She hadn't had a chance to pull away from Sam when he touched her. And maybe it was the alcohol loosening her up, but she didn't want to. "Fair enough." Jess picked up the glass and threw back her head, downing the shot. "And don't call me 'little lady'," she added.

Dean just gave a chuckle, "Fair enough, just don't call him Sammy, only I get to do that. Right, Sammy?" He kicked his brother, knocking a leg so Sam nearly fell off his leg with his elbow.

"Jerk," Sam grumbled out as he sat up straighter.

"Bitch," Dean retorted. "Umm, your go," Dean pushed the quarter to her.

Jess picked up the quarter and bounced it. "Damn," she cursed when she missed cleanly. "I'm way too sober to have missed that. So tell me," she said as she grabbed the bottle and poured out her shot. "What brings you boys to the fine town of..." She frowned thoughtfully. "Where the hell are we anyway?"

"What? Small towns in Connecticut not exciting enough for you?" Dean watched as Sam took the quarter seeming to concentrate on it and then bounced it, dropping it in the glass, barely. "Bitch."

"Drink, you jerk," Sam was beaming.

"I think you two are in cahoots. Conspiring against me. Gonna take advantage of me when I'm drunk?" Dean wiggled his eyebrows at Sam and winked at Jess as he took the glass and downed it once again.

"No," Sam kicked him then sprawled, crossing his arms. This time he didn't move his leg as it hit his brother and Jess.

"You wish," Jess said. She didn't move back when Sam hit her, although she did jump slightly. "Although..." she added with a speculative look at both brothers. Either she was drunker than she thought, or she was in heat. Probably both. And for some reason, that thought struck her as funny. "Never mind," she said around the giggles.

Dean gave a chuckle then took his turn, this time hitting the glass and then pushed it toward his brother who just groaned.

Sam downed the drink, "I think you will have better luck with him. I think he plans on making me pass out. Or dance with a lamp shade on my head."

"And take blackmail pictures?" Jess grabbed the coin and took her shot. "Yessss!" She poured out the drink and after a moment passed it over to Sam. "I wanna see the lampshade thing."

Dean gave a laugh, "I like this woman. Didn't think about taking pictures, but good idea."

Sam gave Dean a look. Then he looked down at the glass and back up to her. "Okay, I see how it is now."

"Oh, he looks so cute in one. When he was eight... OUCH!" Dean grabbed his shin again as Sam kicked him.

Sam took his drink, making a face as it went down before grabbing the quarter. He then flicked it and it bounced, landing on the edge, wobbled then stayed. Both Sam and Dean leaned in to look at it. "Dude," they both said together.

"The hell?" Cautiously Jess bent down to look at it from table level, and then check under the table as well. There was no magnet she could spot. "No frickin' way." She was a bit wobbly as she leveled herself back up on one arm. "Does this mean we all have to take a shot?"

Both brothers looked up to her at once, their green eyes shinning with drunkenness though Sam's worse than Dean's. "Good idea." Dean nodded.

"Whoa, I made the shot so you two have to drink, not me." Sam shook his head. He grabbed the quarter, still nodding.

"Okay, you go first," Dean pushed the glass to Sam.

"Okay," Sam took the glass and downed it.

She was sober enough to know that something funny had just happened, but not enough to work out the logic. She poured out two more drinks, pushing one in Dean's direction. "So you never answered my question. What are you guys doing in... Cornwall?"

Dean looked at her, "We didn't? Sam. What are we doing here?" He pushed his glass to him.

"Well..." Sam tried to think and lifted the glass, taking a drink. "We're on vacation and..." He looked down at the glass then back to Dean, "Didn't I just drink?"

Dean shook his head, "Nah, oh and it's your go." Dean gave a smile toward Jess as well.

Something seemed off, but she was feeling too buzzed to care. Jess picked up the coin and tossed it. It barely made it into the empty glass. Both brothers had nice smiles, she thought. There was something familiar about it, and the shape of their eyes. Something she thought she should have recognized. "Um... I forget. Does this mean you take a drink or I do?"

"Well you do of course," Dean answered and pushed the glass towards her. He could see it now, dragging two little drunkers up to bed, make a puppy pile out of them while he found something to do.

"You sure?" Sam asked.

"Yeah," Dean nodded.

Jess stared at the glass seriously before wrapping her fingers around it. "The important thing about drinking is knowing when to say when," she intoned solemnly. She then downed the glass. "I should have said when about three drinks back."

Sam grabbed her hand, "Then we should..." He gave a hiccup, "Umm, excuse me..." He smiled, "... We should stop while we are ahead then." He hiccuped again.

"Okay, kids, then what do we do now?" Dean asked in rocking his chair back on two legs.

"Um, sleep it off, I guess." Jess imitated Dean's move, but overbalanced. It took an undignified flailing of her arms to grab the edge of the table to keep from falling over.

Sam quickly grabbed Jess, pulling her back up right and he over did it and she was suddenly upon his lap.

"Well I see what Sammy has on his mind." Dean gave a chuckle and he was suddenly falling over as Sam kicked his chair.

She should have been trying to extricate herself from Sam's lap, but she couldn't get the coordination together to do so. But she burst out in laughter at the stunned expression on Dean's face as he went toppling over. "So that's what this whole game was about?" She should say no, muster as much dignity as she was capable of, and storm out. And she would have, except for four reasons. She was drunk, she was lonely, she was hurting over her father's conversation, and she hadn't heard from... him... for over six months after a cryptic message that left her hopeful. "Oh why the hell not."

Dean looked up to Sam then started to get up. He was grumbling under his breath.

Sam's glassy green eyes turned to Jess, "No, no, was just an innocent game. Really. And..." He stopped staring at her, "Why the hell not?"

"Oh com'on, Sammy..." Dean rolled his eyes, "Offer to walk her back to her room, but give me our room key first and I'll see you for breakfast." He looked to Jess. "Right?"

"Uh, yeah," Jess said. Except that she had her demon hunting materials spread out over the walls, not to mention her weapons in various stages of being cleaned and reloaded. Come to think of it, maybe it would be a good way to get out of what she was about to do. Except that she would also be disappointed if he did.

She squirmed around on his lap so she could look up at him. In order to make it work, she had to hook her arm over his neck. "I'm drunk, but I'm not that drunk, Sam," Jess said. "I'm clear enough that I'm not going to cry rape afterwards. And I don't say yes that often."

Dean looked at Sam and Jess, wondering if his brother would go for it. After Ava going missing and him taking the blame for it, this might be what he needed. Dean walked over and reached in Sam's pocket, getting the key. "See you two," Dean smirked, gave a wink and took the bottle with him.

The squirming Jess did upon Sam's lap had some reaction upon him and he turned his head to her. "You don't have to..." He reached up brushing her hair back, "We don't have to do anything. But I will walk... okay more like stumble, back to your room." He however wasn't moving as he just gazed at her.

"Gently letting me down, huh?" Jess let out a heavy sigh as she shakily rose to her feet. Just her luck that she had run into one of the last decent guys. "Come on, let's get me back to my room."

Her walk was still shaky as they headed side by side out the bar. The coolness of the outer hall lounge air did some effect to revive her. "Look, Sam, I just want to say I'm sorry. This isn't how I normally am - getting drunk and picking up strangers. It's been a bad week," she said as they started passing numbered rooms. "Hell, it's been a bad life."

Sam walked along beside her, "Didn't say I was turning you down," he kicked his foot at nothing, stumbled a bit. "If it makes you feel any better I don't normally either. And... you aren't the only one having a bad life." He bumped into a table in the hall, quickly turning to catch a non falling plant. He moved back and banged into her, grabbing at her as if he felt he nearly knocked her over. "Sorry," he mumbled out.

Jess should have moved back and out of his grasp. But she found she didn't want to. She pushed up on her toes and let out a frustrated growl when she realized that she was still too short to reach him. "Get down here, damn it," she whined in a needy tone.

Sam leaned down, his mouth finding hers but not before their noses bumped and then foreheads as well. He groaned at the bump then just pulled her to him and kissed her, cupping her cheek with one hand as he pushed her back against the wall. He had to crouch which wasn't easy for a tall drunk man. "Umm, where is your room?" He asked between the kisses.

"Um... room 128," she muttered between kisses. She began fumbling in her front jean pocket. And her frown grew more and more pronounced as she checked each of her pockets. "Shit," she said, and then burst into giggles. One problem solved, but it created another for her. "I lost my key." Could this night get any better for her? Or maybe there was a way to salvage it. "You think your brother is going to be returning any time soon?"

"Hmm," Sam started to laugh, "Well, I think..." He had turned looking up and down the hall, "One flight up," He took her hand and headed down the hall at a near run, he took the stairs but since she wasn't quite keeping up, he reached to her, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and continued. He saw a cleaning lady. "Ma'am... oh, hey, I.... my brother has the key to my room and..." He started reaching in his pockets for money but the woman rolled her eyes and unlocked the door, "Thanks," he got them in and dropped her on the bed. He went to his bag and was looking for a tie. "Need a tie for the door," He informed her.

She was still a bit breathless from being manhandled around, although under much more pleasant circumstances than the last time she had been. And from the laughter at the expression on the poor maid's face. "Don't tell me you actually use that cliche," she asked as she toed off her boots.

"It was his idea, not mine." He pulled one out, "New I had one." He took the tie and put it on the door. He then closed it, locked it and came back to her. His own shoes taken off. He climbed on the bed beside her, "Now, where were we?" He leaned down to her, this time taking his time to kiss her. "I will have to warn you, it's... it's been a while for me."

Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, keeping him close. "Been a while for me too, Sam," she said between kisses. Her hands started to slide around to his chest to unbutton his outer shirt. "Figured a cute stud like you would be beating them off with a stick."

Sam gave a laugh, but then a sad little sigh, "It's a long story of sort, for another time," He reached to start lifting her shirt, slipping his hand under to touch her skin. She was soft, warm and he wanted to feel more, even if his head was swimming. "Wait, I think I should undress myself." Sam pushed up, indicating the reason being his cast. He started pulling his shirt off over his head, along with the other, his vision blocked as he tried to get it off and in doing so, exposed the finely developed body under the shirts.

Jess let out an appreciative purr as she caught sight of his torso. She rose to her knees and scooted a little closer to him. "Easy," she said, helping lift the shirts over his head. "Let me help you get this off." But she couldn't resist kissing him again as his head reappeared.

Sam wrapped his arms around Jess. He felt clumsy with his cast but his other hand was still working fine. "Your turn," he whispered as he went to get her shirt off as well. Sam didn't break the kisses he was giving till he had to. When her shirt was high enough over her full breast to get it off, he pulled back, pulling it higher and letting her arms slip out as he pulled it off inside out and then surged in to kiss her. He moaned as he tried to unhook her bra. He got the clasps open at last, pulling it off her shoulders.

Jess leaned back to make it easier for him to pull it off. She held back for a second so Sam could take a good look. And there was a playful look in her eyes as she glanced down his torso, eyes coming to rest on his crotch. "Well," she said letting her fingers drift down the same path. "Let's see what you're hiding."

Sam felt a warm blush wash over his body. She was beautiful. Her breasts pert and she was well toned, kept in shape. As her eyes moved over him, he looked down like a little boy. He lifted his eyes without moving his head. He could feel her hand moving down him all to clearly, his drunken state making him fully aware which in turn had him fully erect. He gave a little laugh, "At this moment, I don't think I'm hiding anything." He moved off the twin bed, leaning into her to steal a kiss before going up right to undo his pants. The belt didn't give him as much trouble as his pants alone did. He couldn't seem to get the button through the hole until Jess helped and undid his pants.

The already loose material fell from his hips a bit and he pushed them down with his underwear. The young man was well endowed, just like this brother and father. "Here I am," he spread his arms showing off his body when he heard the door being jiggled and Dean tumbled in to stopped, seeing his brother fully nude and a very topless Jess. "Dean?!"

Dean was trying very hard not to laugh but couldn't hold back as he bust out laughing. "Oh, sorry," He managed to get out, "I'll just..."

Jess had rolled onto her side, propping herself up on one arm. Her eyes widened as the fabric fell away from his hips and she let out an appreciative purr. The rest of him was just as well defined and toned as his chest. And she couldn't help but squirm in anticipation as her eyes rested on his erection.

Slowly she sat up on the edge of the bed, undoing the top button of her jeans. Jess was reaching for him when she heard the rattle of the door. Instinctively she turned towards it, giving Dean an excellent view. "Jeez!" she squealed, diving for the bed, scrambling to reach a shirt or a sheet to pull over her. She cast a glare up at Sam as she felt her cheeks turning bright red. "I thought you said the tie was his idea!"

"DEAN?! What the hell are you doin here?" Sam grabbed for his shirt to cover himself.

Dean tried to breath, "Oh com'on, Sammy, ain't nothing I haven't seen before. Remember I used to give you a bath? You kicking and screaming," he walked in the rest of the way, going over to his bag.

"Dude?" Sam moved but in his drunken state, fell over on the bed atop of Jess.

"Hey, hey, wait till I leave there, tiger," Dean chuckled and pulled out a box of condoms and tossed it over, hitting Sam. "I only came back to give you these since you probably had none. And well, didn't really expect you to be here."

"The tie was on the door, dude."

"Oh, yeah, it was," Dean smirked in walking around his bed. "Um, have fun you two. Go back to playing Doctor or whatever games you two were playin."

Jess sunk lower into the mattress, wondering if it was possible to be any more embarrassed. And then found out that it was possible when Sam ended up on top of her. She let out a grunt as the air was knocked from her lungs. This was not what she had in mind by any stretch of her imagination. "Look, maybe I should just leave," she said apologetically to Sam.

"No, no, no, you stay right there," Dean waved his hand at her.

Sam grabbed the pillow behind her and tossed at Dean as he ran for the door and was out but not before he peeked back in, "Oh, Sammy, do everything I would do." He pulled the door shut, and one could hear him laughing.

Sam made a face then dropped back, rolling to his back, hand over his eyes, "I'm sorry."

"Not your fault," Jess said. "I'm sorry, Sam. This isn't what I intended at all." She laid back and blew air through her cheeks as her hand reached for his. "Maybe I should go," she said, and then cast a suspicious glare at the door. "Unless your brother is sitting out there to keep me from doing so. Pervert's probably listening through the door, too."

"Not what I intended either," Sam mumbled out. He turned his head to her, a soft smile pulled at his lips, "Dean's a pervert but not that much of one." He frowned then sat up, reaching over the side for her bra and top. He handed them over to her while trying to be modest himself, now looking away then turning his back. "I'm really sorry, I'll understand if you don't want me to escort you back to your room. You lost your key right?" He was grabbing his pants and underwear to pull them on.

"Yeah, I'll have to head up to the front desk and get a spare," she said. She started to pull her bra on, but paused. "Sam, I can be convinced to stay, if you want me to." She shook her head. "I just suck at this whole 'one night stand' thing."

"You aren't the only one," Sam again mumbled. "I hadn't had a 'one night stand'... ever." He looked back to her, "Do you want to stay?" He reached back, gently brushing her hair back even as he swayed a bit.

She leaned into his touch as she thought. "Yes," she said, pulling close to kiss him gently. "And don't say it like it's a bad thing. I think it's kinda sweet."

Sam leaned in, kissing her just as gentle and tenderly. His uncasted hand came up to cup her cheek as he kissed her, twisting his body around while laying them back. He moved his hand down to her neck then lower still.

Jess shifted a little closer as one arm wrapped around his back. She let out a little gasp as a large warm hand hand cupped her breast. Her hand slowly slid down his spine, pausing when she reached the slight barrier of his jeans. And then she was sliding under them to cup his ass.

Sam's leg moved between hers, pushing up till he could feel the heat between her legs upon his own. They both still head their jeans on but the heat was clearly there. His larger hand curled a bit, giving her breast a little squeeze before he moved it around her back to press her closer to him. He was restricted with his other hand but it was supporting her while he moved his mouth over her skin.

Sam pulled back from the kiss, his head dipping to get at her neck, gently sucking on little parts but not enough to leave marks. And now he couldn't help himself as he rolled her nearly on top him, trying to get her jeans off her.

Jess let out a soft moan with each kiss. Her breath caught as he pulled her over him. "Easy," she soothed as she reached down to undo her jeans. It took a little creative wiggling and squirming for her to work them and her underwear off without moving away from Sam. Now nude, she felt vulnerable as she let him look her over. "Like what you see, Sam?"

Sam nodded, wishing like all hell he didn't have the freakin' cast on. He wanted to touch her all over but, "Umm, I guess it's my turn... again," he reached for his own pants, having not done them up, he lifted his hips and pushed them down. "Easier to get on than off," he grumbled to himself. He finally got them off then blushed a little, "Like what you see, Jess?"

"I did the first time," she said. Jess kissed his lips lightly. "You've got nothing to be ashamed of, Sam." Her hands rubbed over his chest, lightly teasing and tickling. Her mouth wandered lightly over his jaw and neck. "And I'm going to warn you, it's been a while for me too."

"Probably... probably not as long as..." Sam gasped a bit, "Me..." He moaned in pulling her fully to him, getting her on top of him as he kissed her. This was a better position for him, he didn't have to lean on his cast though he had a feeling he would end up on top. He reached up, brushing her hair back as he leaned in to kiss her, one hand leaving her hair to wonder over her body, reaching around to cup her ass and rock her slightly against his cock.

"Wanna bet?" she gasped as her hips tilted forward. Jess glanced around for the box Dean had thrown at them earlier. She spotted it half buried by the blankets. "Well," she said as she extracted one foil packet. "Do you want to do the honors, or shall I?"

"Do you mind?" He held up his cast and gave a little helpless smile.

"Not at all," Jess said. Slowly she slid backwards along his legs. She tore the foil packet open, looking absolutely confident. But there was a slight tremor to her hand as she touched him.

Sam reached out, touching her hand, "Jess," he sat up as he whispered her name, "You don't have to do this," He moved his hand over her arm, caressing, "Really, it's okay."

She leaned against his hand. "I do, Sam," she said. "Like I said, it's just been a while." She crawled up his body to kiss him, pressing herself close against his chest.

Sam moaned, wrapping his arms around as he looked up at her. He kissed her deeply, and he could feel his cock pressed between them. He wasn't going to force her. As much as he wanted this, it had to be her lead and not his. He was sober enough for that.

She squirmed against him, still hesitating. There was a tiny, sober part of her mind that told her that she should back off, that she was cheating. Except there was a memory of... him... telling her that she shouldn't wait. Jess pulled back to take a deep breath and readjusted herself, sliding down the length of his erection.

Sam groaned and his eyes closed, his head coming to rest upon her chest and sliding to her shoulder the further down she pressed upon him. Sam tightened his grip upon her. "Jess," he breathed, trembling this time. He lifted his head to her and nuzzled till he found her mouth, kissing her deeply as his hips started to move in a slow motion.

She let out a soft whimper, returning his kiss. Her arms wrapped around Sam's shoulders, anchoring herself more firmly against him. And she slowly started moving her hips in a counter-motion to his. "God, Sam," she whispered softly. She was going to be sore in the morning from being stretched, but it was going to be worth every moment.

Sam closed his eyes, burying his face in her neck. She was so tight. So hot. So soft and he almost felt like he shouldn't be doing this. Not just for a one night stand. What happened to him? Had he truly gotten that lonely? He started moving a bit faster, lifting his head to her, gazing into her eyes, "God, you are beautiful," he whispered. He leaned in and kissed her soft lips once again but this time he shifted, turning them so he was atop of her, resting on his elbow while he drove into her at a very nice pace.

Did the room spin because he had rolled her under him, or from what he was doing to her? Jess wasn't sure which. All she knew was that he was hitting all the right places. "Sam," she whispered before arching up to kiss him. One leg wrapped around his waist, making her gasp as he rubbed against her clit.

"Ohh, god, Jess," he was moving a bit faster, hating the fact it had been entirely too long and he didn't have the control he used to. She felt entirely too good. She was hot, from what he could feel through the covering and she was feeling just right under him. He raised his head, giving her quick kisses. "I... I don't think I'll be lasting to... to long."

"Just let go, Sam," she moaned. Jess' other leg lifted, arching over his hips, trying to pull him in even deeper. She could feel the heat pouring off of him, making her melt. "I want to feel you..."

It was as if she gave him the right words, the permission and Sam didn't hold back. He rocked into her faster and a bit harder till he tightened his grip and his whole body tensed. A swear left his lips as he came, eyes closed tightly and like his father used to, buried his face in her neck. "Ahh, fuck," he hissed out, feeling like he was nearly going to pass out.

She arched beneath him as she felt Sam's orgasm. Her hands clutched at him tighter as her pleasure swept through her. But his face against her neck almost undid her. It was such a familiar and intimate gesture, one she hadn't realized she missed until Sam did it. But she blinked back the tears from her eyes and turned to nuzzle his cheek. "You are incredible, Sam."

Sam still kept his eyes closed as he tried to regulate his breathing. He gave a little laugh while his head pounded and swam at once. He murmured, "You are too kind. You were the incredible one." Sam shifted his weight to one side and pushed up on his elbow. He ran his hand down her side then back up, picking the strands of hair from her face, "You want me to pass out so you can sneak away?" He teased.

There was muzzy smile on her face as she chuckled. "After that? Sorry. You're going to have to kick me out of bed to get me to leave." She rolled onto her side to face him and reached over to run her fingers through his hair. "Or do I need to leave so your brother can get some sleep?"

"Screw him. He'll drag his ass in here soon enough." He smiled then pulled her in tighter, "Besides, you are much better company than he is." He shifted a bit then reached between them, "Um... hold on, I need to get this thing off." He pulled away, getting up and going into the bathroom to take the condom off and clean up.

"Hurry back." She lifted up on one elbow to watch Sam walk into the bathroom. Then Jess let herself flop back on the mattress with a content sigh. Hands folded over her stomach, she stared up at the ceiling. Right now she didn't want to worry, didn't want to think. She just wanted to enjoy.

Sam came back, his hip hitting the foot post. He then flopped his taller frame onto the bed next to her. "Was that fast enough?" He smiled his regular white tooth smile. He then tickled his finger over her stomach before bringing a large hand to her breast and suddenly got embarrassed for doing so and reached down, pulling the covers up over them.

"Yes," Jess said. He was absolutely adorable when he smiled, she thought. A shiver ran through her at the brief touch on her breast, but blinked in surprise as she found herself being tucked in. "How do you manage to sleep in these without hanging over the edge?" Jess asked as she snuggled in close to him. Her arm wrapped around his waist, nestling them close.

"I usually don't, I have to curl up a bit unless we manage to get full size beds then I sleep diagonally." He put his feet against the foot board and pushed. He held her close nuzzling her, "Tell me something, how come you don't have a boyfriend or do I need to worry about one?"

"Um... not really... I mean...." Jess let out a heavy sigh. "It's complicated. I've been in an on-again, off-again relationship for the last five years. And I guess since I haven't heard from him in over six months, I guess it's over with. Very messy. Wouldn't want to bore you with the details." Jess pressed her lips to his cheek. "How about you? Am I going to be involved in a cat-fight soon?"

Sam shook his head as his head tipped and was looking at the St. Christopher necklace she had. "The traveler," he whispered. "No, I haven't dated or been with anyone since my girlfriend died. Why are you wearing this?"

"Personal reasons," Jess said as her head bent to look at the necklace. She wasn't about to tell him the truth, that it was the focus for a spell that kept her darker side in check. "Reminder of what I could be." She was surprised that he recognized it on sight. Not too many people recognized her medallion. "I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend, Sam."

"You know, there were those who say he was actually a werewolf because he wore a wolfs head. There's actually some very interesting lore," He paused in looking at her, "Sorry, it's a sort of hobby of mine."

"Odd hobby," Jess said. She hoped there was no strain in the smile she was giving him. An alarm bell was quietly ringing in the back of her head. But anyone doing a websearch would turn up that information. No need to panic, she told herself. "What other hobbies do you have?"

"My brother would say looking up porn on the web," He gave a laugh. "I did a lot of research while in law school," Sam reached up, playing with a strand of hair, remembering how John, his father, would do the same thing as he would hold Sam sometimes when he was younger.

"Law school? Good looks and brains too?" Jess pushed a little closer to kiss his chin. "So do you look up porn on the web?" she asked in a sultry purr. "Anything you'd like to try?"

"No!" He answered quickly then blushed, "I mean...I..." He buried his head in the pillow, "Augh... who thought I would be having this conversation with such a beautiful woman. Yes, it's just so many..."

Jess let out a giggle at his reaction, pressing her forehead to his shoulder. His reaction was something unexpected and touching. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I say we blame the alcohol."

Sam turned his head to her, that cute look of his was gifted to her. He leaned in, "Can I blame the company for wanting me to do those things. Like this," he leaned in, kissing her as he moved his head down to find her breast and suckle upon them.

"No..." Her arms cradled his head, her fingers running through his hair. She let out a shuddering breath as she rolled her shoulders to arch her breasts closer to his mouth. One leg slipped between his.

Sam pressed his erection against her leg, his mouth going to the other side. He gave a hum over that nipples before coming back up and taking both her wrists to move over her head. He had her grab the bars behind him, "Hold on and don't let go even if you want to." He breathed over her lips then worked his way back down again, his mouth worshiping her till he got to her core where he placed both her legs over his shoulders and his mouth covered her.

She did as he instructed, wondering exactly what Sam had in mind. Her fingers wrapped around the spindles, her head lifting to watch his progress. It didn't take her too long to figure out what he intended. "Oh god," she quietly gasped as he moved lower. She tightened her grip as she felt his mouth between her legs, squirming and arching.

Sam's mouth worked her, his tongue exploring all her folds. He sucked upon her clit and nibbled upon her folds. He was taking his time, learning each little place that made her squirm. He delved his tongue into her opening before flat licking his way back up. Sam moaned looking up at her, lapping at her while watching her reaction.

Her lip was caught between her teeth as she looked at Sam. And she didn't disappoint him with her reaction. Every time he hit a sensitive spot, she squealed or wiggled. Her chest was heaving as she stared back at him, eyes wide and dilated.

Sam knew he was doing good. He wasn't as confident as his brother in the sex department, given Dean had more practice but he was getting there with the lovely reactions she was giving. Sam closed his green eyes and with one hand going up to her breast to tease a nipple, Sam's mouth, his tongue worked her lit till she was squirming to much she wanted to pull away. He used his good hand to hold her down to him as he kept going, licking her all over and his chin and mouth was glistening with her juices.

She continued to whimper and whine, twisting under him as much as Sam's hand would allow her. Until she stiffened beneath him, legs locking and pushing her up against him. Jess let out a loud squeal as her head arched back. And then she went limp on the mattress, breathing hard as she raised her head to stare unfocused at him.

Sam lapped at Jess then when he had her clean, he crawled back up her body, wiping his mouth on his arm then settled half atop of her and half beside her. He caressed her, reaching up to pull her arms down. He laid his head down beside her, just gently caressing her. He gave a content sigh, pulling the covers back up around them. "Want to close your eyes for a bit?"

Her breathing had slowly returned to normal as he settled next to her. A nap did sound good, and his touches were encouraging more sleep than another round of sex. Jess turned her head to face him. "But what about you? I mean... didn't you...?" She quirked an eyebrow at him.

"I'm okay," he whispered to her. He leaned in and kissed her tenderly, "Now shhh, and just close your pretty eyes."

Jess' expression said she didn't quite believe him, but she didn't argue either. She exhaled and rested her head against his shoulder. One arm settled across his waist as her eyes shut.

Sam closed his eyes as well and fell quickly into a deep sleep. He held her tight for a while till his body relaxed. He didn't hear the door open or the fact that Dean crept in and undressed, sliding into his own bed and with one hand under the pillow, lying on his stomach, he fell asleep himself. Dean just assumed that Jess had gone back to her room. He had no idea she was still there.

It was early morning and Sam woke, his head pounding horribly and his stomach was turning. He gave a groan and quickly threw back the cover and rushed to the bathroom, slamming the door closed causing Dean to jump. He blinked in looking around then gave a chuckle. He got up stretching. "Lightweight."

She had been coming in and out until Dean's voice brought her to consciousness. Her eyes snapped open, and immediately she regretted it. Not quite aware of what woke her or where she was, Jess curled upright into a sitting position, fighting a wave of nausea as she did so. One hand covered her eyes, trying to protect them from the light that was doing its best to send daggers directly into her brain.

Something felt off to her. She didn't think she was in her room, but she couldn't remember where she was. And then her memories kickstarted. She met two cute guys in the bar while she was getting drunk, was half dragged, half carried back to his room, great sex, falling asleep next to Sam...

Reflexively Jess drew her knees up to her chest, a vain effort to shield herself. She could hear someone on the other side of the room. And the bed beside her was still warm, but empty. Now her hand stayed over her eyes, as if not seeing him could put off the embarrassment a little longer. "Let me guess," she said in a slightly sleep groggy voice. "A - I'm not in my room. And B - you're Dean."

"Whoa!" Dean whipped around then quickly grabbed the blanket to cover his lower half, which was still covered by his boxer briefs but still. "What... I mean..." He looked back to the door where Sam was then back to her. "You stayed." He eyes dropped to the clothing upon the floor. "You stayed," he gave a grin. "Umm, I'll just dress and..." He grabbed up his jeans, pulling them on as he spoke, next raising his voice to Sam could hear him, "And get you two some breakfast. Maybe some nice juicy pork in an ashtray."

"I hate you," Sam grumbled to him as he hung over the toilet.

"Yeah, I know," Dean chuckled.

Jess' hand slipped from her eyes to her mouth as her shoulders gave a convulsive jump. Fortunately, everything stayed roughly where it should have. Not that she couldn't have been any more embarrassed if she had vomited then and there. Giving up on any sense of modesty, she swung her legs to the side of the bed so she could drop her head between her knees to deal with her spinning head. "If you're going to be torturing us," she grumbled from the head down position. "Could you at least have a little mercy and get some black coffee?"

"Sweetheart, that's a given around us," Dean pulled his shirt on then his other before sitting on the bed to pull his boots on. He stood up, grabbing his wallet and started heading for the door. "Oh, Sammy, we need to talk later when you aren't worshiping the porcelain god, okay," He banged his hand to the door loudly which made Sam groan and shot him a dirty look.

"Yeah, whatever, get out of here, dude or..." He never finished that.

Dean chuckled, "I'll be back with coffee, up-chuckles." He headed for the door. "Oh, score, Sammy 0, Dean 1, or a hundred, something like that." He closed the door behind him with a bang, laughed and headed off down the hall.

Sam came out of the bathroom looking a bit pale and leaned against the door, still nude. "I'm gonna kill him."

"No, let me," Jess said. She experimentally raised her head and turned to look at Sam. "I'd kiss you good morning," she said as she shakily rose to her feet. "But I don't think you'd appreciate it until I brushed my teeth."

"I have an extra toothbrush?" He slowly moved to his bag, bending and groaning as he did, pulling it out and held it out to her. He had already brushed his after his bout with the toilet. "I need a shower and a quiet room. I think I... No, better not or you will make an offering," he gestured back to the toilet.

"Thanks." Jess gathered up her clothes and barely made it in before rushing to the toilet. Emptying her stomach didn't help the pounding headache, but she did feel less shaky as she rose to her feet. After cleaning her teeth, she pulled on the clothes from the night before, deciding she'd shower when she got back to her own room. She'd have to hide some of her stuff as well, if she could convince Sam to come over for more guaranteed privacy...

What was she thinking? Jess looked hard at herself in the mirror. That was exactly what had gotten her into trouble before. And here she was starting the pattern again. "You really do suck at one night stands," she muttered to herself before opening the door, wondering if she'd have a little more time alone with Sam before his brother returned.

Sam made a face as he heard Jess do exactly what he had been doing earlier. He gather up his clothing and at least put his underwear on. He still wanted to take a shower. He wanted to clean off the liquor smell of him. He leaned against the foot board of the bed waiting till he heard her come out. He gave her a soft smile, "The awkward moment has arrived."

"Yeah," Jess said. Her expression was gentle as she took a deep breath and walked towards him. "Look, I know the whole point of a one night stand is one night only, but I was thinking..." She stopped close to him, but didn't reach out yet. "Tonight? My room? I promise I won't lose the key, my brother is on the other side of the country and won't be barging in, and there will be less tequila involved if you like."

Sam looked down then slowly lifted his head, "Can we make it no tequila? I don't think my stomach will ever recover." He was the first to reach out and touch her hand. He pushed from the foot board and leaned down to kiss her softly on the cheek. "Maybe we can do dinner."

Jess squeezed his hand, relief passing over her like a breeze. She nuzzled his cheek. "No tequila," she promised. "And dinner sounds wonderful." She took a small, reluctant step back, but didn't let go of his hand. "I guess I should head up to the front lobby and get a new key."

Sam's arm extended with her step back but he moved in, walking her toward the door. "This time, let's not lose it, okay." He opened the door, stopping to see a smiling and all to chipper Dean at the door.

"Oh, don't let me interrupt," he pushed past Jess and handed her her coffee.

Sam rolled his eyes, "I'll see you around six?" Sam looked to Jess.

"Six it is," Jess said. Since she could reach his cheek even on tiptoe, she lifted their still joined hands to press a kiss to his fingers. "I'll see you then." Then she leaned around him a little to yell, "And thanks for the coffee, Dean." And one last squeeze to Sam's hand before letting go. "Catch you later, Sam."

Dean raised his coffee cup to her and took a drink. Once the door was closed Dean gave a whistle. "Little Sammy has a date. Now Sam..."

"Shut up," Sam rolled his eyes and headed into the bathroom closing the door and leaving Dean snickering.

Jess had stumbled her way to the front desk and asked for a second key, putting up with the knowing expression of the desk clerk. And then she stumbled back to her room, sucking down coffee the whole time. And once back in her room, the first thing she started doing was stripping out of her clothing and spent an hour under the shower. And though the thought of breakfast still turned her stomach, she felt more human than she did when she first woke up.

Redressed, she started cleaning up her room. The weapons were cleaned and locked into a trunk and slipped under the bed. Her notes were tucked into a leather satchel and also slid under the bed. The salt lining the doors and windows was relocated to above the threshold and sashes, although she wasn't certain it would still do it's job there. And then there was the one last question that plagued her as she opened the closet.

What am I going to wear tonight?

Sam and Dean went about to looking into the deaths that happened at the hotel. Each talking to various people like the bartender and the cleaning people, so on. It took up most of their day and the brothers were nearly exhausted, mostly mentally, when they got back to their room.

"You getting ready for your date?" Dean asked in taking off his jacket.

"My date? Oh shit," Sam looked at his watch and rushed to change.

"Here, let me help you look pretty," Dean walked over to help.

"Get away from me you freak," Sam batted him away.

"Oh," Dean moved around the bed, bent to get something then came back and slapped a couple of packets of condoms in Sam's hand. "You might need these, tiger." He patted Sam's cheek then started straightening his tie.

Sam looked at them then shoved them in his pocket. "Give me the credit card." He took out his wallet.

"Demanding shit," Dean pulled his out and pulled the card out, handing it over. "Should make her pay."

"I'm not gonna make her pay," Sam stuffed the card in his wallet. "A gentleman is suppose to pay."

"Gentleman? And is that what you are?"

"Like you would know anything about it, Mr. Sleazy-pick-up-line."

"Hey, it was my pick-up lines that got you laid last night," Dean pointed at him. "Now get going. Be sure you are in before ten." He smacked Sam's ass.


"Yeah, ten."

"I'm not a little kid with a curfew."

"Not at night, in the morning. And bring me some coffee." Dean smiled and closed the door in his face.

Sam rolled his eyes and headed off down one flight and to room 128.

Jess had finally pulled out a black dress that hadn't been bled on, rock salt shot through, or stretched and torn when she Changed. She had picked it up when she tank style dress when investigating an incubus stalking the club scene. To make it a little more modest, she added a sweater. And it was one of the rare occasions where she put on makeup. "One date isn't going to hurt anything," Jess told herself as she looked in the mirror.

So now all she had to do was wait. And to make the guilt that lately spoke to her in her father's voice shut up, she pulled out her laptop and started doing some research on the hotel and surrounding area. She was sifting through death records when she heard a knock at the door. She shut down the laptop, smoothed her dress down, and took a deep breath. But there was no hiding the brightness in her smile as she opened the door and saw who was waiting there. "Hi, Sam."

Sam was looking down the hall, looking all pretty in his suit as well. When the door opened his head turned back and he got that stupid stunned look on his face that all guys get when seeing such a pretty vision as she was presenting him. He swallowed hard, "Hi, Jess," he answered back. He stood staring then suddenly snapped out of his daze, "Ready?" he asked, offering his arm.

"Yeah." She took his arm and pulled her door closed. As they walked down the hall way, she had to crane her head up to look at him. Even in heels, she still felt like she was too short. "So where are we going for dinner?"

"They have a nice restaurant here. Is that okay with you, that we eat here? I mean, after last night, not sure if your stomach will handle being so far from your room." He gave a smile. He escorted her into the area and the two were lead to a table. Sam held her chair for her before he sat down. He leaned a bit over the table, "Umm, I'll be honest, I know nothing about wine."

"Cheap drunk, remember?" Jess laughed. "And after last night, I think I'm just sticking to water." She picked up the menu and started to review it, keeping it tilted low enough so she could still see Sam. "Your brother didn't give you too much grief about me waking up there, right?"

Sam nodded, "Me too," he leaned back taking up the menu. He was reading it over, his stomach turning a bit at some of it before he looked up to her, "No," he shook his head and smiled. "Besides, to much and I would have barfed in his shoes." He gave a little laugh then looked down, thinking chicken and a salad would be fine. He sat the menu down, his eyes looking her over. "You look very pretty tonight." God, he was so out of practice.

Jess was still laughing at the comment about Dean's shoes when she started blushing again. "Thanks, Sam. And you look pretty good too. Not that you didn't look good last night. You did, but now, how you're dressed--" And she immediately winced. "I'm going to shut up before I start digging the hole I'm in any deeper."

Sam gave a light hearted laugh and looked up when the waiter came. He motioned for her to go first before placing his own order. "Oh and two glasses of water with mint leaves in them, please." He looked back to her, "I read somewhere mint helps calm your stomach." He gave a little shrug, "Who knows, might be something behind those old wives' tales." He cleared his throat and then looked to her. "You know, I really should apologize for my brother. He's a really..." He seemed to struggle for the words, "... good guy? Dean just... He... He's just Dean." He gave a bit of a laugh.

"He's your brother, in other words," Jess said. She reached over to take his hand. "And it's a brother's job to give his sibling's grief. Trust me, if my older brother were here, we would both be hip deep in it right now. Not to mention that my dad would be in the corner, not saying a word, just cleaning his shot gun." Or would have at one time. Their reactions now would probably be totally different. She pulled herself back to the present, to much more pleasant company. "So, uh, no. You don't need to apologize for Dean. But, if I do spend more time around him, I will start giving as good as I get."

Sam turned his hand over to hold Jess', something he hadn't done since... Jessica. Not even with Sarah did he. He gave a smile, "Sounds like my family. Though my dad had one of those looks but it was directed at me to treat a girl with respect. And cleaning of the shot gun... that is nothing new for me." He gave a thoughtful look, "Though it would be good to see Dean get as good as he gave." He chuckled at the thought.

"My dad would give my brother Mike the same look. But someone told me once it's a completely different ballgame where daughters are concerned." Her hand squeezed his lightly, but she sat back a little when the waiter arrived with their water. "Somehow I think that you're able to keep Dean in line though."

"I try." Sam reached over, taking a drink. "So what brings you into town? You aren't from around here are you?" He asked.

Jess also took a sip of water as well. "No, I'm not local. Actually, I'm from the Bay Area, opposite end of the country." Fortunately she had thought up an answer to this question a long while ago. "My mother died over about sixteen months ago. Things had been a bit tense in the family before, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I booked and have been traveling across country, trying to get my head on straight." Jess looked at him curiously. "How about you?"

"I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Mine... I never knew her. She died when I was a baby." He looked at his glass. "Well, after my girlfriend died, I decided to take time off and been on a road trip with my brother." He looked down then up at her, "You know, you should really try and work things out with your family. Because sometimes family is all you have left."

Jess blinked at the familiarity of the words. "It's a bit more complicated than that, Sam. And believe me, there's nothing more I'd like to do than reconcile. I just doubt that my dad is going to welcome me back with open arms any time soon." She took another sip of water. "Can I ask a personal question, Sam? How did your girlfriend die?"

"I used to think the same thing about my father. We constantly butted heads," Sam looked down then sighed a bit. "She died in a fire. I had just come back from spending the weekend with my brother and... our place was on fire. They still can't tell me the cause." He looked up to her. "So I just, hooked up with Dean and we've been traveling since."

It sounded so familiar to what she had read. A fire of unknown origins, and of course he'd leave out the part about his girlfriend being pinned to the ceiling. Who would believe that? And if it had just been the fire, she would have dismissed it as odd coincidence that cropped up now and then. Except that his brother's name was Dean. And he had mentioned the fact that St. Christopher had supposedly been a werewolf. Too many odd little things were adding up, and she didn't like the conclusion she was drawing.

"Sam, I know this is going to sound weird, but I need to ask it anyway." She seemed oddly tense for such an innocuous sounding question. "What's your last name?"

Sam tipped his head at her. The look upon her face. And the first thing he thought of was Dean. He was in the Fed's data base. Could she be... "Conner," He answered with a lie and also it was the name on the credit card. "Is something wrong?"

Relief flooded through her. "No, um..." Jess shook her head, taking a deep breath. Coincidence. Nothing more. "I just thought for a moment you were related to someone I know. The ex-boyfriend, I mean" she said. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like some sort of freak. I was just thrown for a moment."

"Oh? Really? What made you think I was?" Sam wondered, now his curiosity was piqued.

"Just..." Jess shook her head. "It's silly." She looked at him, now blushing in embarrassment. "You and your brother's names, they were the same as his sons." She looked up at him from underneath bangs that had fallen forward over her eyes. "He was an older guy."

"Oh," Sam gave a nod as he took a drink. "Well, our names are not unique. I'm sure there are hundred of brothers out there with our names. You're probably right, coincidence, that was what you were thinking? You know... if you still... care for him, maybe you should try and contact him?"

Jess' eyes were hooded with memory as she answered. "I tried after the last time I heard from him. He never responded." One finger ran around the rim of her glass pensively. "I love him, and I think a part of me always will," she admitted. Now her eyes looked to him, asking for understanding. "I just don't know that I can wait for him any more."

Sam this time reached across, "I understand. I... it took me a long time to get over Jessica's death. You... you are actually the first woman I've been with... since her death. I... I was gonna ask her to marry me. I was shopping for rings. But I never got a chance to... I should have never left her." He sighed. "But we all have to move on." He shook his head, "I don't see how my brother does it."

Jess' head tilted to one side. "Love 'em and leave 'em type? Maybe he just hasn't met the right person yet." She squeezed his hand. "It's not your fault she died, Sam. And you're going to drive yourself crazy playing the what if game. I know that one first hand."

Sam nodded, "But if you can do something about it. Could have, how can you not let it effect you?" He pulled his hand away as their plates were brought to them. He sighed a bit then took up his silverware to start eating.

She didn't have an answer for that. The first few bites of her salad she kept quiet, double checking that her stomach was willing to tolerate solids after the abuse she had put it through the night before. And slowly the conversation returned to more light hearted topics. And the meal progressed a lot quicker than Jess had expected.

Sam allowed himself to loosen up after a bit. The light hearted topics helped. After a while, he paid for the meal and offered to walk out on the grounds. He had her upon his arm, the grounds were small so he just walked them around to a little bench where they could sit. He could see their room from where they were. He looked up to see Dean walking back and forth in the room with a glass in his hand. "He looks like a caged animal." He shook his head.

It was pleasant to be outside and alone with him. Jess leaned against him, practically having to tuck her head under his chin to see what he was talking about. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. "Do you need to go check on him?" she asked, although her tone indicated she really hoped he didn't.

"No, he's okay. Knowing Dean, he has some Metallica playing and drinking or surfing for porn on my computer." He pulled her closer. "Dean is good at entertaining himself." He looked down to her, "You know how brothers are."

"Yeah, I know." She leaned against him, head tilting back to look up at him. "But I can't really say that I'm interested in talking about your brother now."

Sam gave a soft smile, "Okay, what topic interests you more?" Sam pulled his arm away, shrugging out of his jacket and placing it around her, pulling her closer to him.

"Oh, um... I guess this means I have to come up with something to talk about." Jess looked at his cast, seeking inspiration. "Well, you and your brother have been road tripping. Tell me about some of the places you've been."

"Places we've been," Sam nodded in thinking, "Well, saw the world's second largest ball of twine. We found this place that used to make great apple pies. Did a little hunting. We usually just head where ever the road takes us." He looked up to the window where Dean was and saw a sign taped to the window. 'KISS HER ALREADY!' He looked away quickly, "Say, it's pretty cold out, why don't we head inside."

"Okay," Jess said, wondering why the double take. She allowed Sam to help her to her feet, but caught sight of the sign out of the corner of her eye. She just shook her head and giggled. "I guess I meet with your brother's approval?" she asked as they walked up the front steps.

Sam gave a chuckle, "I guess so. Though you have to understand my brother. Anything in a dress and sexy legs, nice smile will meet his approval." He held the door open for Jess and walked her toward her room. He walked them past the bar and saw Dean inside, glass in his hand talking to the bartender. He felt a little guilty, Dean was working the case and here he was with a beautiful woman on his arm. And he was the one who told Dean he would keep going.

Her stomach churned slightly as they walked past the bar. "How can he even think about drinking after last night?" And it wasn't that long of a walk before they reached her room. She pulled the key to her room. "Didn't lose it this time," she said as she leaned against the door. "Do you want to come in?"

Sam looked down between them before raising his eyes back to her, "Do you want me to?"

She nodded and looked at the door. "I know I told you that part of me still cares for him, but I can't wait for him any longer. And I know you're hurting still about Jessica -- okay, it's just strange talking about someone with the same name I have like that. But you're right. We both need to start moving forward again." Her hand reached for his as brown eyes sought out green. "And maybe there won't be anything between us other than yesterday and today, but it's a start. So yes, please come in."

Sam nodded, waiting for Jess to unlock the door and walking in. Sam followed, closing the door behind him and locking it. He reached over, taking his jacket from her and sat it down on one of the chairs. "I was gonna ask, have you tried calling your... boyfriend? I mean recently? Letting him know how you feel?"

"No, not recently. I did try calling him after he left the message, but I didn't get any response." She put her purse down on the dresser. "You think I should?"

"If you still care for him, you should. At least till you know for sure that it's over," he reasoned. Sam couldn't believe he was saying what he was. Standing in her room and especially after last night. If Dean was here, he would be kicking his ass about now.

And from her expression, she didn't quite believe he said it either. "You are almost too good to be real, Sam." She looked at her purse, almost seeing through it to the cell phone inside. "How about this? I try calling him one last time. If he's there, I'll talk to him. But if he's not... I go forward."

"Okay, You... want me to leave the room?" He asked hand being shoved into his pockets and feeling the packets of condoms Dean shoved in them. He couldn't help the blush that warmed his cheeks.

Jess shook her head. "Stay, please," she said as she pulled her phone from her purse. She walked over to the bed and sat down. She took a deep breath, blew it out and started dialing.

Her lips moved in silent count with the rings. "Voicemail," she said, patting the spot besides her. She listened to the familiar voice, telling her that he couldn't be reached and to call his son Dean if it was an emergency. She took another deep breath and shut her eyes. "Uh, hi John, it's Jess," she began in a quiet voice. "I really wish you had picked up, because I'd feel better if I could talk to you right now."

"I... um... there's no easy way to say this. I got your message six months ago. And called you back. And waited. And I can't wait any longer." She paused to glance at Sam. "I still love you, and always will. And I know that there are other things that have to take priority. I just can't live wondering when I'm going to hear from you next. I'm sorry, John, but..." She sighed, eyes closing. "Call me, don't call me, I just have to move forward. I can't say that I've met someone, but I'm hoping that I might have. Either way, I have to find out. So, I guess this is goodbye. I'll see you around." Before she could verbally stumble around any more, she hit the end call button and snapped the phone shut.

Sam had sat down beside her Jess, his hand going to her back and rubbing gently as she spoke. He could hear the pain in her voice. She must have really loved this guy... John. He felt bad for her because this guy must be a real jerk for not calling her back. For not just being with her. Of course he wasn't going to say it aloud to her. Sam sort of felt like cornering the man and making him understand how relationships are suppose to be. But she was saying goodbye and moving on.

Sam wrapped his arms around Jess, letting her lay her head against his chest. He rubbed her arm, "You did the right thing." Was all he could say.

Jess just leaned against him for a long moment, arms coming to rest around his midsection. Only one sob escaped her lips before she was pushing away, wiping her eyes, running mascara and eyeshadow giving her a raccoon look. "Thanks, Sam," she said. "Look, I know this isn't what you were planning when you said you'd go out with me. I'll understand if you want to leave."

Sam cupped her cheek, reaching up and wiping a tear away. "No, I don't want to leave. You need someone right now and... Well I'm here." He kissed her forehead. "Com'on, let's sit back." He moved, pulling her with him as he placed his back against the headboard.

Jess kicked off her heels before settling against his side. "Too good to be real, Sam," she repeated as her arm went around his waist. "And I did mean it. The part about wanting to find out."

Sam's hand was petting her hair. He decided to make her smile and reached in his pockets, "So I might still be able to use these?" He dropped the condoms upon her lap with a little smile. He then held her tightly, "I'd like to find out too."

It worked. Her arm around him squeezed as her head burrowed into his shoulder. "I'd say the odds are pretty good." Jess stretched up to kiss him on the cheek. "Thanks for staying."

"It's my pleasure," He brushed her hair back then tipped his head as he heard it start to rain. "Raining." He tipped his head back to look out the window.

Jess stretched to listen. "Yeah, it is." She scooted a little higher on the bed so she could more easily reach his face, trying to figure out some way to return to the lighthearted conversation of earlier. "You like the rain, Sam?"

"When I was a kid, I used to think it was God crying because Dean said I did something to hurt his feelings. Then as I got older, I liked to think of it as... washing away some of the troubles of life and the world. And I remember wrestling with my brother in the mud when it did. God, our dad would yell at us..." He shook his head.

"You and your brother seem really close," she said. Jess didn't think that she heard him mention his father before. "Your dad sounds like the standard dad, yelling at whatever us kids did that was fun."

"When he was around. He was very strict and..." Sam swallowed and looked down, "...hey, you wanna go play in the rain?" He asked suddenly. Sam was starting to get up.

"What?" Jess giggled as he pulled her to her feet. She didn't step back into her heels, but the work boots that she usually wore. "You're serious? It sounds like fun but..." She laughed again. "Why not. I seemed to have abandoned any maturity and dignity I had since last night."

Sam gathered up the condoms and shoved them back in his pocket then grabbed his coat and her hand. "Why not. It's not gonna hurt us." He rushed back outside with Jess in tow and pointed to a swing set. He lead her over, sat her down and started pushing her. He was laughing with her when he looked at the swing set and tipped his head. He saw the five star, the same one he had been seeing all around the place. Someone was using this for protection.

Jess had been gripping the chains tightly as Sam pushed her, almost shrieking with laughter. She hadn't been on a swing set since she was eleven, and forgot how breathless it could leave her swooping higher and higher. But she realized something had caught Sam's attention as each swing went lower. "Hey! Did Dean put up a new sign or something?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry. No," Sam seemed to snap out of the thoughts he was mulling over. Moved over, going to sit on the other one. He was rocking on it, twirling the chain. "You really think... this... between us... is a second chance for what we both lost?"

She drug her feet through the grass to stop so she could look at Sam. "I'd like to think so," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. "I hope so. I mean, I trust my instincts enough to know that there's something there. I don't trust them enough to identify what it is." Plus there were a whole different set of issues that she was ignoring for the moment. "My life is just really messed up right now."

Sam nodded, "I know what you mean. For so long I avoided anything. Any possibilities. And there were chances. Times. They just... didn't seem right. I guess, now I'm ready. And I think she would have wanted me to go on." Sam started rocking from side to side, moving in closer to her then away. He gave a laugh, "I guess our lives are pretty close the same."

She let out a slightly bitter laugh. "Oh God, Sam, I hope for your sake that's not true." She tilted back to look up at the cloudy sky, wincing when a large drop hit her in the forehead. She could feel her dress clinging to her, as well as her hair. And she didn't even want to think about what state her makeup was now in. "Okay, be honest," she said suddenly twisting upright to face him. "It doesn't freak you out at all that I have the same name as her?"

Sam grabbed her chain when he got close to her, "Maybe a little but..." He gave that cute grin of his, "At least when I call, I won't mess up the name." He let go, swinging back the other way and away from her and her reach.

There was laughter in her voice as she yelled. "Oh you jerk! Here I was thinking you were the perfect man and you go and say that!" She pushed off to the side, trying to and just missing grabbing him.

Sam let out a laugh and used his long legs to try and keep from getting to close to her but his shoes slipped in the mud and he was just barely in her reach. "Well it's true!" He surged from the seat and started to run.

Prey drive instincts of the wolf kicked in. Jess gathered her legs under her and pushed off, not bothering to follow him directly. Instead she tracked the curve of his path and bolted in an intercept, arms spread to tackle him. "You're supposed to let me live in blissful ignorance that you even thought of that!"

Sam was laughing, something he hadn't done in a while except at Dean when he was hitting the ground, sliding on the grass a bit and found her atop him, hitting at him. He couldn't stop laughing, "But it's true!" He rolled so he was on top of her. Sam stopped before leaning down and kissing her.

Her further protest was swallowed by the kiss she had been waiting all night to feel. Her hands wrapped around his forearms so she could pull herself closer. She was pretty certain the dress was ruined, there was a stick poking her in the spine, and it would take forever to get the mud out of her hair. But the only movements Jess made were to get closer to him.

Sam lowered down to his elbows, kissing her while one hand moved down her side. He moved his hand to her dress and started using his fingers to gather the material till her leg was exposed and his hand could go around it and between it, slowly moving up higher.

Jess let out a soft whimper, trying to relax so he'd have an easier time reaching where they both wanted to go. She couldn't wait to see his reaction when he realized that the underwear she was wearing tonight was a lot skimpier and lacier than what she had been the night before.

Sam's wet hand moved even higher when he heard a noise and his head lifted and saw Dean stumbling out the door. He didn't look like his normal self. If anything his face looked angry and hurt. Sam pulled away, "Dean?" His brother didn't seem to hear him and Sam got up, just throwing a look at Jess then going over. "Dean?"

Dean turned his head, he was saying, "Well lookie here. The precious one. The one I have to give up everything I ever wanted for." He pushed Sam away from him.


"Don't Dean me, fuckin' run off on me twice." He pushed him in the chest. "Fuckin' just poof, left me. Just like dad. The man you never wanted to be like, you sure as hell go out of your way to be. Especially now that he's dead."

"Dean, why are you say all this?" He grabbed his brother to make him look at him, "Oh god... he's been drugged. And he's burning up." He looked back to Jess.

"Get off me," Dean started to struggle.

She had blinked in surprise when she felt Sam pulling away from her. Obviously, something was wrong with Dean for Sam to react the way he did. She rolled to her feet, trying to straighten the dress the best she could as she followed Sam, not quite certain how involved to get.

"Hey! Easy Dean," she said, grabbing onto a flailing arm. The leather jacket under her hand felt familiar, but she wasn't paying attention to it. She gestured to Sam with her head towards the door. "Let's get you back inside."

Dean jerked his arm away, "GET OFF ME!" He shouted then turned and punched Sam then pushed Jess away.

"DEAN!?" Sam ran after Dean tackling him and the two started fighting as they rolled. Sam finally got Dean pinned after taking a few blows from him and the brother's head turned contorting in tears of pain.

"He was so damn worried about you. All your life you were all he cared about. He would come in, first thing he ask was how you were. Were you safe. And the moment you were gone... He left me. Didn't give a shit about. Not even when I was dying. And the one..."

"Shh, Dean, you're gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay," Sam slowly climbed off him, helping him up. "Jess, help me get him back to the room."

"Yeah." Sam was carrying most of Dean's weight, so all she could really do was guide them towards the stairs. Jess stepped ahead and cleared the path, opening doors and moving things out of the way. And made a note to come back and take a closer look at a vase she saw an odd engraving on. "You want to put him in my room since it's closer, Sam?"

Sam nodded, taking Dean over toward her room. When she got the door open, Sam got him inside and placed him against a wall. He started undressing him, "Help me get him out of these wet clothes." He was working on Dean's pants at the same time pulling off his own. "Get a warm shower going," He nodded to her letting her know he would get the rest.

He leaned Dean into him and took him into the bathroom. "I'll take care of you, Deano," he whispered, holding him tightly.

"I can't go on," Dean was limp, and he was burning up. "Start the shower."

Jess nodded and stepped into the bathroom. She turned on the shower, making sure the hot water tap was wide open. "Anything else you need?" she asked. There wasn't too much else that she could do here for the brothers. "Hey Sam, why don't you toss me your keys? Maybe I can figure out what he got into? Or at least how much he's been drinking?"

Dean held onto Sam as his brother got him into the shower. "Look in his pants pocket if you can't find it there, I suspect he left it in the door." Sam stood in the shower with his brother, holding him up. "Dean, what happened?"

"Huh?" Dean turned his head to Sam, "He always loved you best." He looked away, "I did everything he asked and still..."

"I got you, Dean," Sam looked to her, "Thank you, Jess."

Jess nodded, trying hard not to look at the nude brothers. Once Sam and Dean were in the shower, she stripped out of the wet dress and into a faded pair of jeans and old T-shirt. She quickly checked Dean's jeans. "Found it. Back soon," she yelled, and then was out the door.

She quietly went up to the brother's room, unlocking it before she heard a soft sniffle. Jess looked down the hall to spot the owner's daughter leaning against a door, crying. "Tyler?" She asked as she walked over to the child and bent down to her level. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

It took a little coaxing, but Jess got the story from Tyler that Maggie had put something in Dean's drink, one of her grandmother's pills. After a quick conversation with her mother got a quick list of what drugs her mother was on. After quickly checking Dean and Sam's room to get an idea how much alcohol was in his system, she was dashing back down to hers.

"Back," she yelled out as she picked up her laptop. Jess immediately started hitting medical websites and reading up on various stroke treatment medications and their affects when combined with alcohol. "How you guys holding up?"

Sam was trying to hold Dean up when Jess returned. He had them out of the shower and was walking them about, fearing what was in Dean if he went to sleep would keep his brother there. "Com'on, Dean, stay with me." He at least now had towels around their waists. "He's heavy."

"Yeah, well your... your..." Dean couldn't finish. "Hey... let's have sex... all of us..." His hand made a big circle. "We can..."

"I think we need to get him to a hospital. His eyes are dilating." Sam moved them closer, "Can you go up to our room, get us some dry clothes and the car keys."

Jess was already gathering up her purse. "Susan's already called 9-1-1 and an ambulance is on the way. Apparently Maggie thought it would be funny to put some of her grandma's medications into a bottle of whiskey Dean bought tonight." She was already on the way out of the door. "They said to keep him awake. I'll be back with the clothes, but you're not driving anywhere."

She was back upstairs, grabbing a change of clothes for Sam and for Dean. It would probably be pointless to dress Dean, since they'd just start cutting clothes off of him right away. Grabbing a bag, she began packing a set for Dean and some for Sam to wear now. Her fingers brushed past a leather book of some sort, but spurred on by approaching sirens, she grabbed the clothes and ran downstairs.

Sam was still walking Dean when she arrived, "Here, can you take him?" Sam pushed his brother to her, grabbing the bag and getting dressed.

Dean leaned on Jess, "You have the hots for Sasquatch over there. What's wrong with me? Why can't I find nice frisky girls. I'm an ass, aren't I. A smart ass ass. I don't blame you. Hey, my dad ditched me too. But he always found time to look in on Sammy while he was at Stanford. Real loving dad he was." Dean's eyes watered and his lips trembled. "But hey," He forced a smile. "I know the perfect wedding present...a step ladder."

"I'll take him," Sam grabbed Dean from her once he was dressed, heading for the door with their bag over his shoulder. "Com'on, Dean."

Jess followed, pulling out her keys. She knew it was the drugs and alcohol, but there was something setting off a bell in the back of her head. But she didn't have time to puzzle it over. The paramedics were already coming though the front doors. In a few seconds, they had Dean out of Sam's arms and on the gurney. It took no more than five minutes and they were on the road again. After getting the directions, Jess was driving Sam to the hospital.

Sam wanted to go with Dean but it was best that they followed. He sat quiet in the car, just looking out the window. Upon reaching the hospital, Sam got out, "You don't have to come in if you want to go back. I'm... I'm sorry about tonight. Sorry for everything." He had been speaking to her through the window before he righted himself and was heading inside. He rushed over to the counter, "My brother, Dean, he was just brought in?"

The woman just handed him some forms, "You need to fill these out sir."

"But I need..."

"Fill out the forms and we'll be right with you. Your brother is being taken care of." She turned away and went off to do something else.

Sam stood there before taking the form and going to fill them out.

Jess circled the lot several times before she found a parking spot. She didn't head to the ER right away, but instead swung down to the coffee cart. After paying too much for what she was certain would end up being stale coffee, she headed off in search of Sam.

She paused when she spotted him. He looked... lost... trying to fill out the paperwork. Quietly she walked over and set the coffee down in front of him. "You'll be needing this," she said. "Sorry, Sam. You don't get rid of me so easily."

Sam looked up, that look upon his face. "Thanks," he whispered. He sighed in looking at the paperwork. "The last time I had to do this, my dad and Dean were in the hospital. Dean was... he was dying. It was twice he nearly died." He looked to her, "I can't lose him."

Jess sat down next to him. "He'll be okay, Sam," she said. Of course the problem, she thought as she lightly rubbed his back, was she didn't know that for sure. "We got him here quickly, he's young, he's in good shape..." she trailed off. "Anything I can do to help?"

Sam shook his head, "No, but thanks." He went back to filling out the forms. He then reached in his wallet and pulled out John's medical card. He clipped it to the board and went back up, handing it over. The woman took it, going to work. "Can I see my brother?" he asked, looking like a lost puppy.

"We'll come get you when he is in his room." She turned away after handing him the card.

Sam just stood there for a long moment before turning back and sitting down. He took the coffee and took a sip. "I'm bad luck. Everyone around me gets hurt. Or dies." He stared into his coffee. "Even my brother." He looked to her, "Better run as far from me as you can."

"Hey, stop that," Jess said. She twisted in her seat to glare up at him "You are no more unlucky than I am. And you are in no way to blame for Maggie pulling such a dangerous prank. It could have been anybody ending up drinking that whiskey. And last night it could have been all three of us."

"No, you don't understand... I should have..." He placed the coffee down. "It has to stop." He reached for his bag, digging around and finding some papers he had printed out. "I've been seeing these symbols all over the house. On pottery, the door, different items. It's voodoo symbols used for protection. Susan's mother had a stroke about a month ago. And that is about when Maggie showed up according to Tyler."

"Sir, you can see your brother now." A woman announced.

Sam tossed everything back in the bag, grabbed it and hurried off. He quickly came back and grabbed Jess' hand and pulled her with him. He followed the nurse down the hall till they got to a private room. Upon the bed, Dean laid looking pale, dark circles forming under his eyes.

He looked up when the door opened. "Dude, did you bring some coffee?"

The blood had drained from her face as Sam described the symbols she had spotted earlier. "Wait a moment, Maggie's an imaginary friend and not a real sister?" She had thought that the other child had been shy. But how had Sam known that?

And then her arm was being pulled out of her socket. Jess looked relieved that Dean seemed to be doing so well. "You can have mine. I'll swap out the IV when the doctor's aren't looking."

"Never get your stomach pumped. It's not fun," Dean reached for Sam's coffee.

"You scared me for a while there," Sam moved around so he was closer to Dean. "Don't do that again jerk."

"Like I planned it, bitch." Dean took a drink. "Dude, I'm gonna have a massive headache. What the hell happened?"

"You were drugged. Maggie did it."


"Tyler's imaginary friend."

"Great." Dean sighed.

Jess watched the two brothers talk. Although she had (stupidly) missed the fact that Maggie was imaginary, Dean didn't seem to thrown by the fact that he had just been poisoned by a supposedly nonexistent person. Add to that Sam's knowledge of voodoo and Catholic saints, and Jess wasn't liking what it was adding up to.

She sighed, knowing her next question was going to lead to a whole bunch of ones she didn't want to answer. "So what are we dealing with then? Spirit? Demi-god? Contained elemental? Or something more exotic?"

Both brothers looked at her. "One," Dean started, "Since when has it become we? Two, how do you know about spirits, demi-gods?"

Sam shifted, "You're a hunter, aren't you."

Jess also shifted uncomfortably, not meeting either of the brothers' eyes. "Okay, maybe it's not a 'we' as we're working as a team. But yeah I'm a hunter." She looked up at Sam. All the little pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. "What's your last name, Sam? You're real last name?"

Dean and Sam exchanged looks. Dean more worried. If she was a hunter, she could be gunning for Sam like Gordon. Ellen said she knew at least 12 good hunters who could piece together the same things. He looked sternly to Sam.

"Winchester," Sam answered.

"Damn it!" Jess hissed. Her right hand clenched into a fist. And then the rest of the words sunk in. Their father was dead. Had been dead for a while if she understood them right. There was a broken expression on her face. "When... when did John die? Was it the Demon?"

Sam's face held that look similar to hers. "John... your ex-boyfriend... your call... that was... our father?"

Dean looked back and forth confused. "Wait... what did I miss? You guys TiVo'ed this right? And what does it matter to you how or when our father died?" He nearly snapped the last part out as a defensive measure.

"We're... we're not sure." Sam walked around to her.

Jess nodded. "Sam, I'm sorry," she said, staring down at the floor. "If I had known, Sam, none of this would have happened. I wouldn't have let this go this far." Her cell phone was a cold, hard lump in her pocket. It made sense now. He had been calling not to tell her that he cared, but to tell her goodbye. "I bet I can tell you to within half an hour of when he died. Please, tell me. Was it the Demon?"

"That," Dean stated coldly, "Is none of your business. And what the hell do you know of the Demon. How do you know about our father?"

Jess lifted her head slowly. "John and I first crossed paths about five years ago. I know about the Demon because I got a glimpse of his journal. And because that thing killed my mother." She took a step towards him. "I may not be getting the quarterly newsletter, but you aren't in this business long before you start hearing rumors and stories about other hunters. You sure you want to hear what I have to say about him?"

"He was our father a hell of a lot longer than... whatever he was to you," Dean snarled.

"Dean," Sam placed his hand upon his brother to calm him down. "Dad and you... were actually lovers? But... that means you two met when I first went to school and... You never met Dean?"

"Never met Dean. And there's a reason for that." Jess shook her head. "And yes. He was your father a lot longer than we were lovers." She looked over and grabbed the chair to drop into it wearily. "You want the quick and dirty explanation? Or the long drawn out one?"

"Try the long drawn out. If it's not gonna be pleasant for either of us, we might as well all suffer together," Dean shifted in the bed.

Jess let out a heavy sigh. "Sam, you might want to sit down. This is going to take a while." She turned the chair around, straddling it. She crossed her arms over the edge of the back and rested her chin on them. "It actually starts about six years back while I was at U. C. Davis..."

Dean and Sam listened to what she told them. Both astonished at their father. She had to be the first person their father didn't have a falling out with. And there were things she didn't know about their father either. The things she said didn't sound like their father but yet it was because a lot of it did. However what came next had them both shocked.

"Our father... that's why you where the St. Christopher medallion," Sam spoke slowly looking at her neck.

"Our dad knew and he didn't waste you?" Dean sat up more. "No... no... that isn't our dad. He hated everything supernatural. He taught us..." Dean looked to be the one most troubled by it all. "He..."

"He loved you," Sam finally spoke again.

Jess nodded. She had remained hunched over the chair during the whole conversation "And it troubled him. I was supposed to be the enemy. From everything I've heard about him, he should have killed me. And then there was the age difference. And the fact that he was a hunter." She did straighten up. "I can play the message if you want to hear it. But let's get one thing clear. He may have loved me, but your mother was the great love of his life. I know I was nothing compared to her."

"I wanna hear it," Dean spoke up first.

Jess pulled out her cell phone and dialed her voicemail. She forwarded through a message from her dad before switching it to speaker mode and turned the volume up. Her expression was stoic as a familiar voice was heard. "Jess, it's John. I want you to know, what I said, I truly meant. I love you. I'm sorry I left before without saying goodbye. I'm sorry for all the things I did. Whatever you do, be careful." She folded the phone shut with a snap.

Dean blinked then looked away. "The bastard knew. He called you because he knew." Dean threw back the covers. "Where's my pants?" He asked.

"Dean, take it easy," Sam tried to stop him.

"Don't," Dean growled low at him. "The bastard knew and he couldn't even say those words to his own sons. Then he..."

"He did it for you, Dean," Sam held him by the shoulder.

"Dean, listen to me." Jess slowly stood up. "That night the Devas attacked, he was absolutely wrecked. He was miserable. And he wanted to be with the both of you so badly. I just happened to be there. I always just happened to be there."

"Don't..." He snapped at her. "You don't..."

"Dean," Sam moved over and handed Dean his pants. "We ran into him again. We found a weapon that would kill the demon. But... things went south. He got possessed by it and we got all got hurt pretty bad. Dean was dying. So..."

"He traded his life for mine," Dean finished as he pulled his pants on. "Bastard said bye to you. Told me I might have to kill my brother. Really caring one he was."

"Wait one second!" Jess looked at Dean, not certain that she heard him right. "He said you might have to kill your brother?"

"He didn't tell you about me?" Sam furrowed his brow. "You haven't heard from other hunters?"

"Sam, don't."

She gave them a slightly disdainful snort. "Other hunters? Please." Jess arched one eyebrow. "How long you think I'd last? The only hunters I talk to are Bobby and Caleb, and they don't know the full truth - just that John sent me to them to learn."

"Yeah, well now you only talk to Bobby," Dean pulled his other shirt on and made a face as he gripped his stomach.

"Caleb was killed," Sam grabbed Dean to help support him, "I don't think you should be leaving."

"I ain't staying here. You see the nurses?" Dean pushed him away.

"Okay, but slowly," Sam started helping Dean.

"I got it," he batted him off.

Jess blinked. "Caleb too?" She let out a deep breath and reached in her pocket for something. "Here. Go." She tossed Sam her keys.

"You're coming too, right?" Sam asked in catching the keys.

"You really want me anywhere around you two?"

"Our father trusted you. And... it's not like we don't know each other. Jess... unlike our father... we don't just kill anything supernatural. Only what is evil."

"Speak for yourself," Dean grumbled. "Not evil are you?"

"No, I hope," she said, tapping the medal on her chest. "Can't say I'm not worried about turning though. Oh, which reminds me of something else. I asked your dad once that if I did turn to the dark side, that he'd be the one to plug me and not leave it to some psychopath like Gordon. You know what he told me?" She shook her head. "To call you, Dean."

Dean slowly looked back at her with that look of his. As if saying he didn't need something else weighing upon him.

"Well, it's not going to happen," Sam quickly said. "Because you're not. Both of us aren't." He looked at Dean. "We can find you a cure." He nodded. "Yeah, we will."

"Can we get out of here?" Dean asked in heading for the door.

"First of all, I wasn't asking him to do it now," Jess said with an equally dark look back at Dean. "Second, I've got a cure, I just don't know if I can ever use it." She shook her head. "But we've really strayed off point here. What are we going to do about that thing back at the hotel?"

"We find it and stop it from killing. You're a hunter, you should know that." Dean commented in heading out to the car.

"It all started around the time Rose had her stroke. Maybe she was what was protecting the family? But from what?" Sam was walking with his brother.

"That's what I was asking you guys," Jess grumbled. "I can't smell it, I can't tell what it is. But we can eliminate most demons right now. No sulfur trace. But that doesn't eliminate an elemental or just a run of the mill vengeful spirit."

"We need to go talk to Susan. Find out more. If someone died in that house," Dean spoke up. "I learned from the old man, that used to be a house where Rose grew up in. Been in the family for centuries. Which means..."

"There could be a lot of spirits," Sam chimed in.

"Let's go." Dean tossed Jess the keys.

She caught the keys easily. Once they were all in the car, she let the engine roar to life. Soon they were racing the dawn back to the hotel. Jess was trying to sift through all the information she had picked up since her arrival. "Those pictures on the mantlepiece, I asked Susan about them when she was showing me the rooms. They're of Rose and her nanny mostly. But one included her sister, her deceased sister." At the moment, she was all hunter. And she would remain all hunter while around the brothers. She couldn't indulge in any mourning in front of them.

Dean was in the back, lying upon his back, arm over his face. He still felt like shit. His stomach was turning and his head was pounding. But his mind was on the case. "I saw that picture too. Did you see what the Nanny was wearing. Five spot. How much you wanna bet, she taught Rose some."

Sam looked back to his brother. Then we need to go talk to Rose. See how her sister died... unless she mentioned it to you?" Sam looked at Jess. When they pulled in front of the house, Sam saw Susan looking about.

"Tyler?!" She was calling out.

Dean pushed up, opening the door and rushing over. "What's wrong?"

"Tyler, she's missing I can't find her anywhere."

"Susan, how did Rose's sister die?"

"What? What..."

"Just answer the question." Sam snapped.

"She drowned in the pool."

Dean and Sam looked at each other then to Jess. "Pool house," They both said and took off after it, running in time to see the little girl inside. Susan rushed over, "Tyler!" Dean tried the door and couldn't open it. Both brothers tried to open it.

Even with Jess and Susan's added weight, the door wouldn't move. Whatever was in there with her didn't want any interference. "Is there another entrance?"

Susan's eyes were wide and panicked. "Around the other side."

Both she and Dean bolted for the opposite end of the pool house, Susan trailing behind. Dean's kick to the door was followed by hers. Both made the door splinter slightly, but neither broke through. Jess was landing a second kick when she heard the ominous sound of a splash, followed by the sound of cracking glass.

Sam was the first to break through suddenly and he ran over diving in the pool. Dean finally burst through the back and Susan rushed in with Jess behind her. She ran around to the pool just in time to see Sam emerge from the water to break the surface with her daughter. "Tyler!" She ran over dropping to her knees.

Dean ran over, all of them exchanging looks till the little girl started coughing. She was okay. Susan gathered her up and started carrying her inside. "What happened?" Dean asked.

Sam shrugged, shivering from being wet, yet again. They then heard a scream and they all rushed up to find Rose was dead.

9-1-1 was called again. Jess overheard one of the police officers mutter something about being glad the hotel was shutting down, or else they'd have to install a substation just outside the property. The coroners said it looked like she had a second stroke, and that nothing probably could have been done. Jess wasn't so sure. She had felt that she had been three steps behind from the start, and had allowed herself to become easily distracted.

Not like she didn't have things to be distracted by now. Susan, understandably, was shutting down the hotel earlier than she had planned, wanting not to spend another night with her daughter there. So Jess and the boys had to clear out of their rooms, and weren't able to do a final walk through to make sure that Maggie was really gone. So she worked on reloading her car, not letting herself think, not letting herself feel for this moment.

Dean and Sam had packed up their car as well. It wasn't hard. Each had only one bag they dragged around, oh, and Sam's laptop. They were both walking out, Sam catching Jess at her car. "We should really talk to her," Sam spoke up.

"What for?" Dean tossed his bag in the back seat.

"About dad? About her time with him. If he said anything. If he..."

"If he what? She banged him, he banged her."

"He loved her, Dean," Sam looked at him over the car. "He loved her enough to tell her so. Dad's never done that to anyone else we have run into."

"The ass can tell others but not his own sons," Dean mumbled under his breath.

"Well I wanna talk to her," Sam pushed from the car and headed over to her. "Jess?" He called out to her. "We're going to another motel... and I would really appreciate it if you... joined us there. I want to know more about you and our dad."

Jess looked at him for a second, wondering if she should put them all through this. But she owed Sam and Dean more of an explanation at the very least. "Um, yeah," she said. "Let me know where and I'll meet you there."

Sam nodded, "First one you come across, we'll be there. Just look for the Impala." He gave her one last look and went away back to the car where he got in and the two drove away. Dean stayed quiet most of the way, only making a comment here and there. Dean checked them in and the two brothers were now in their room. Dean was drinking a coffee.

Jess watched them drive off before getting into her car. It was tempting to avoid this confrontation, to get on the road and just go in the opposite direction they were. Or blow past the motel and keep on going and not look back...

She let out a heavy sigh and started the engine. She couldn't do any of that. Couldn't drop the bomb on them that she had and not help pick through the debris. So she was five minutes behind the brothers when she pulled into the motel. Although she wasn't sure she'd use it, she did get a room - a bolt hole she could retreat to if things got too intense. She didn't bother into go check it out though. Instead she walked outside. It didn't take much effort to spot the Impala. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and walked to the door it was parked in front of. After a moment, she knocked firmly on it three times.

Dean pushed up for Sam was in the shower, getting warm. Dean walked over, pulling open the door and looked at her. He stood there for a moment then moved aside, rolling his eyes. "Maybe I should leave while you and Sam... talk." He started going to get his jacket.

Jess kept her game face as she stepped past him. There was a part of her that wasn't surprised that he was leaving. "You don't want to hear this, Dean?"

"What is there to hear?" He was pulling on the old worn leather jacket his father once used to wear around her.

She recognized the jacket now. She really had been willingly blind, she chided herself. "Maybe that he wasn't the greatest guy to me either. That you weren't the only one he'd run off on to check on Sam." She made a slightly frustrated noise. "You know, I didn't mean to hurt you when I told you about him giving me your number. I was trying to tell you that yeah, he said he loved me, but when I asked him to do something I was afraid to do myself, he told me to talk to a complete stranger."

"And he expected to me keep a promise he made to a complete stranger. Just like he really expected me to kill my own brother if I had to. What the hell kind of father was he?" He clammed up and headed for the door. "Tell Sam I went to get a drink. Alone." He pulled open the door starting to head out.

Jess ducked in front of Dean, blocking his path out. "He wasn't going to win a Father of the Year award any time. I'll give you that," she said. "But why would he want you to kill Sam? I don't get it. He was so worried about you both when I last saw him."

"Worried? About us both?" Dean leaned forward to her, his voice low, "Was he really worried about me? Or just Sam? What was he sooo worried about me? Huh? Did he even really talk to you about us? Or did he just mention our names? Tell me something about myself only he would know? Can you do that?"

Jess opened the her mouth to respond. And then closed it and shook her head. "No," she admitted. Most of what little personal things she had learned about them had come from Sam and not John.

"Didn't think so," Dean went to move around her. "The man... all he cared about was killing that damn demon. Hell, couldn't even call, couldn't even come to see me when I was dying the first time. I had a better chance to win the lottery than get any thing from him. And all I did was give. I gave him everything." He stopped looking at her, "He showed you more love than he even did his own damn son."

She looked up at him and sighed. "And I'm sorry, Dean. It never should have been that way. And I wish I could change it. But I can't."

Dean shook his head, and kept going. "I'll see you around." He walked off.

Jess let him pass and then stepped further into the room. "Fine," she said. "Run away." Her next words were quieter. "Just like him."

Dean stopped and gave her that cold look that he lately had gifted upon Sam. Sam walked out, towel about him and stopped looking between Dean and Jess. He saw that look upon Dean's face. "What is going on?"

"Nothing," Dean slammed the door closed behind him and leaned against it crossing his arms.

Jess was staring coolly at Dean. "Just a little pre-show before the main event starts, Sam." She looked at Sam and then away, face starting to redden. "Maybe I should step out while you get dressed?"

"Running away?" Dean asked still blocking the door.

Her expression didn't change as she stood her ground. "No."

Sam grabbed his clothing, "I'll dress in the bathroom." He exchanged looks and glared at Dean with a look to behave before closing the door behind him.

Dean looked at Jess. "Why didn't he tell me about you? All that time and not once said anything about you."

Jess shrugged. "Well, let's see. There's the fact that he's a hunter who is known for his hatred of all things supernatural who was sleeping with a werewolf?"

Dean rolled his eyes and pushed from the door, "Well, wouldn't be the first time he kept anything from us. He kept a lot of things from us. His own kids." One could tell there was hurt upon the young man even as he sat down in a chair, holding a very haunting look similar to his father's.

Sam came out, pulling his shirt on. "You want anything to drink?" Sam asked as he reached for a soda for her. "I was trying to think of the right questions to ask you but... How did you meet our father?"

Jess took the soda, opened the can, but didn't drink. "Little town in the middle of nowhere. I was working as a waitress in a diner. I was also trying to hide out from the werewolf that had bitten me. End of shift, we both happened to be walking back to the motel."

"How long were you together," Sam sat down upon the bed, holding a soda himself. Dean was reaching his jacket and pulling a flask out with something stronger. "I mean before he left the first time."

"Sam," Dean groaned.

"Dean, I just... this is Dad. A man we thought would never... because of mom. I just want to know..."

"Know what Sam? What was his favorite position. Did he practice safe sex? Oh... did he make that little groan that makes your stomach quiver? Or was he into bondage? Yeah, that's real important."

"Dean, you're being an ass. I just want to know if he said anything about me. Talked about the demon," He looked to Jess.

She didn't think she'd ever lose the red in her cheeks, and she knew Dean was doing it deliberately. "For a long time, all I knew about the demon was just what I managed to read in his journal. I snuck a peek at the first few pages the night it fell apart." She shook her head and took a drink from the can. "He didn't mention much about either of you, other than you were at Stanford, Sam."

Sam looked slightly deflated. "Told you it was a waste of time," Dean informed him.

Sam sat his drink down, "Jess... Why did you become a hunter? Being a werewolf and a hunter... Isn't that risky? And have you tried to look for a cure?"

"That's where things get tricky." Now she was wishing she had something a bit stronger than the soda. "My mother was killed by that thing," she said. "I'm not sure why, but I think it was supposed to be a distraction, I was supposed to run to John for help. I didn't." She leaned back against the wall and slid down it. "My dad, he was hurt in the attack, paralyzed from the waist down, or he'd be hunting it too."

She sighed. "John found first the spell that helps keep the bloodthirsty beast under control. Later he found something that would undo the werewolf curse. Blood of a parent is one of the required items. And Dad?" Jess just shook her head. "Let's just say John's not the only father who's an asshole."

Dean furrowed his brow and Sam looked down, trying to think. "He did it not as a distraction but I think... It was picking a fight."

Dean nodded, "Sounds like it to me." He tipped his head to her, "Our father really gave you those things?"

Jess nodded. She pulled them out of her jacket, holding them out if either of them wanted to verify what they were. "That and a phone number for Bobby and Caleb. That's it for a relationship that spanned five years, but where we spent less than two months actually together." Her facade was starting to crack a bit, and had to surpress a giggle. "Oh god," she said, covering her mouth with her fingers. "I just realized that I was breaking up with a dead guy last night. That's got to be a new low, even for me."

"You didn't know," Sam offered in comfort.

"Yeah, a real low." Dean nodded looked at his flask then tossed it to her.

"So dad gave you Dean's, Bobby and Caleb's numbers?" Sam shook his head. "So they can help you. How come you never called Dean's number? Even just to ask about Dad."

Jess caught the flask and gave Dean a little salute before taking a drink. "You've got to remember," she said handing the flask back to Dean. "When he gave me Dean's number, we were talking about him killing me because I was afraid of going to the dark side. This was before Mom was murdered. His other recommendation was lay low and avoid all other hunters and pray I didn't get sniper shot. It wasn't until I started hunting myself that he put me in contact with anyone else. For all I know, I'm still going to end up with a heart full of silver when I try to leave here."

"Well this had all be great, can I go get my drink without being called a runaway now?" Dean pushed up.

"So your dad is blackmailing you. You have to kill the demon first before he will help you." Sam spoke again.

Dean looked at her.

"In a nutshell, yes." Jess sighed. "I'd still be hunting this bastard, either way. But Dad, he thinks this gives me an advantage. Or gives him something to hold over me. I stopped trying to figure it out a while ago. He's at home, being cared for by my brother and his family. Who knows, of course, but doesn't understand why Dad sent me and not him."

Dean's lip twitched and then he was heading for the door. "You said he was in California? Where, cause I think he needs a good rattling. What kind of father does that to his child?"

"Dean." Jess shook her head. "There's a lot more family trauma involved. Dad and I haven't been on good terms since I was thirteen. And right now, I don't need to be on his bad side. But thanks."

"Didn't say the blood had to be given willingly did it?" He looked back to her.

Sam got up, "Look, there has to be another way."

"'A parent's blood, willingly given' is the exact description, unfortunately," Jess said. "And believe me, I'm looking for another cure as well. But so far, nada." She looked at Sam. "Okay, your turn. Why did you give me a false name? Did you suspect I was a hunter that early? And why would another hunter want to kill you?"

Sam gave a shrug, "Well, it was what was on the credit card. As for other hunters hunting me... I... I have these visions. Of people dying. And... it's somehow tied to the demon. He told me... us... he had plans for me and the other children like me."

"There is a war coming," Dean spoke and sighing.

Her eyes had grown wider as she listened. "Death visions tied to the Demon? Children like you?" She stood up to walk closer to the two of them. "Do you have any idea what these 'plans' are?"

Sam shook his head, "Except like you, dad feared I would turn to the dark side. It's why he..."

"It's why the ass asked me on his death bed to kill my own brother. Some man you fell in love with." He growled.

Jess shook her head, stunned. "I can't believe that he'd... no, I take that back. I can."

"And he also wanted me to... off you if you do the same thing." Dean sat down heavy upon the bed.

Jess reached over to pat Dean's arm, to offer what comfort she could. "Well, a lot of what you were saying last night when you were drugged last night now makes perfect sense." She then sat back and let out a deep breath. "So... now what?"

"I'm still going for a drink," Dean headed for the door and just walked out.

The door closing behind Dean made Sam jump a little and he sighed softly. "Since our father's death... Dean hasn't been taking it very well." Sam looked up to her.

"Yeah, so I see. But he's trying to take care of you, and it's clear he loves you a lot." Jess looked at him, and then her eyes dropped to the floor. "Look, about last night, and the night before. I'm sorry. If I had known, I never would have..."

"It's okay, we were both drunk," He looked at her, "Was it so bad? And does our last name really make a difference?"

One eyebrow arched skywards. "You're okay with the fact that I know what your father looks like naked and can answer Dean's earlier questions without hesitation?"

"It's a little weird but, you were gonna break up with him anyway. And... well those are Dean's hang up, not mine."

Jess blinked at Sam, head tilting to one side. "And this?" She tapped her necklace.

"What about it? Look, you aren't evil. You aren't hurting people. You haven't hurt me. So..."

Jess moved to sit next to him, still not quite certain that she believed what he was saying. "So... how do we make this work? Can we make this work? With us both being hunters? And your brother being less than thrilled with me?"

"I don't know if we can make it work." He raised his arm and placed his arm around her. "Let's just take things one day at a time and slowly. That might be what best works for us. Wanna watch some TV with me? Or you... wanna just take this in?"

Jess leaned against him. "I'm trying to absorb as much as I can. I mean, it's been six months since your dad died for you, but only over six hours for me. I'm not sure I can take learning much more at the moment. Some sort of distraction would be good."

"Then lets watch TV," Sam moved upon the bed and pulled her back with him as he grabbed the remote. Sam placed his arm around her, holding her while he flipped through channels. It was about an hour or so in passing when he looked up and saw Dean stumbling in the door.

"Well, lookie here. She's still here and... Sammy." Dean closed the door, locking it then turned as he was pulling his jacket off and his boots. Which nearly caused him to fall over. He stumbled over and sat heavy upon the same bed they were on. He looked at them, "Don't you two look so cute. Hey, gonna hump his leg?" He asked Jess.

"Dean, you're drunk... again," Sam was starting to move.

"So? Hey, never answered my question before, wanna threesome?" He gave a laugh. "At least you will be keeping it in the family." He felt himself moving as Sam grabbed him to drag him to his bed. "Dude... you trying to take care of me?"

"If he doesn't, who will?" Jess said. She had spent the hour just curled next to Sam, just trying to process everything, coming to grips with everything she had learned. She still wasn't certain about Sam's easy acceptance of her. But maybe Sam wasn't going to be the problem in this relationship.

"Is that what this is about?" Jess said, rolling to sit up. It couldn't really be that simple. "You're jealous?"

"Leave me alone," Dean tried to push Sam away as he got him into the bed.

"Not gonna happen," Sam answered simply.

"Jealous? Of what? You getting my father's love? And now Sam? Nahhhh," Dean pushed at Sam, "I can take care of myself. I don't need you. No one wanted me anyway."

"That's not true, Dean and you know it." Sam stumbled back from the push.

"I gave up everything for you. EVERYTHING. Hopes. Dreams. Then you both just... just left. Now you only want me around so I can kill you. Geee.... that's love." Dean laid back on the bed then turned over. "You even said you hated me."

"Only after the pork and ashtray comment. I think it's a state law after that kind of visual while hung over." Jess stood up and walked over to the other bed. She glanced over at Sam, hoping they weren't about to have a repeat of the night before. "He always get this drunk?"

Sam shook his head at her, "No, hardly ever." Dean was mumbling something into the pillow. Sam sat down upon the bed across from his brother just looking at him. "What have I've done to him?" He lowered his head and ran his hand through his hair.

After she touched Dean's head lightly to make sure he wasn't running a fever, she pulled the cover over him. Then she returned to Sam and sat down next to him. She rested her hand lightly on his back, rubbing his spine.

"This isn't your fault, Sam. You said he wasn't taking John's death well. I've probably just reopened a lot of old wounds that were just barely scabbed over." She let out a soft little laugh. "He's kind of acting like I'm more a rival for your affections. Who knows. Maybe a threesome between us is just what he needs," she said as a joke.

Sam just kept looking at his hands. "I've been slowly killing him. Putting so much weight upon him. And dad, he had been doing so for far long. Dean practically raised me. Dean was always there for me. He even made sure I had a birthday every year. I had holidays. Especially when dad wasn't there. He's..." Sam looked up to her, "You know, he hasn't been with a woman since dad's death. He's flirted but never touched one. It's not like him since I known him. I'm afraid... he doesn't know who he is any more. The more we learn about our father, the more the cracks show. Dad wasn't who... who we thought he was. We know he did his best but even Dean is questioning that."

Sam gave a little laugh as well, "I don't know, maybe it is. But you as a rival... Dean's made the comment he doesn't swing that way, several times." He shook his head, "I think he is scared of losing me. I'm all he has left. When dad was captured and we went to go get him, him and I argued. He said both dad and I were so obsessed by this demon. He said he was gonna be the one burying me and dad. He's already did one." He looked away to his brother who was shifting in the bed.

"Your dad I'm not even going to try to claim I knew him in any meaningful way anymore. Because it's becoming increasingly obvious I didn't. Except I can see bits of him in both you and Dean - the good things," she was quick to clarify. "The wanting to fight evil, worrying about each other. And a few times I was ready to smack Dean when we were arguing because he got that same stubborn expression." She sighed and looked down at her lap. "Maybe it would be best if I left. Gave you guys a little time and space to deal. It sounds like Dean needs you more at the moment than I do. I mean, maybe there is or will be something more between us, but he's your brother. Like you said, he's always been there for you. And I've been in your life for what, 48 hours now? I think I know where I rank in comparison."

"Can you stay with him a while? I need to run out and get us some things. Some aspirins for him especially. And some food. The doctor also gave him some meds to take to counter the others that are still in his system. Can you watch over him?" Sam pushed up, going to get his jacket. He grabbed the Impala keys. "Hey, at least if he throws up, you won't have to hold his hair back." He gave her a quick but sad little smile.

"Sure Sam, go on. I'll stay here." Her encouraging smile faded once the younger Winchester had left the room. Jess then glanced over at the bed, wondering if Dean had been conscious enough to hear any of the conversation, or would be capable of remembering it when he woke up.

Sighing, she reached up to scratch an itchy spot on her scalp. Only to pull her fingers back and discover mud from last night now dried to her head. "Damn," she whispered, reaching for her purse, hoping she put her brush back in it.

Dean shifted, giving a moan then as he rolled he fell out of the small bed hitting the floor with a thud. "Oww," Dean groaned. He laid there for a moment then tried to sit up, giving a laugh.

Jess was looking away from Dean until she heard the thump. "Damn it," she whispered softly. He would try to hurt himself the one moment she wasn't watching. "Okay, Dean, let's get you back in bed," she said as she walked over to him and started to haul him upright by one arm under his right shoulder. "You going to let me in on the joke?"

"I feel out of bed. Will you kiss my boo boo? Here," He rocked as he pushed her away a bit and started undoing his pants and pushed them down, "I think I got a crack on my ass, will you kiss it?" He chuckled then fell forward upon the bed.

Jess let out a hiss, debating if she could wrap him up papoose style using the flimsy bedspread. "I'm only putting up with this because you're still drunk and stoned, Dean," she grumbled. "But keep too much and I'll go find some duct tape."

"What? My ass ain't pretty enough for you?" He pulled his jeans back up once he struggled back up. "No surprised. Dad... Sam... all they had to do was give that look and they got their way. People would just... give. Not me... had to work at it..." He turned, nearly falling over and knocked the light over. He started toward the bathroom. "Why don't you just go away. What are you still doing here anyway. He stopped at the small fridge reaching inside for a beer.

She was wondering that herself. "Sam asked me to stay and keep an eye on you while he did a food run." Jess followed and reached out, grabbing his wrist. "You've had more than enough, especially after last night."

Dean looked at her, "Who are you? My mother? Oh, right, if you were, get on the ceiling and burn." He tried to jerk his wrist away and push her away as well.

"Okay, that's it," Jess hissed. She wrenched Dean's arm to one side, hand going to the other shoulder to push him back towards the bed. A leg sweep knocked his out from under him, leaving him stomach down on the mattress. Now she bent the arm up behind and jammed her knee against the small of his back. "I get it, Winchester," she said, deliberately using only his last name. "I'm the whore who seduced your father and the slut that slept with your brother. I know you're opinion of me can't get much lower, but I'll be damned if I let you use the memory of your mother as an insult."

Dean hissed and his world became a blur of movement and pain. The next thing he knew he was face down upon the bed and a low growl in his ear. "Why not," he whispered. "Last time I saw her, she didn't even show me anything. Didn't even say she was sorry to me, just Sam." Dean went limp and turned his head into the bedding.

Jess slowly eased the pressure off of Dean's back, relaxing her hold on his arm. She was starting to understand. "That desperate to be loved," she said softly, stroking his back. "I get it, Dean. I really do."

Dean pulled his arm around under him, "Go away," he mumbled into the bedding, "Leave me alone."

Jess gave him one one last pat on the back. "Okay, Dean. If that's what you want." She was too tired to keep trying to sort through the tangled webs of relationship and emotion. She stood up and walked over to the other bed and sat down. Picking up her brush, she tried to run it through the ungodly snarl that was her hair.

Dean curled up, tighter into a ball but his body was shaking from little silent tears and cries. He kept his body facing away from her. He was pulling at the bedding, gathering it to him to give him something to hug. And to bury those tears in.

She could hear him clearly, and couldn't ignore him. She walked around to the same side he was on. "Move over, Dean," she said, nudging him closer to the middle. "No, don't fight me," she said, batting aside his hand as he tried to push her away. She stroked his shoulder and arms, trying to soothe and settle him.

Dean shrugged his shoulder as if trying to get her hand off before he settled into her. He turned around into her, pulling her close. He held her tightly, shivering and burying his face in her neck much like his father had. He sniffled, his lip quivering. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Jess gently continued to stroke him. "Hush Dean," she whispered. "It's okay." She turned to look at him, trying to ignore how familiar this felt.

Dean raised his eyes to her, glassy from drink and tears. And much like John, he just looked at her for a long moment before he surged in and kissed her, his hand coming to her cheek then sliding back around behind her to hold her to him as his mouth worked against hers.

She didn't even have a chance to let out a surprised squeak. She should have tensed and pushed him off. She should have told him hell no, slapped him, and left, promise to Sam or no. Instead she found her mouth opening under his and pulling him closer.

Dean gripped Jess' hair as his other hand moved down her body to pull her more against him, pressing their bodies. it was clear Dean needed and wanted the contact. Even his hand as well as his mouth were trying to get more contact. He moved his hand up under her shirt, feeling her skin and fingers slipping under her bra.

She arched at that simple touch. She was kissing him back hard, her arms coming around his back. She was still making no move to push him away. She shifted beneath him so he was cradled against her from shoulder to groin.

It was then the engine of the Impala could be heard. Dean jerked his head away then the rest of him followed. He fell out of the bed as the car door closed. Just as he was getting up, Sam walked in. He saw his brother stumble back and then he was flinging himself into the bathroom. Sam looked to Dean then down to Jess. Dean was already hiding in the bathroom, the water turning on to wash his face.

She had jerked back when she heard the engine, a stunned expression on her face as she watched Dean tumble away. "Oh god," she said, looking horrified as she stood up, seeing Sam there. She had just been about to...

"God, I'm sorry Sam," she said, not sure what he had seen. Her need to flee was just as strong as Dean's, but she had to go past Sam to leave. "I should go," she said grabbing for her purse.

Sam looked confused, "Sorry about what?" He sat the bags down. He frowned wondering what was going on then nodded, "Okay, If you need to." He shook his head and went over digging into the bag and pulled a tray out for her, "I got you something." He held it out to her and looked up when Dean came out.

He walked over to him, "Hey, you okay?" He asked feeling Dean pushed him a bit but leaned into him.

"I just wanna sleep," he whispered and crawled back on the bed, giving Jess a look before burying his face into his pillow.

Sam moved over and covered him.

She numbly took the container from Sam as Dean returned. She saw the look Dean gave her, but didn't meet his eyes. "I'll be... um.. two rooms over," she said, backing out the door. She should just get into her car and drive. But she knew she shouldn't be on the road while she was so upset. "Just... take care of him, Sam." And then she was closing the door behind her and fleeing for her own room.

Sam looked back to Dean then at the door before he went to start eating and taking care of his brother.

Jess had bolted to her room, still wondering what had gotten into her. She leaned against the closed door as her breath began coming in hard gasps. And then she was sliding down the door, arms wrapped around her sides as she began crying, all the pain she had been holding in since the night before draining at once.

She had spent most of the afternoon curled up in front of the door before managing to climb into one of the beds. Emotionally exhausted, her sleep was dreamless. Habit had Jess awake at 7 AM and in the shower by 7:30. The water did some good in reviving her spirits. It didn't do much to ease her guilt though. Only one thing would, although she wasn't looking forward to it.

It was 8:30 before she got back from the bagel shop down the road, coffee and breakfast in hand. Balancing the tray on one hand, she knocked on the door, hoping she'd be able to go with this.

Sam had decided, they were not going to leave Cornwall with Dean in this condition. He was already dressed, having spent the night with Dean, holding him. It was clear by the still made bed on one side of the room. Dean was in the shower. He been in here for the last half hour. Sam walked over and opened the door, seeing bagels and fresh coffee and Jess standing at the door. "Morning?" he spoke and motioned her in. "Um... is this for us?" He asked in taking the tray to set it upon the table.

"Yeah," she said. Her eyes had scanned the room, noting that Dean wasn't present. But she could hear shower running behind the closed bathroom door. "I'm sorry about bolting last night, Sam. But I needed to go have a private meltdown," she said, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "How's Dean doing?"

"Massive headache. He's tired, mentally mostly. But he is doing what he always does, sucks it up and goes on. Not letting it show. I think last night, the past couple of nights, is the worst I've see him." He sat down, "But we'll get through this. We have to."

Just then Dean walked out, towel about his waist and he looked up and saw Jess. But he drifted his eyes to the coffee and walked over, "Coffee, just what I needed."

Jess quickly looked the other way when Dean emerged from the bathroom. She had managed to keep from wincing when Sam said that this was the worst he'd seen his brother. "I just wanted to double check that you guys were okay," she said softly. "And wanted to know if either of you had any other questions."

Dean grabbed his cup and moved away, going over to pick through his bag to find some clothing. He glanced to her from under his lashes as Sam answered her. "No not right now but we can keep in touch, right?" He reached for his bag to get some paper and a pen out. He scribbled his number, "This is our numbers. We had to get new phones." He glanced over to Dean.

Dean was smelling his shirt when he looked over the grabbed his clothing and started heading into the bathroom.

Jess was also scribbling down her phone number for them. She then picked up her coffee to take a sip of it. "Dean," she said, knowing that this could end up causing more problems. But it had to be said. Thing was it appeared that Dean hadn't told Sam about the kiss and grope. So she wasn't going to spill details in front of Sam. "About yesterday. I'm sorry. You were out of it, so I'm not holding it against you."

Dean looked at the woman under his lashes as he stopped looking at her from the bathroom door. "Don't think anything of it," He turned and walked in closing the door. Just like his father, avoidance of a topic.

Sam looked back to her, "Well, I want to thank you. At least we know our father was... human," he gave a little laugh. "How long you gonna be staying?"

"Dunno," Jess said with a shrug of her shoulders. "Depends on how long it takes to find a hunt that sounds interesting. And how welcome I am around here." She reached into the bag and pulled out a couple of the bagels, and some of the sample cream cheeses. "How about you guys? Or have you even gotten that far yet."

"I think we need to take a couple of days off, let Dean recover. Work things through," he gave a shrug, spreading some cream cheese onto a bagel.

Dean walked out, pulling on his red shirt over his black tee shirt which showed off his own amulet. He looked human but he still had that pale look upon his face. He walked over, sitting down beside Sam and just drank his coffee. He glanced out the window. "So, anyone pick up a paper. We should look for something. Get the hell away from here."

Sam looked over at Dean a bit surprised.

Jess cocked her head curiously. "You sure you're up to that already, Dean?"

"I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't. I'm fine," he answered in taking a drink.

"Dean, you should really take a break. We both should. Com'on, you are always asking for time off, just a couple of days." Sam pushed a bagel toward his brother.

Dean made a face, "Fine," but he pushed the bagel way.

Jess watched as Sam pushed the bagel back towards Dean again. She then jumped when her cell phone rang, and her face fell when she saw the caller ID. "Damn, I've got to take this," she said, standing up. "You mind if I do this here?"

Sam shook his head, "Go ahead." He turned back to Dean giving him a look in telling him to eat.

Dean shook his head.

"Thanks," Jess said as she stood up and moved over to the far corner of the bed for a pretense of privacy.

Not looking forward to what she knew was coming, she opened the phone. "Hi Dad.... no... sorry. I was on a hunt." Now she was pacing nervously along the length of the bed. "No, not directly." Her expression twisted as she pulled to a stop. "It's not like I can conjure the damn thing..." Her expression pinched and she straightened. "No sir.... Yes sir.... I'll check in tomorrow." She snapped it shut and looked at it coolly for a moment. She let out a growling yell as she turned around and flung the cellphone against the far wall.

Sam got up and moved over, "Hey, it's okay," he grabbed her and pulled her to him.

Dean just looked at the phone then back to Jess, "Guess you won't be checking in."

"Dean?" Sam scolded him.

Jess pushed away from Sam to examine the wall. Fortunately it didn't look like it was dented. But the cell phone's screen had a lovely crack through it. "I just keep laboring under the delusion that my life is going to get easier," she said as she punched buttons experimentally. "But it doesn't," she said.

"You should really let us talk to your father. Explain to him about the demon. It's not as easy as he thinks." Sam placed his hands on his hips.

"What did he want to know?" Dean asked.

"Why I hadn't called in the last twenty four hours," she said. There was a slight smirk on her face. "I'm kept on a pretty short leash. Dad seems to think that I'm doing these side hunts for the hell of it. And that I'm out partying my life away." She let out a little snort.

"Sam's right, the next time he calls, let him talk to him. He'll give him the real 4-1-1. Or, just ignore it. You let him keep you on a leash. You don't have to do as he says. If he is gonna hold things over your head, you might as well find another way." Dean took a sip of his coffee.

Sam looked at Dean, tipping his head. "Umm... he's right." He informed her.

"You think I haven't been looking for another way?" Jess looked tired. "Everything else I've come across ends up being some piece of claptrap from a movie or book being passed about as 'authentic lore'. I'm not willing to give up yet, but... I'm getting damn close."

"We can help," Sam offered. "We have our father's notes. He was the best we have seen and we can ask Ellen, and Ash," Sam looked back to Dean.

"Whoa, hold your ponies there little bro. You have enough hunters on your tail, besides we don't know who told about you. We can't trust..."

"Dean," Sam looked at him.

Dean rolled his eyes, "Fine. Not my ass on the line. Just hers."

"We have friends who can help. We should really take you to the Roadhouse. It's a place where other hunters pass through."

"Sam, no." Jess shook her head. "Your dad said that I needed to stay below everyone's radar. I go out of my way to avoid places like that. And I'm not going to have you risking your ass for me."

"Our father did, we owe it to you and to him," Sam countered.

"I'd listen to her, Sammy."

"Then we do it ourselves." Sam nodded.

Dean got up, "Fine you guys do whatever, I'm gonna go look over the car. Maybe get some papers."

Jess did glance up at Dean. "Just when you come back, they'd better not be rolled up."

Sam sat down and sighed, watching Dean go. He looked to Jess, "Does this mean you will stick around for a while?"

Why did her heart feel like it was leaping and sinking at the same time? "If you want me to," she said. "I'm just worried that I'm going to interfere between you and Dean. Especially if he's not that stable at the moment. I mean, last night, while you were gone, it got rocky there for a moment."

Sam tipped his head to her, "What do you mean? What happened?"

Jess' eyes shifted to the side in a guilty fashion. "He wasn't happy when I stopped him from getting a beer, and said something insulting involving your mother. I ended up having to pin him to the bed." And later he pinned me, she mentally added. "So I'm just worried there's going to be some tension there."

"What did he say about our mother?" Sam didn't seem to bothered about her pinning Dean. "What did he say?"

"Sam, he was drunk and stoned and it was a slur against me. Not her," she said sternly. "He said something about how she died burning on the ceiling. But he also said that she said something to you? How did that happen?"

Sam looked away as he sighed, "I... never knew... When I first started getting my visions, I saw a woman in our old house being harmed. We came to check it out. A spirit was in our house and our Mom's showed up. I was pinned to the wall. Dean burst in and just as he did, our mom showed up. She only said Dean's name but when she came to me, she was so sad and happy to see me all at once but all she said was she was sorry before she turned and used her own energy to drive the thing away. I never knew what she meant by it."

"Maybe you'll find out some day," she said, reaching over to take his hand. "But the thing that keeps coming up is that I think Dean's afraid of being abandoned again. I'm just worried that I'm going to end up contributing to that and make matters worse." She leaned back and let out a soft laugh. "And all this over us only having sex once. Told you I suck at the one night stand thing."

Sam squeezed her hand then leaned over and kissed her cheek. "It's okay, I do too most of the time... okay so this is my first one." He looked at the door, "I just gotta get Dean to understand, I'm... I'm not gonna give up hunting and I got to find answers but along the way, I'm gonna help people, and you. So, if he doesn't want to loose me, he is just gonna have to stick around."

"I'll try to remind him of that. I'm just not sure how much that's going to mean coming from me." She looked at the door as well, wondering if she should tell him the rest.

Dean walked in, a bunch of papers under his arm and a fresh cup of coffee. He dropped them down, "Brought papers, not rolled up but should I spread them over the floor though? You are house broken?"

"Knock it off, Dean," Sam got up, pulling out his laptop and sitting with the papers. "I still think we should take some time off, make sure you are okay."

"I'm fine, stop worrying."

Jess made a face at Dean at the house broken comment. "Yeah, but I'm working on the urge to stick my head out the window when I drive over 25."

"Good luck with that," Dean sat down and started going through the papers. He suddenly got pale and he sat the paper down, feeling he over did it. He laid his head down on the table.

Sam peeked around the laptop, "Maybe you should lay down Dean."

"Okay," Dean pushed up, pulling his jacket off and going to sit down. He took his shoes off before laying back. He glanced over at Jess before putting his arm over his eyes.

Jess ignored the glance. Instead she was digging through the paper, skipping the first few pages to start digging into the smaller articles in the middle. "So you guys got anything you specialize in hunting, or are you looking for whatever you can take out?"

"Just whatever," Sam answered. "Right, Dean."

Dean nodded.

"So whatever you find, and I'll call Ellen see if she has anything." Sam grabbed his cellphone making a call.

Dean rolled to his side, "We can still do that threesome to pass the time." He gave a chuckle as Sam threw a paper at him.

"Get some sleep, Dean."

Jess did let out a little snicker, although there was a touch of discomfort in her eyes. "So who is this Ellen you keep mentioning as someone I should talk to?"

"Ellen Harvelle, she runs a Roadhouse where other hunters gather and talk. Ellen used to be a hunter herself... I think," Sam explained as he was looking through his numbers. "Her... she used to know our dad."

"Her husband and our dad worked a case once," Dean inputted.

"It didn't go... Her husband died, from a mistake or something our dad did. He was like family to her and her daughter Jo. After the incident, he hadn't been back since. But she's helped us and her and Ash are the only ones who know about me. Oh and Jo." Sam found the number and dialed it.

"Well, not true, Gordon found out some how. And someone there told," Dean pipped up again.

"But she's always helped us. I don't think she was the one who said anything. It's like she said, anyone with half a brain in hunting could have pieced it... Ellen," Sam got up and started talking to her.

"I suggest you either A) don't go near that place or B) keep your mouth shut there. There are hunters out there that wouldn't hesitate just to take you out. They are already gunning for Sammy because of his ties to the Demon. Only as a last resort. And knowing Sammy, he'll tell her about you but hey, that's between you two." He pulled the pillow more under him.

"A sounds like the better option, though B's probably the one I'm going to have to live with." Jess glanced at Sam talking on the phone before moving over to talk quietly to his brother. "Get some rest, Dean. You're still recovering and there's no need to discuss what happened yesterday." One eyebrow arched. "Unless you told him?"

Dean looked at her then away, "No, I haven't told him. The Kid needs... well he hasn't... I'll shut up now." He shifted in the bed.

Sam came back, "Well, she has nothing but said she would call if she did. We got first dibs. Oh, here, take these," Sam reached in his pocket and pulled out a bottle, tossing them at Dean. Dean grabbed them and grumbled under his breath as he did.

"Why don't you two kids get out, do something... you know, romantic or some crap like that. Take her to some poetry reading or whatever," he waved his hand at them both. "Let me rest in peace."

Jess picked up the paper again, reviewing it. "Problem with the paper is you're never sure what is poor fact checking and what is really supernatural," she said. And then straightened up. "Hey, this could be interesting... cattle mutilation."

"What kind of cattle mutilation?" Dean asked. "Could be those vampires we ran into," Dean commented to Sam.


Jess gave the brothers an odd look. "I thought vampires were extinct. Or at least that's the impression I got. Either way, you want to check it out?"

Dean shook his head, "What our dad thought too. They are still around. These are living off animal blood," Dean rolled to his back. "So what you say little bro, wanna check it out?"

"Dean," Sam walked over, "Isn't cattle mutilations one of the signs of the demon being around?"

Dean stopped, "Yeah, I think so. Should we call Ash?"

"I'll call him." Sam was pulling his phone out again.

Jess shrugged as she started copying down notes from the article. "Looks like we've a hunt then. Mind if I borrow your laptop, Sam? Let's see how far we are from Talawanda Springs."

"Talawhat?" Dean started to sit up when Sam pushed him back down. He gave Dean a stern look who just stayed down.

"Nothing from Ash," Sam answered as he hung up the phone. "We head out tomorrow then. You still need to rest."

"Dude, I'm fine," Dean complained.

"Don't make me have to sit on you, Dean. Or tie you to the bed." Sam warned.

Dean gave him a smile, "Kinky."

Jess made a slight laughing noise before ducking behind the computer again. "So Ash is tracking the Demon for you?" she asked as she tried to get the visual out of her head.

"Yeah," Sam answered in walking over, placing his phone down. "From all the stuff our dad gathered."

"Hey, can you two hold it down, man trying to sleep here," Dean rolled to his stomach, slipping his hand under the pillow.

Jess shook her head, and resumed typing. "Question," she asked in a quiet voice. "Do you ever start a hunt sure you've got something supernatural, only to find out that there's a completely normal explanation for it?"

"There is that possibility," Dean answered. "We had a few. Head out in the morning then. Cool, convey road trip." Dean snuggled down while Sam rolled his eyes.

Talwanda was close to Dayton, in Ohio. Dean had driven most of the way but now it was Sam who was behind the wheel. Dean's head was against the window on the passenger side and he was sleeping soundly by the time they pulled up to a motel. Sam parked the Impala next to Jess' car and he got out. He walked up to the front desk, getting two room.

It wasn't long before he came back, tossing Jess a key, "Here you go. I need to get Dean inside. I think those meds the doctor gave him make him sleepy." He walked around and gently opened the door, "Com'on, little man, let's get you inside to sleep."

"Huh?" Dean blinked as he was being helped out of the car. "We there? Where are we?" He leaned against Sam, letting him take him inside. He sat heavy upon the bed before dropping down to his side. "Okay, Jess, will you stay here with him?"

"I don't need a baby sitter," Dean mumbled out.

"I'm gonna go talk to the sheriffs in town, see what I can find out about the mutilations. I think it's best if I just go for now. Besides, Dean is in the fed's database." Sam was putting on a jacket and a tie. "I'll be back in a while. If something interesting comes up, I'll call you."

Dean was sleeping soundly once again.

Jess looked at Dean and rolled her eyes. She knew that it wasn't that Dean needed a babysitter, but it would reassure Sam more if he did have one. "Okay. But if this leaving me behind to hold the fort down becomes a pattern, we're having a long talk."

Sam smiled a bit, "Don't worry, it's not a habit. I just need you too look after him. The doctor told me to keep an eye upon him. I think he was worried about side effects for something. I just don't like how those others he gave him makes him so sleepy. I'll make it up to you, really."

"Put her on a leash and take her for a walk or play catch with a Frisbee, that should make her happy," Dean mumbled as he turned his head.

"Hey," she snapped back at Dean. "I'm saving the leash for the third date. And you only wish you could put me on one." She turned back to Sam and made a little shooing motion. "I'll stay behind and play babysitter. Go on. We'll be fine."

Sam nodded, "You sure?" When she motioned him to go on, Sam cleared out, taking the Impala.

Dean shifted upon the bed, "At least now you can't pee on my tires." He turned his head back to her, it was clear he was half asleep, "Third date huh? Little bro got him a wild one?" He grew serious for a moment, "What were you like... you know... before."

Jess looked at him with arched eyebrows, wondering if he'd remember the conversation later. "Before I met your dad or before I was bitten?" Jess sat down on the foot of the bed and shrugged. "Before, I was a college student and away from home for the first time. I had a boyfriend, and we played around. I wasn't a complete hellion, but I wasn't a church mouse either."

Dean curled his arm under him and then turned his head back to her, looking more like a little kid in the bed that was looking for a bedtime story. "Never said you were. You kept up with us drinking. Did you ever find out why that werewolf bit you? Did you kill it?"

If they were going to have a conversation, she decided she was going to be a bit more comfortable. After scooting up to the head of the bed, Jess drew her legs up so she could rest her chin on her knees, arms crossing in front of her calves. "Apparently I did it for that werewolf. I never found out how I first caught his attention, if he was another student or teacher or just happened to pass through and liked how I smelled. But when I started drifting, it followed me."

"But I don't think I can claim it as a kill, really. I mean it's dead, but I didn't kill it myself." She turned her head to look at him. "Your dad gave me a loaded gun and set a trap for it. Unfortunately, instead of going for him like he thought it would, it went after me." Jess shook her head ruefully. "I dropped the gun, panicked, and Changed. It was a literal dog fight," she said with a smile. Then the grin faded. "But John, he was the one that shot it in the chest. And to be completely honest, I was expecting to be next."

"Let me guess, it had you, thinking there would be no clear shot and he took it anyway? Man was always a good shot. Too bad you couldn't get any answers. Question though, was this thing a loner or did you ever think it might have a pack? Because the vampires we killed were in a pack. And once they get your scent, it was for life. So Sam and I, we got a pissed off vampire pack out there probably waiting for the right moment."

"Pissed off vampires. I'm still having a hard time believing they're not extinct," she mused. "I've never come across more than one werewolf - him - so I can't say if he was a loner or some sort of outcast. John always spoke of werewolves in terms of a pack. And he didn't like it when I said I had questions that I didn't know how I could get answers to. I think he was afraid that I'd find one and turn and he'd be forced to hunt me down."

"He was trying to protect you like he was Sammy, I think. Keep you isolated which is what I think he did with us. What's in his journal, it says he believed that but like wolves in the wild, one can be a loner so he wasn't sure. But he did know, you kill the leader, the others might kill each other to take it's place. Fighting for dominance of the pack." Dean shifted again upon the bed, rolling to his back. He felt a little dizzy when he did. "God, I hate this medication. Makes me feel funny."

Jess tilted her head to look down at him. "I should be letting you sleep it off, Dean." But she found herself reaching down and stroking the hair back out of his eyes, trying to tame the random spikes. "I never saw what he wrote in the journal, if he did, about me." And then she started giggling. "Oh God," she said, thumping her head back against the wall. "Why do I suddenly have this picture in some occult library somewhere a leather bound volume called something like 'The Breeding Habits of the North American Werewolf?'"

Dean gave a chuckle, "You think it would be like the Kama Sutra? With pictures?" He tipped his head up to her, "My whole world has been turned upside down you know. Dad taught me to hate everything supernatural. If it's supernatural we kill it. But... like Sam says, not every one is evil. And... we didn't kill those vampires. They weren't hurting anyone. Just trying to live. And then there is you. Dad didn't kill you. Hell the man loved you and yet he still..." Dean frowned. "And here you are with us as well." Dean looked down, "I feel like... like my life has been... cheated in some way."

She slid down along the wall until she could rest her weight on one elbow. Jess twisted onto her side to face him, clearly becoming more comfortable around Dean. "It sounds like you were," she said. "From what Sam told me, it sounds like you practically raised him. And then there's what you said the other night about being abandoned. And you're probably about the same age as my brother, and he's been married for seven years now. So why shouldn't you feel cheated?"

Dean looked down, "I could never tell this to Sammy. I have to be the strong one for him. I have to protect him as I've always done. The more I think about it, the more... He was pushing me away the moment Sam left for school. We stayed together for a few months then he... started sending me on my own jobs. And then when he caught scent of the demon, he didn't even call. Nothing. But he knew I would go find Sam. It was like..." He shook his head, "It's like I was never a part of this family. Like I really don't belong. You know he didn't even call me son?"

Jess shook her head. "I'm sorry to hear that Dean. And I wish that I could have done something about it. But I can promise you this. I'm not taking Sam away from you. I mean... he's your brother. I'm just the chick who slept with him once."

"You might not but something else might," He looked at her. "Ellen told me once, I can't protect my loved ones all the time. But I'm gonna try. I have to. My dad may be an ass but... " He shook his head. "I just don't get how he thought I could kill my brother? Why didn't he ask it of someone else... why me?"

"I don't know, Dean," she said, shaking her head. "But I do know he shouldn't have asked you."

"But he did and now..." Dean looked away, the weight of it all suddenly showing upon him. "Okay, enough of this touchy feelly crap, I should rest, right?"

"Yeah," Jess said, sitting further up. "But can I ask one favor? You can make all the dog jokes you want, but could you drop the threesome ones?"

"Tempted?" Dean asked in looking back to her.

"Maybe," Jess replied in an even tone. "But Sam said you don't swing that way."

"Sam doesn't know me very well either." Dean turned fully to her. "I don't with other guys." He moved up higher so he was even with her, "That kiss the other night..."

The thought of him and Sam together was was wrong and dirty and made her squirm. "What about it?" she asked, unconsciously leaning forward. "I thought we agreed not to talk about it."

"Sam's not here," He cupped his hand behind her head, pulling her closer to him. His head tipped and he kissed her. His tongue surged into her mouth, caressing hers as he did. He moaned softly.

Jess let out a soft whimper as her mouth opened. She didn't allow herself to think. Because if she thought, she'd say no and push him away. Maybe it was something in the Winchester men that slipped past her defenses. She squirmed closer, her arm going around his waist.

Dean's mouth worked against hers, his hand sliding down to her neck before he moved it around her and started pressing her against him. He moved his mouth from hers, moving down along her jaw and to her neck which he worked with his mouth, much like John loved to do with her.

She let out a soft gasp, her hand tightening on his waist. But she forced it to relax and stroke over his side. She didn't know if Sam would forgive her. Jess pretty sure that she wouldn't forgive herself either. But she didn't stop pressing against him.

Dean raised back up, his mouth finding hers, kissing her once again but with more heat. Breath was now drawn through his nose as he didn't pull away as his hand moved around to her ass, pressing her more against him. He moved his hand down her leg then back up. He worked it up to her breast, his thumb finding a nipple through material.

She surged into his hand as her kiss became fiercer. Her leg arched up and over his hip. But her mouth pulled away from his, her chest heaving. Fingers flew to push at his outer shirt, trying to remove it as quickly as possible.

Dean grabbed her hand and he pushed her back onto her backside and he was over her, his body between her legs and his crotch pressing to hers, revealing the hardness between it. He rocked a bit, a dry hump as he gazed down intensely to her. He wasn't tender or gentle like Sam. He dropped his head down to her neck, teeth nipping at her skin but not enough to leave a mark.

She almost voiced the thought with a laugh. Now who was humping whose leg? Instead she kept pulling at his shirt, fingers almost clawing at his back.

He pushed against her, raising his head back up to her again, "I think we need that threesome and bad."

"Yeah," Jess said. She lifted her head to kiss his chin before dropping her head to the mattress, panting heavily. "You think we'll be able to talk Sam into it?"

"You were his first lay in over a year or so, possibly." He pulled back, grabbing her and pulling her up onto his lap. He held her snug against him, pressing their chest together. He gave a nod, "Yes, we'll talk little bro into it, right when he gets back." Dean needed sex and soon. He hadn't had any in a while.

Jess let out a soft chuckle. "So tell me one thing, Dean. And be honest." She reached up to scratch her fingers lightly through his hair. "Why? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I've slept with both Sam and your father?"

"No," Dean answered.

She let out another chuckle and a soft smile. "And you're not going to tell me why, are you?"

"I think I opened up enough for one day. Can't over do it," Dean slowly let her go. "Now get off me, I gotta empty the pipes."

Jess made an exaggerated face and backed off of him. "Be my guest," she said, standing to walk back to the computer.

Dean got up as well, heading for the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and laid his head against it. God, what had he gotten himself into. All this just to get laid? Or was there more and she was right? He was only doing this because she been with his father and Sam. He thumped his head against the door before going to the toilet.

As soon as the door had shut, Jess let out a long exhale. Sitting down at the table, her hands went to the keyboard, but her fingers didn't move. Instead she was wondering what she was doing? Did she just agree to a threesome? With John Winchester's sons? She was having a hard enough time dealing with the fact that she had slept with Sam. But now the both at the same time? And this time, she didn't have the excuse of being drunk.

She closed her eyes and sighed, still feeling the string of kisses Dean had placed along her neck. Just like John used to, she thought with a shiver. God, she hoped that wasn't the reason Dean had asked, and she said yes. Her eyes opened and she let out a sigh. "Maybe I am nothing more than a slut," she said out loud.

Dean leaned against the door frame, having quietly opened the door just as the words fell from her mouth. "No, you aren't... Me on the other hand, I don't hide that fact." Except lately. Six months without getting laid. He walked over to the bed and sat down, keeping something between them this time. "Listen... let's just... forget about the whole thing. I'll... behave... Sam is... better off with you anyway. He's a good guy." Dean nodded before dropping back upon the bed and folding his hands over his chest and crossing his legs at the ankles.

Jess made a face, clearly not having meant to say that out loud. "And you're not, Dean?" She turned to face him. "He's a good guy, but I'm worried he's a little too good, trying a little too hard. I mean, I expected your reaction when you found out about me and your dad. But Sam's? He just seems a little too... accepting."

"But as for me saying yes," Jess rolled her eyes. "I've been raised to be the good girl all my life. But I'll admit it. I'm curious about what it would be like with you. And you and Sam at the same time. I'm just trying to reconcile wanting to be 'good' and 'bad' at the same time." She let out an amused snort. "I'd say hearing you say you'd respect me in the morning would help, but I'm not all that sure you respect me now."

"Sam is what he is. Sam has always been like that. He's not trying too hard, it's who he is. He is accepting because he believes if you haven't killed anyone, there is hope for you. Good in you and you deserve a chance and to be treated that way. Me... I'm an ass. Ask Sam about that."

"No you're not, though you want to be seen that way," Jess said. "An ass would have gone to Sam the other night and said 'Dude, guess who I just groped?'" She shook her head. "At the risk of getting touchy-feelly again, you do realize that I'm worried about this too? That there's part of me afraid that this attraction is all because of who you're related to?"

"Want me to make it easier?" Dean opened one eyes and turned his head to her.

"Yeah," she said, half worried now about what his response would be.

"Okay, I only wanted to fuck you because my dad did and I figured if I do, Sam will dump your ass and we can be on our way, just the two of us and no puppy following us." He didn't mean it but figured it would work.

Jess just looked at him evenly before glancing elsewhere. Should she bother to tell him that if she concentrated, she could smell a lie coming a mile away? No, he had given her an out that both of them were looking for. "Yeah, that makes it easier." She stood up. "I should go clean one of my guns. I think the rock salt is corroding the chamber. Let me know when Sam gets back."

Dean just raised his hand with his eyes still closed, waving her off. He rolled to his side, trying to force himself to sleep but he couldn't get out of his mind how she tasted and felt against his body. He was gonna have to do something soon.

Jess went back down to her car and pulled out her overnight bag and the weapon in question. Once back in the room, she settled on the middle of the bed. She went through the motions of dismantling and cleaning the gun, trying to pay attention to if the salt and metal were interacting. But soon she was done and forced to try to come up with some other distraction. Anything to push her memory away from how she had been kissed - Sam with a gentle passion, Dean with a fiery lust, and John with a desperate need. There had been other similarities in how they touched her, things that she shouldn't know, but did.

He's right, she thought. Jess grabbed a pillow behind her and screamed into it. She shouldn't let herself get involved with Sam any further. Not while there was this weird attraction/lust between her and Dean. She'd work the case, be a professional, and then would head her own way. No matter how much it hurt.

Dean finally allowed himself to sleep. So when Sam came in, he didn't hear him. Sam spotted his brother, sleeping on the bed. It was good. Dean hadn't been sleeping much lately. As if he was worried that his brother would wig out on him in the middle of the night. Or leave which he couldn't blame him. He tossed his jacket off and went into the bathroom to shower. Looking at dead cow bodies was not pleasant.

About a half hour went by before he came out and Dean had turned over. Sam walked over, covering his brother. He frowned wondering where Jess went to. He headed out the door again, going to her room and knocking on the door. "Jess?"

She lifted the pillow off of her head. "Give me a moment, Sam," she yelled out. Jess ducked over to the bathroom to splash water on her face before going back to the door and opening it. "Hey," she said. Professional, she reminded herself, and nothing more. "What did you find out?"

"Hey," Sam stepped inside, closing the door behind him. "Well, nothing supernatural going on. Seems a few kids were pulling pranks." He gave a shrug. "This one is a bust. But I did hear of something. Some animals up in Michigan have been turning up. Mauled. Severely. Some say it was a wolverine but from the reports I got to peek at, well, I think it is something bigger." He looked at her. "Something similar to what you are."

Jess blinked in surprise. "And you want me to check it out." This would be something that she be heading up to look at immediately. Except that this meant there would be more time spent around Sam and... Dean. "You sure that's a smart idea? Your dad seemed to think that there was a reason to keep me away from other...s of my kind."

"My dad was always trying to protect. And he thought the less anyone knew, the safer they were. But I'm like you, Jess. We both need answers. Want answers to questions we keep asking ourselves. Don't you want to find out more? And I know Dean would say the same thing Dad does. He's already tried, is still trying to keep me away from those answers. So, this is your chance."

She looked up at him, hearing him say everything that she would have told him if the roles were reversed. "Yeah, my chance," she repeated. "Maybe it would be better if I did this on my own. I mean, Dean's still recovering, and we have no idea how another were-whatever will react to a werewolf invading its territory, let alone with two hunters."

"All the more reason for us to come with you. Dean will be fine. He won't miss a hunt. Besides, he's a big boy, if he won't go, you and I can go. And you need some back up." Sam then gave a smile, "Besides, I know where it's at."

"Blackmail, huh?" Why did he have to smile at her like that? "Okay, but this is against my better judgement. I just don't think things are going to be going so smoothly between me and Dean, and I don't want to be the source of a rift between you two."

"Let me worry about Dean. He will just have to learn how to deal," Sam shifted his stance in looking at her. "Did you two have a fight while I was gone?"

"No... we didn't... not exactly." Jess pushed a recalcitrant strand of hair behind her ear. "There's just too many issues between him and me about your dad and you for things to be comfortable."

"What do you mean not exactly. And besides, those are his issues. He will have to deal," Sam spoke a little defiantly.

"Sam," she sighed with a mix of annoyance. "It's not that easy." She let out another heavy sigh, realizing she was just going to have to tell him. "Those threesome jokes he keeps making? They aren't jokes. He kissed me. And I... kissed him back. Twice."

Sam blinked at her, half not believing the words she was saying. "He... kissed you. And you... oh." He cleared his throat. "Really?" He more confused about his brother. "Maybe it was the drugs talking?"

"First time, maybe. But he seemed pretty clear headed the second time." She shook her head and walked back over to the foot of the bed and dropped onto it. "Sam, I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to hurt him. Everything is just so confusing for me right now."

Sam pushed his hands in his pocket. "Dean is already hurt," he mumbled out. "I was a part of it. Okay, look, I'm not gonna. It's in De Tour Village. I... I won't tell Dean about it." He turned to the door, "But Jess... I don't think you are hurting me... as much as you're hurting yourself." He opened the door and headed out.

Jess sat there, fist jammed against her forehead for a few long minutes. I can't leave it like this, she thought standing up. She'd face the brothers, try to apologize to both, and then head off to wherever this De Tour Village was that Sam discovered. It would be over.

But as she stepped out of her room, she could hear yelling from two familiar voices. Yelling that abruptly cut off. "Damn it," Jess hissed, jogging to the brothers' room. She slammed the flat of her palm against it several times. "Let me in, guys. We've gotta talk!"

Sam pulled open the door, his eyes slightly dilated and he was bare chested. It was heaving as much as his brother's who was flush in the face and it was clear his lips were slightly swollen from kissing. Dean just looked at her and turned away, pretending he was going to put his shoes on... or something. "What?" Sam asked, swallowing hard and a slight blush was on his cheek. "I thought we already talked?"

"Holy shit," Jess whispered before catching herself. "I, uh, came over to to apologize, and to keep you two from killing each other," she said, eyes traveling over the pair. "Apparently you weren't." Her breathing was deepening as she thought about exactly what the two had been doing. Her next words were more meant as a statement, but came out as a question. "I should go?"

"Umm..." Sam looked down and then over to Dean, "No, come on in," He motioned her in.

Dean looked up from his spot on the bed, his face one that was unreadable. A bit. They knew, what they wanted to do was wrong. They were brothers. It was incest. It wasn't right.

Jess stepped in and walked over to the other bed to perch on the edge. Mouth dry, she just looked back and forth between the brothers, trying to figure out what to say. She should be discouraging this. It was wrong and dirty and perverted, and why did the room suddenly feel ten degrees hotter?

Sam closed the door, unconsciously locking it behind him as he walked over. He had to think up an excuse fast. "I was... just going to shower." He cleared his throat.

Dean leaned back upon the bed, sprawling with that sexy look of his. "Thought you already said what you wanted to say." Dean finally spoke up.

Jess swallowed, trying to force her mind to focus. "I was going to apologize to you for telling Sam, and tell Sam that he was right about me and..." She made a slightly frustrated noise. "Can we just get past this awkward talking phase to whatever happens next?"

Dean glanced to Sam then back to Jess, "Well you already interrupted what was gonna happen next. But since you are here," He got up, hooking a hand into the top of Sam's pants as he grabbed Jess, pulling her from the bed and to his awaiting mouth, kissing her with this passion and leaving her with the the mix taste of him and Sam.

At that same moment, Dean was pulling Sam to him and when he tore his lips from her, leaving her breathless, he locked his lips to Sam who seemed to melt under Dean's assault.

Jess blinked upwards, chest heaving as she watched Sam and Dean kiss. Her arms wrapped around each brother's waist. Eyes dilated wide, she watched them, knowing what each brother was doing to each other. And it was hard not to squirm against them.

Much like his father, Dean pulled back just as quickly, that look in his eyes hauntingly like John's but with green eyes. Sam's chest was heaving, the kiss too leaving him breathless. Dean was like a force of nature when he was like this. He moved to place Jess between them, Sam leaning down to kiss her, pressing his body against hers while Dean pressed to her back, his mouth upon her ear. He was reaching around, fingers hooking under the hem and pulling upward.

Sam had to break the kiss to get the material from her. He surged back down again, kissing her and he moaned softly. Dean all the while, was running his lips over her shoulders while hands caressed up and down her sides then curled around to cup her breast.

Jess let out a loud gasp at the feel of Dean's hand squeezing her. She surged up into Sam's kiss, but one hand reached around behind Dean to grab his ass. She rocked against him while her other hand eased down Sam's chest to work on unbuttoning his fly.

Dean pushed Jess' bra up, his hands now upon bare skin as he kissed at her. His fingers squeezed at her nipples, giving them a little pull before he moved his hands down to assist her in getting Sam's pants off.

"God," Sam pulled back from the kiss, his breath heavy.

Jess let out a heavy moan, feeling Dean pressed against her. Reluctantly she pulled away from Dean, pulling off her bra as she turned to face the older brother. It was hard to tell what was causing her to let out a pleased purr - the heat of Sam's belly on her back or the glazed look in Dean's eyes as she worked at removing his outer shirt.

Dean helped her, getting his shirt off to fall to the floor then his tee shirt. The Winchesters always dressed in layers it seemed. The only thing left on Dean's upper part was his amulet which sat cool against his chest. Dean raised his hands, cupping Jess' breast but Sam was reaching around her, pulling his brother to him over her shoulder to kiss. Dean let out a growl as he pulled back, grabbing the top of her jeans to get them open and working on pushing them down. "Naked, now, all," were the only words he could get out.

Jess squirmed between the two brothers, whimpering as she watched them kiss. "Pushy, isn't he?" she laughed as her jeans and underwear puddled around her ankles. She leaned back against Sam, but her hands were working at Dean's fly, unzipping it slowly.

Sam's pants had already fallen about his ankles along with his underwear. He was now pressing his erection which had been there since before she walked in, against her ass. He was nuzzling the back of her neck watching over her shoulder as his brother was undressing. "God, he's beautiful," he whispered against her ear. Sam reached around her, touching Dean's chest and arm while she was getting his pants down.

She turned her head slightly to nip at Sam's ear. "Yes he is," she whispered back as she pulled his pants open and stared pulling them down. Dean was just as well endowed as Sam was, and she was growing wetter with each moment. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around Dean's erection, slowly stroking along his length. "Wanna see you take him."

Dean groaned and his body shivered at the heat of her hand. Sam's hand upon him was caressing as well. Dean leaned into them both, "What was that?" He gave a smirk.

"I think she said this," Sam lowered himself down, moving Jess' hips aside a little as he leaned in to start licking his brother.

Dean's knees about gave and he shuddered, swearing under his breath. He turned to Jess, his mouth covering hers with a deep kiss. He groaned as he held her tightly to him. His own hand was snaking down behind her, over the curve of her ass and letting his fingers down between her legs to rightly rub.

Jess let out a loud gasp, arching against Dean. One arm remained firmly wrapped around Dean's neck while the other stroked Sam's head. But slowly she moved her head down to nibble along his chin and jaw before nipping at his neck.

Dean gave a groan, tipping his head then gasped as Sam took his cock into his mouth. "Oh, shit," he looked down to his brother who was making his cock all wet and slippery. He was drawing upon him, using his tongue to press in the right place.

Sam pulled off his brother, turning his head to Jess since she was in the right position and started licking at as well. He placed his good hand upon her, spreading her open a bit and let his tongue tease at her clit. Dean leaned down, bending a bit as he cupped one of her full breast and started to suck upon it, letting his tongue flick over it.

Her breath was coming hard and fast feeling two tongues lapping at her. She tensed, trembled, and would have collapsed if it hadn't been for the fact that Dean still had an arm firmly around her. "God," she moaned. Her hand was still stroking Sam's head, and her other carded through Dean's hair.

"We should..." Dean hissed in a breath as Sam returned back to his cock, "... bed..."

"Yeah," Jess rasped. She gently tugged Sam's hair to get his attention. "You heard him," she said gesturing with her head to the bed behind her.

Sam didn't want to pull off his brother but he did, coming up to his full height and moving the two back towards the bed. But he pushed his brother down, dropped over him, supported upon his hands. He looked down at Dean, "I've been wanting to do this to you for so long. God you are beautiful, Dean." He lowered down as Dean surged up, kissing each other once again. Sam moved to one side as he did then was moving down. He was also pulling Jess down as well. "I'm good at sharing," He informed her. "Dean needs the attention."

Jess smiled softly as she had watched the brothers kiss. "Yes he does," she said before leaning in to kiss Dean's mouth. "Wait until you feel him sliding inside you, Dean," she whispered. "It's an incredible sensation." Now her tongue was traveling along his neck. "And just think." Her tongue circled one nipple as her fingers stroked the inside of his thigh. "He's this devastating with one good hand. Just think how incredible he'll be when his left hand has that cast off."

Dean had an arm around her, holding her there to him. He moaned as his hips rocked upon Sam's assault upon his cock. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna die," Dean groaned.

Sam reached up, pulling Jess down even more, pulling off his brother and offering her a chance to taste his brother. "He taste really good, Jess," he whispered.

"Really?" Jess gave Dean a wicked grin before lowering her head to his cock. She took her time, slowly working her way down his length, letting her lips play over hot flesh from crown to base. She then dragged the flat of her tongue up his length. She flicked lightly at his tip before she swallowed him, bobbing her head slowly. She glanced at Sam out of the corner of her eye, watching his reaction as much as she was paying attention to Dean's.

Dean was gripping Sam's hair, his back arching. He was gasping for air from the pair feeling like he was gonna explore into fire. But Sam was lifting his leg and running his hand down. He was taking Jess' saliva to slick the way, rubbing at the back of Dean. He was now trembling.

Sam leaned in, nuzzling to Jess, his mouth over her skin was heated before he joins her in licking Dean's cock when she would pull off for a moment. "God, look at his face, he is so sexy when he is like this. I've always know he was handsome but like this, he is devastating." Sam pushed a finger inside his brother which got a reaction that nearly had him coming off the bed but he was pushing back down upon him.

"Get under him, Jess, I need to be in him." Sam spoke her.

Jess pulled off of Dean's cock, giving it one last kiss. Slowly she crawled up along his body, planting random kisses before dropping onto her back beside him. "Come here, Dean," she said, pulling him on top of her. Her hands slid down his back to his ass, teasingly squeezing his cheeks. "You a virgin here, Dean?"

Dean climbed over Jess, his cock glistening from both their efforts. He leaned down, kissing her deeply, moaning as he felt Sam move in behind him, "Yeah, I get to be a virgin again." He smiled down at her. He gasped as he felt Sam parting his ass cheeks, working to get his brother open. Sam was using Jess' wetness to slick himself and Dean's back entrance.

"I'm gonna make you feel good, big brother," Sam whispered into Dean's ear.

Dean however was moving his own cock to her entrance. He was waiting for Sam to push into him before he did.

Jess could feel him, teasing her. The strokes from Sam's fingers had her more than ready. Her hands went from Dean's ass to his hips as Sam pushed forward. "Relax, Dean," she whispered in his ear before licking it. "It'll take a moment for you to adjust, but trust me. You're going to love this."

Dean dropped his head down to Jess' chest. The pressure was great and it was making him push into Jess as well. He gasped from both sensations.

Jess pulled her legs back and apart, arching to make it easier for Dean to slide inside. Gently she nuzzled the top of Dean's head before raising slightly to kiss Sam's mouth.

Sam kissed Jess over Dean's shoulder, feeling his brother turn his face towards them to watch as they kissed. It made Sam pushed deeper into his brother till his balls were resting against that perfect curve of Dean's ass. God, but his ass felt so good. So tight, so his. His brother had been his whole world. His everything. He was there through everything in his life and he was always protecting him.

Sam stayed still for a few moments, letting Dean adjust to the feel of him. And for him to adjust to the heat of his cock being surrounded by Jess' warm walls. Sam pushed back, his hands running over his brother's back. He then grabbed his hips and started to rock in a slow motion.

Dean raised his dilated eyes up to Jess. His lips were slightly parted. His breath was labored from the sensations racing through him. He groaned and then started to move. It was like a dance. Whenever Sam was pulling out, Dean was pushing his own hips into Jess, feeling his cock slide into that lovely heat. He leaned down to her ear, "God woman, didn't think it would be... you feel incredi..." He gasped as his brother found that pretty gland that made him tremble.

She had settled back against the mattress so she could watch every subtle change on Dean's and Sam's faces. But her eyes kept closing to better concentrate on the sensation of Dean filling her. She could feel every twitch Dean made in reaction to Sam. And whatever Sam was doing, Jess was loving Dean's reaction. She let out a loud gasp and arched up against him, trying to lift their weight.

Dean couldn't help the whimper that left him as Sam started to really rock into him. "Dean, fuck but you are tight," Sam leaned down, biting his brother's back. He was rocking more steady into Dean and he can feel Dean squeezing him just perfectly as Dean thrusted into Jess. He started rocking into him faster. This had been his dream for so long. To be able to make love to his brother and not have him freak out. "Dean," he breathed against his brother, "Love you," he whispered in feeling his own release coming to him. Suddenly he was ramming into his brother's ass hard and he bit into Dean's back as he released.

Dean felt his brother's come fill him. He groaned turned his head, Sam kissing him as he was pulling out. Sam dropped down beside the two. Dean was now giving his own full thrusts into Jess.

Jess had been watching Dean and Sam with rapt fascination. They were both so beautiful as they kissed, Sam practically glowing with sated lust. She arched up beneath Dean as he was pushing harder into her, hitting that one spot inside of her. She let out a softy cry as she started shaking beneath Dean in pleasure.

Sam watched as Dean was driving into Jess. So this was the look he got while having sex. Damn but his brother was hot. Even as Dean was pushing up and grabbing Jess, pulling her up with him so she was straddling his lap and he was pushing up into her. Sam moved and got behind her, aiding to raise her up and down upon Dean wanting cock. Dean has had sex longer than him so his stamina was a lot longer. And it was showing.

Dean groaned, looking up at her as she was rocking against him. Their chests were scraping against each other. Dean's arms were around her and his mouth was upon her neck, biting and kissing at the front while Sam was doing the same from behind. Sam reached around her body, pushing his long fingers between their bodies to find her clit.

The gasps and whimpers were becoming a keening as she wiggled against Dean, gravity pulling her deeper onto him. She wanted to rock hard against him, but with Sam pinning her against Dean, she couldn't do much more than squirm. And her movements became more desperate when she felt Sam's fingers stroking her. Both brothers nipping at her neck had her trembling, her chest heaving against Dean's. One arm was around Dean's shoulders as she reached behind for Sam as she let out a scream, shaking hard.

Dean held onto Jess as she released over his cock, feeling her juices spread over him and slick his way even more. He groaned something deep in his throat, drinking in her facial expression as she released. He then leaned in and nipped her chin as he pushed her back against Sam, gripped her hips and now that she was relaxed, he started really driving into her.

Sam reached out around her, running his hand down his brother's chest. "C'mon Dean, let me see how beautiful you look." Dean had locked his eyes with his brother and all he could do was give a little nod before he pushed up a bit and suddenly he was releasing inside of her.

Cradled solidly against Sam's chest, Jess let out a soft moan, watching the expression on Dean's face as he came. Sam was right - he was beautiful. She pulled herself upright to settle against Dean and kissed him softly. Still resting against him, she pulled Sam in close, shifting slightly so he could kiss his brother.

Sam held Jess, his arm around her while his good hand touched his brother. Dean had been his life for so long. He loved him, even when he pissed him off. His love for his brother, it was even more than he had for Jessica. As Jess shifted, Sam pulled Dean to him, kissing him tenderly. He pulled back slowly, looking at his brother.

Dean lifted his greens to his brother, "Damn you, always complicating things." He turned his head to Jess, "See what you are in for?" He tipped his head, kissing her just as softly. He pulled back before carefully pulling out of her. He then turned around and laid back against her. "Can't let those pillows go to waste." He chuckled.

Jess was smiling as she leaned against Sam. Her arms wrapped around Dean's neck loosely, fingers teasing along his collarbones. There was a content smile on her face as she nuzzled behind his ear. "Compared to some complications I've had in my life, I think this will be one I'll be all too happy to adjust to." She turned her head to lightly press a kiss to Sam's neck.

Sam was caressing Jess, the three making a train of bodies. His hands sometimes venturing over across his brother's smooth chest before returning back. He gave a soft smile to Jess' kiss.

But then Dean had to be the one to return them to reality. "Speaking of complication..." He pushed up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, looking across his shoulder to the two still cuddling. "You... may want to... check..." He was stumbling over words before he just blurted it out, "We forgot to use protection."

"Relax, Dean," Jess said. She leaned forward to rest a hand on his shoulder. "I'm a little more on top of it than you think. I've got an IUD just in case a few years ago, and because I wasn't sure if the Pill would work for me. And I got tested a few months ago just in case something I hunted harbored a nasty surprise. So I know I'm clean." She glanced back at Sam, before patting Dean. "So unless there's something either of you need to tell me, we should be fine."

"Nope," Dean pushed up, heading for the bathroom.

"No," Sam answered softly as he watched his brother while arms closed in around her. He turned back. "He's scared of losing me," came the whisper.

"I know." Still feeling a bit lazy, she snuggled in against Sam as she considered the problem. "And I don't know that he'd believe me if I told him that I'm not going to take you from him. I think all we can do is hope we both can convince him with time."

"You know, maybe I should ask you both this," she said after a moment. "But the next place we go, should we even bother with separate rooms?"

Sam sighed again, "Believe it or not, even though he doesn't seem like it, Dean has been... I guess you can say insecure all his life. Fearing he will be alone all his life. It wasn't like or father was 'Father of the Year' material. He made him... he really didn't get a chance to be a kid most of the time. He was always looking out for me. Always there when dad wasn't. And sometimes that insecurity gets the better of him. But... He has to understand he can't protect me or those he loves from everything, no matter how hard he tries. At least he isn't smothering, I'll give him that."

"I think one room will do," Sam smiled against her skin however.

Jess smiled at Sam's answer about the rooms. But her eyes were thoughtful as she looked at the bathroom. "I wish there were something more I could do to help."

"Everything will work out," Sam tried to assure.

He felt a shiver of pleasure run over his spine, one that made his shoulders itch and his insides quiver. It was nearly as good as taking a life, even if he was not directly involved. He had only taken a life a couple of times and those moments were... not something he could put to words.

He strolled over to the building edge and looked down as a black car rolled by. Was that the source? He drew a breath and could almost smell it was. He smiled.

Dean glanced over to Sam, "Okay what is this again?"

"People murdering people because they were told to. Supposedly by an angel."

Dean shook his head, "Angel, com'on, gotta be some sort of demon. Or a bunch of freaks."

"Massively?" Sam asked. "Dude, these were normal people who saw... something and told them what to do."

"You said the key word, something, not someone, a thing," Dean pulled the car to the motel they were to stay in. "Okay, you go get us a room, I'll look up in the phone book where the church is."

Jess pulled in next to the Impala. "So this is it?" she asked, leaning out the window. Although it had been tempting to search out the supposed werewolf that Sam had found, this was more the immediate threat. Whatever it was in De Tour hadn't been attacking people... yet, while there had been several deaths. She'd keep an eye out for more news from that area and wander back that way eventually.

But for now, she cocked her head at the brothers. "Angel, huh? Or at least something claiming to be one?"

"Yep," Dean simply commented as he closed his door and headed for a phone booth. People tore pages out of them all the time, one less would be no big deal.

Sam climbed out as well, "You know as much as we do," Sam headed for the front office. He was in there a while getting a room with two full size beds.

Dean wondered back with a couple of pages from the phone book. "Who would think a town like this would have this many churches." Dean looked up when Sam was returning, "Now we just need to find the one with a one Father Reynolds."

"I'm guessing Catholic?" Sam answered as he motioned to the door and Dean nods in following.

"Most likely," Jess said, pulling the door shut behind. "It's a lot of ground to cover. Maybe we should take a handful each and meet up later to compare notes?"

"Why don't we just call one of the catholic churches and find out where he works? Easy enough for you? Or are you just itching to sniff about town?" Dean asked in walking into the room. It was clear the man was tired, even the dark circles were threatening to show.

"I just like to get a feel for a place," Jess said with a shrug. "And it's harder for me to tell if I'm being bullshitted on the phone. Not that I'm expecting a priest to lie to me, but you never know." She held out her hand. "So quit hoarding the pages and let's make those calls."

Dean handed them over as he was pulling out his own cellphone and started making his own calls, telling a story he had just moved into town and he was looking for a good church and he was told to look for Father Reynolds. He was highly recommended. Sam was making his own calls.

Jess pulled out her cell phone, thankful that the cracked screen didn't seem to affect the dialing function. Still, she'd replace it when she got a chance. Like Dean, she was surprised that the town did have so many churches. "Got it," she said after hanging up on her fifth call. "There's a Father Reynolds who is the head priest at Our Lady of Peace over on Second street."

"Good, we head over in the morning," Dean announced in hanging up his phone. He placed it on upon the table and started taking off his boots.

"You want me to go out and get us something to eat?" Sam asked.

"Whatever," Dean turned upon the bed and flopped back.

Jess stood up and stretched, trying to work out a kink in her back. "Food sounds good," she said. Dean appeared to be settling down for the night. And despite what they had done earlier, or maybe because of it, she wasn't quite as comfortable alone with him as she was with Sam. "You want some company?"

"Sure," Sam nodded in looking at his brother before moving aside to let Jess out and he followed behind her. He climbed into the car and waited for her before starting it up and backing out. "So, didn't want to be left alone with Dean. I know he gets a little grumpy when he is tired. Plus he hasn't had any coffee in a while." He gave the excuses but knew there were just that. Dean was pushing again. Trying to push people away.

"Yeah," Jess said, looking out the window. "It just seems that every time we're alone for more than five minutes, we end up either fighting or making out. I didn't think either of those would be good for us right now." She shrugged. "And I know guys don't do the whole emotional, talk about your feelings thing, which I get. But, I just figured there would be something said about yesterday, even if it was a snide remark."

"About yesterday. Me and Dean...You are probably freaked out about that I guess, huh," He had the Impala taking a turn and driving out of the parking lot to head to get some dinner. "If it makes you feel any better, he was too."

"Hell yeah I'm freaked. I was talking out loud to myself the whole drive over here, trying to figure it out." She turned slightly in the seat to look at Sam. "You seem to be the only one who isn't, or you're a lot better hiding it than I am."

"I love my brother. I always have. But it will probably never happen again so you don't need to be freaked." Sam wasn't going to try and explain how he felt about his brother. How could he. It wasn't like their family was normal anyway.

She looked at him with a blank confusion. "Okay, I officially don't get it. Cause, I mean, I love my brother too, but sleeping with him never entered my mind." Jess looked out the window again. "And I guess I'm a bit jealous too. I have no idea how I fit in, or even if I fit into your family dynamic somehow."

"But your brother wasn't the one constant in your life. Your mother. Your father. Your brother. Your best friend. He didn't protect you every minute of the day. He didn't give up his dreams and hopes just for you. He... Dean gave up a lot for me. And like I said, it won't happen again." He reached over placing his hand upon her leg, "Do you want to fit in because of who our father was because of us?"

"I'll admit. Now knowing who your dad is makes me question my motives a bit. But," she looked over at Sam, resting her hand on his. "I did break up with him before I knew he was dead. So, I think it's because of you and Dean." She gave Sam a slight sly smile. "And what makes you so sure that it won't happen again?"

"It was a weak moment. We were both angry. Emotional. I just... Dean... I don't know. It probably just won't, thatnulls all." He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it.

Jess gave him a slightly doubtful look as her fingers brushed over his lips lightly. It almost sounded like what had happened earlier between her and Dean. "And speaking of weak moments," she said. "You're not freaking out about me and Dean earlier?"

"Should I? Dean is a good looking guy. Can't say I blame you," He shrugged. "Maybe I am, just hasn't sunk in yet. If anything, even if he doesn't show it, he might be more freaked out over it all than even you and I. Dean just keeps things to himself. Feeling he has to carry everything upon himself. If I want some honestly out of him, emotionally, I usually have to drag it out of him which is usually a fight... these days."

"Hmm. Who does that sound like?" Maybe that was why she had such a hard time thinking clearly around Dean - he reminded her more of John than Sam did. Or at least at first glance. She hadn't let go of his hand, and gently squeezed it. "I guess we should find something to eat, go back to the room, and try to do some research on whatever this thing is."

"Yeah," Sam agreed. Sam stopped at a Chinese place and ordered up a big meal. As they waited, he and Jess drank a beer before heading back. The ride back was a little more quiet than the ride there. By the time they came back, Sam opened the door for Jess and saw Dean still upon the bed but he was sound asleep. Sam just looked at him for a long moment before setting the food down. He really didn't want to wake his brother.

Sam sat down looking at his plate. "I'm scared, Jess," he spoke softly. "I'm scared I'm gonna hurt Dean. With... what I could become. The more answers I get, the more there are other questions. I've got to find them."

"Sam," she said softly, taking a seat beside him. She kept her voice quiet, not to disturb Dean. "That's some of the same fears I have about me. What if I mess up the spell that keeps me under control? What if I get tired of trying to fight my dark side and just let it go?" She reached over to take his hand. "But I think that because you are worried about it happening is a good sign that it won't, that you're fighting it. And I hope that you find those answers, Sam. I totally understand that. And I hope I can help you with that."

"But... I could end up hurting you too. My destiny... I'm suppose to turn evil. I'm suppose to become some... some warrior of this Demon. How can I control something I don't understand. With you... you know what you are. You are a werewolf. There are tons of information out there. Me... there is nothing. Nothing but secrets and lies. How can I fight against something I don't know where to begin to?" He sighed in sinking a bit in his chair.

Dean moaned and rolled to his back.

Jess glanced at Dean, but most of her focus was on Sam. "Who said you're supposed to turn evil? The Demon? Newsflash, Sam. They lie. And as for destiny," she said with a scornful look. "If you don't have a choice and the future is set in stone, then what's the point of your visions? Or me struggling to keep my lycanthropy under control?"

"And you already are fighting it, Sam. You're not accepting the secrets and lies. You listen to him." Her eyes traveled over to Dean. "You really think he's going to just stand by and watch you fall and not try to catch you?"

"I know they lie but this one... I'm not the first child he's said that about. Ava, she was taken. And Webber... he was contacted by the Demon. Our Dad knew." Sam pushed away from the table and moved away from her. "You... you have a cure. How do you cure this? How do you fight this? I pray every day. And Dean... Dean's just as scared as I am about all this. I look at him every day and I wonder... is he gonna have the strength to catch me or am I gonna hurt him. Or what if there is nothing he can do? Since I was born... I've been doing nothing but hurting him. I... I don't know if I can keep on doing that." He turned and grabbed his jacket.

Jess stood up and followed, not willing to concede. "So what are you going to do, Sam? Push away everyone who loves you? Hurt Dean worse by withdrawing? You said it yourself. He's afraid of losing you." She wasn't going to say more about Dean's admission of feeling he never fit into the family.

"I don't know," Sam spoke sadly to her. "I'm going for a walk," he pulled the door open and quietly closed it behind him, heading off, hands deep in his pocket.

Dean shifted, the smell of the food finally reaching him. He blinked and yawned, stretching as he sat up. He stopped in looking around, "Where's Sam?" He saw the food and walked over looking it over before he picked at some. He tipped his head at her, "You get that same look Sam does, like yer suckin on a lemon. What's up?"

"Sam went for a walk a little bit ago," Jess said with a nod at the door. Her plate was picked over some, but the chopsticks were neatly laid on it now. "He and I had a long talk. About you, about him. A bit about the Demon. It wasn't a fight, but it didn't go so well either."

Dean was munching on piece of peppered steak when she said they talked about him, about Sam and the Demon. That it wasn't a fight. He quirked an eyebrow. "What do you mean didn't go so well? Wha'd you say to him? Was he upset when he left?" Dean started grabbing for his jacket.

"I didn't know what to say to him," Jess said a bit defensively. "He was afraid that he's going to hurt you, to turn into some sort of monster. I tried to talk to him about it since something I have a little bit of experience with. Sam didn't want to hear it."

"Because Sam isn't a monster. He's not gonna be. Not if I can help it!" He looked at her, "And you should do something about it do. Stand up to your father and make him understand. Tell him to stop being an ass. Hell, I'll do it. We do this job and we go back and get you cured." He headed for the door. "Sam told me once to take responsibility for myself. I think it's time we all do." He pulled open the door and headed out looking both ways to see if he could see his brother.

Jess grabbed her jacket and followed. "Of course he's not! If any of us here is a monster, it's me," she retorted. But he was right. She needed to take responsibility. She couldn't keep going on like this. And if her father said no, she'd find another way.

She took a few steps away from Dean, eyes looking left and right, trying to spot Sam. Then her head tilted nostrils flaring slightly as she repeated the motions. "That way," she pointed, and then a note of uncertainty crept into her voice. "I think. I can be absolutely certain, but you're not going to like how I do it."

"I'll take your word for it," Dean started off in the direction she indicated, muttering under his breath in wondering if there was a leash law in this state. With hands in his pockets, he walked quickly, head scanning the area. He turned a corner when he saw Sam up ahead. "Sammy!"

Sam turned, "Dean? Jess? What are you doing out here? Dean, you shouldn't be out here. You're wanted by the FBI." He rushed over to his brother and turned him around.

"I was worried about you?" Dean turned in following him. "After all you ran off on me once... twice before."

"I probably will again," He smiled a bit to his brother.

"You better not," Dean snapped at him.

"Or what? You'll kill me?"



Jess just shook her head. She'd had a few similar exchanges with her brother. And after the moodiness she had seen the last few days between them, it was a relief to see them bickering again. "Well, before this gets too mushy, can we get back inside before Dean tries to put a leash on me. Like he could, but I don't want to have to embarrass him in public."

"There is a leash law I think," Dean smiled to her. "Com'on," Dean was the first in the room.

"You need to stay in here while Jess and I go check out things tomorrow," Sam informed his brother.

"What?" Dean blinked. "You expect me to stay in here? With nothing to do?"

"You'll find something."

"Now who is the jerk. Com'on..."


"Why?" Jess asked. "You said earlier that Dean's wanted by the FBI, but for what?"

"The murder in St. Louis and... there was this bank job. Both by a shape-shifter. He's in the fed's database now." Sam answered.

"He's just being paranoid," Dean answered.


"Yeah, well, Bonnie, they know about you too."

"I'm the innocent young man, dude," Sam pointed out. "Let's get some rest."

Jess looked like she was going to make a comment about Sam's innocence, but changed her mind. There was the whole delicate issue about their sleeping arrangements, not to mention if anything would be going on other than sleeping. Her mind flipped back to her earlier conversation with Sam about what happened the night before not happening again.

She walked over to her bag and pulled out an over-sized t-shirt and baggy pair of leggings. "I'll go change," she said, heading towards the bathroom.

Dean quirked an eyebrow at her then just shrugged, dropping upon one of the beds. Sam was undressing as well so Dean decided he better do the same. Getting down to just tee-shirt and underwear, he crawled into bed. Hogging his as he sprawled.

"Dude?" Sam looked at him.

"What?" Dean's look was innocent.

Sam motioned to the bed.

"Hey, you gonna keep me locked in here, I get a bed to myself. You are sweet on her, you two share," he smirked at his brother.

Sam sighed and shook his head, waiting for Jess to return as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Just because she had been naked with them the night before didn't mean that she was comfortable undressing in front of them. It only took a few minutes for her to strip out of her day clothes. Catching sight of her expression in the mirror, she gave a rueful smile at the slightly panicked look in her eyes. Over thinking the situation, she thought. Just go with it. What happens, happens. You can deal with it. You always have and always will.

So her expression was relaxed when she stepped out of the bathroom. One glance at Sam sitting on one bed and Dean taking up the majority of the other gave her a good idea what was going on. "Let me guess. He doesn't share."

"Doesn't want to share, let's put it that way," Sam answered. "Mind sharing a bed with me?" The question was innocent.

Even though she had already shared a bed with him, Jess still felt a little awkward answering. "No, I don't mind." Grabbing one corner of the sheets, she started to pull them back.

Sam got up, turning around and pulling back the covers with her. He climbed in on one side of the full size bed, his feet nearly hanging off the edge. He laid upon his back, staring up at the ceiling before turning his head to look at her.

She had curled onto her side, arm she was resting on tucked beneath her head. Her eyes were still open, and she raised her free hand in a little 'what' gesture.

Sam reached forth, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips to kiss as he rolled to his side, "Com'er" He whispered in pulling her closer to him. He pressed in closer as well. He tangled his legs up with hers. He then dipped his head to kiss her.

Jess' hand moved to clench his shirt in a fist, pulling herself close to him. Her neck stretched so she could easily kiss him. Slowly her fingers loosened her grip and moved over his chest as their tongues tangled and caressed.

Sam parted his lips more, kissing her more and more deeply before he whispered against her ear with heated breath, "Never said we couldn't be together." He pulled back to look at her, reaching up to brush her hair back from her face. He gave a little smile to her.

Jess smiled back before she surged in to kiss him. The hand on his chest slid around to his back, anchoring her firmly against his body. "Then lets," she whispered when she drew back to take a breath. They'd have to be quiet, given that Dean was in the next bed over.

Sam gathered Jess against him, pouring himself into the kiss. His mouth worked against hers, his breathing exhaling through his nose. He slipped his hand down into the pants she was wearing, under her underwear to cup her ass and press her against his firm erection that was still covered by his underwear. He moaned against her mouth, letting her swallow that down till he felt something him the back of his head.


Sam, startled, twisted his body to see Dean pushing up. "Dean?"

"I'm going out," Dean pulled his clothing back on, boots and his jacket.

"Dean, you really..."

"Shouldn't? And lay here listening to you two rutting around, no thanks," He grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

"Dean?" Sam pushed up on his elbow then sighed as the door closed with a solid sound. He looked back to Jess before dipping down to kiss her once again.

Jess was about to push Sam away and tell him to go after Dean. She'd grab a blanket from her car and sleep on the floor. But that was when Sam's lips touched hers, and all coherent thought fled. Except that she'd apologize to Dean in the morning. And that they had too much clothing on.

Outside, Dean shoved his hands in his pocket and started walking. He found a little coffee shop not to far from where they were. And a bonus of no cops. He walked in, only one man there and the guy working behind the counter. "Coffee, straight," Dean ordered.

"Couldn't sleep?" The man at the counter asked. His voice was smooth and when he tipped his head in Dean's direction his eyes were a lovely shade of green.

"No," Dean answered. "Can't seem to lately." He sat down, taking a sip of his coffee.

Maximillian brushed the man aside with a slight push to get him to leave them alone. The man blinked and suddenly walked away and in the back to work on something there, leaving the two of them alone. "Well, it's not like you need any beauty sleep. You are handsome enough." He gave a smile that was soft and yet lined with something else.

Dean sipped his coffee but then tipped his head to the man. Was he flirting with him? "Uhh... thanks?"

Maximillian gave a chuckle, "My name is Maximillian." He extended his hand.

"Dean," the young man shook his hand. He paused in staring at him for just a brief moment because he swore he felt sparks.

Maximillian smiled, this one was a Paladin. A very lovely Paladin to a Seer. What a twist of fate. When he had seen them come in he hadn't expect it to be this exciting and fun. The young man was lovely in so many ways. He was handsome, strong, and yet broken and tired as well. Perfect for the bending and the weaving. Maximillian gave a little shiver at the thought of just wanting to gather this lovely delicious boy up and locking him away. Oh, how the pain just washed from him in waves.

"Let me guess..." He looked Dean over, "Roommate has a girl over? You wanted to sleep but the noise was to much?"

Dean blinked at him, "Uh... you could say that. How did..." Dean was giving the man a suspicious look.

"Lucky guess. It's always like that with good looking men like yourself." He turned back sipping his coffee. "I find roommates to be selfish. Just like brothers. Especially the baby ones. They get the special treatment from the parents. Always coddled and cooed over while the older ones are forgotten."

"Really. What makes you say that?" Dean turned in his seat to face the man. Something was up here.

"Experience," He pointed to himself in that half lie.

"You have a lot of brothers and sister?"

"You could say that," Max answered. "I'm from a very large family."

"Oh," Dean turned back to drink his coffee.

"So how come you don't have a lovely little curvy thing at your side or in your bed?"

Dean looked down and hitched his shoulder, "Didn't feel like it." He hadn't for a while. He flirted, got numbers but never followed through on them.

"Hmm, pity. Handsome man like you shouldn't be alone on nights like this. Cold. Should be snuggled up warm in..."

"Is there a point to all this line of questioning?" Dean suddenly turned on him.

Maximillian turned to him, "Just making conversation. But I can see the loneliness in your eyes. This hollow look, like something is missing in your life."

Dean stared at him, getting lost in those eyes. "What are you?" he whispered out.

Maximillian smiled softly. He moved from his spot and closed the distance between him and Dean. "I can take that loneliness away, Dean." He got up right against the young man, closing his eyes as he drank in his scent. "Let me take you home, make you feel special."

Dean frowned in gazing at him, his lips part but not a sound came out, only a nod.

She normally wouldn't allow herself to fall so deeply asleep. But Sam's warmth at her back and an arm pinning her firmly around her waist, not to mention what they had been doing earlier, it wasn't a surprise that the door opening and closing didn't register. Her nose did twitch at an unknown scent mingled with a familiar one. Her eyes opened, taking in Dean and then glancing at the clock before shutting again.

Dean didn't even look at the couple in the other bed. He headed straight for the bathroom, merely dropping his jacket off upon his bed. He stripped and climbed into the shower, still feeling hands upon him. Still hearing words whispered in his ear. It was all eerie and yet... wanted... needed. Maximillian had been saying all the right things. As if he was picking them from his brain. And then he found out why.

How as Sam gonna handle, he just had sex with an angel. A fallen angel at that. One that was wrapping a spell around him or so it felt. Dean leaned against the shower wall, looking up at the ceiling. He could still feel the brush of black feathers against him as Maximillian came inside him. And how his mouth worshiped him right after, holding him so closely and tenderly. And he whispered a word...'Mine.'

Dean shuddered at the memory.

He quickly showered, scrubbing off the other man's scent but seeming not his touch. It was still there no matter how hot the water was. And Dean, deep inside really didn't want it off. He finished up and dried off, coming out and seeing Sam still curled up under the covers. It was rare to see his brother sleep but at least he was. He went to his bag, getting his close and putting on clean underwear and jeans. He sat at the edge of the bed, putting socks and boots back on, clean shirts and shoving his other's away. He then grabbed his jacket, going to leave to get some coffee. But before he did, he messed up his bed.

She hadn't gone back to sleep right away, and was drifting off when the sound of the shower pulled her back to wakefulness. Her eyes were closed, but she could hear every move Dean made throughout the motel rooms. And once she heard the door shut again, Jess opened them. Careful not to disturb Sam, she climbed out of bed and dressed. She scribbled a note about going out to get them breakfast, leaving it on the pillow for Sam to find. Then she quietly slipped out the door and after Dean.

Dean's hands were deep in his jacket pockets, one fingering a black feather as he walked. His mind kept drifting to that mouth. How it felt against him, on him. Those hands as they caressed. The damn man had made Dean feel special but also more. Almost like he was raped in a sense but a willing one. And the worst of it all, if he saw him again, he would not turn the man... angel... thing down. He had given him, whispered to him all the things he never got from his father or his brother. He made promises and Dean accepted them when he knew... he just knew he should be kill it.

Dean didn't hear Jess coming up behind him and when she touched him, he jumped and moved back from her. "What are you doing here?" He asked, giving her a frown before he started walking again.

"I thought you might want to talk to someone," Jess said as she matched his pace. And then she made a face. "I forgot. Winchester men don't talk. How about some quiet company as you brood then?"

Dean glanced over to her, "Talk to someone? What gave you that idea?"

Jess shrugged, staring off into the middle distance. "Personal experience. I know I would have killed for someone I could talk to five years ago when I woke up in the middle of the campus reeking of a werewolf. Or consider it a dry run for what you're going to tell Sam. If you're going to tell him, that is."

Dean looked at her and stopped. "Tell him what?"

Jess tapped her nose as she stopped and looked at him. "It's not as good as when I'm canine, but I can pick up unusual smells. So do you want me to say what I think happened, or do you want to tell me what really did?"

Dean rolled his eyes and started walking again. "So I got laid, what of it. Not the first time, won't be the last. Besides, what does it matter to you? Sam knows. Ask him. I'm a flirt. I've got numbers littering the bag."

"Maybe you didn't catch what I just said." Jess matched pace again. "Unusual smells, Dean. You told me earlier that you didn't swing that way, except for Sam. Normally, I'd say fine, you're experimenting, and leave it at that. However, I think we both know we're talking about something more... exotic, even than a werewolf."

Dean stopped, staring at her. He stayed silent for the longest time before he spoke, "It was an angel."

She had been running through a mental checklist of possibilities, but that was one she had left off. Jess blinked. "An angel," she repeated. "You're sure about that?"

Dean reached into his pocket and produced a black feather. He held it out to her, "This make you sure?" He then stared at it, Maximillian's words whispering in his ear. He swallowed hard before pushing it back into his pocket before she could touch it.

"Okay, you've convinced me." It wasn't a crow's or raven's feather - much too large and iridescent. She had been reaching for it but dropped her hand when it was obvious he wouldn't let her touch it. A sickening feeling was growing in the pit of her stomach. "Is this the same angel that we're here to hunt?"

Dean shook his head, "I don't think so." He started walking again. "But he did tell me, each of those people, they went to the same church." He didn't say the man laughed at that. How man thought going to church will make everything better in His eyes. Which made him worry about Sam.

He stopped at the coffee shop, where he first met Maximillian. He ordered three coffees and some donuts. "So we need to go check out the church." He leaned against the bar, "I never used to believe in angels. Or in God. Just random acts of violence. What I see is what I believe in. But this... My mom... she used to tuck me in at night. Tell me angels were watching over us. That was the last thing she ever said to me."

"You never told me that," Sam spoke from behind them.

Dean turned, a bit shocked to see Sam. "What's to tell. It wasn't true. What protected her? What protected Jessica? And you?"

Jess had jumped when she heard Sam's voice. She had been so intent on Dean, that Sam had managed to sneak up on her, something that rarely happened. "How long have you been behind us?" she asked.

"Look, that doesn't matter, we need to go to the church, see what is up." Sam grabbed for the coffee. "And we need to get out of here before the cops start showing up for breakfast."

"Well, then, let's go." Dean grabbed the bag and followed the other two out.

It wasn't long before they were at the church and talking to the priest there. Upon exiting, he explained to them the small gathering of flowers and candles for the priest who was shot just for his keys. Dean looked at the two, "Well that explains it. Vengeful spirit."

"Dean, how do you know? He started praying about the time to for help."

"What, 700 hundred club, you gonna start praying every day now?" Dean snorted.

"I do. I have for a long time."

Dean looked shocked, "Things you learn about a guy, com'on, lets take a look at Father Gregory's grave."

Jess followed the boys down to the crypt, thinking. "I was raised in the church, Methodist," she clarified as she looked around at the statues in the outer chamber. "I have to admit, I'm having a hard time with this. I haven't really had any sort of strong faith since I was thirteen." She looked at the door leading towards the inner chamber and gestured with her head in a let's go motion.

"Look it there," Dean walked in, "Worm wood. Associated with the dean and especially spirits not at... Where's Sam?" Dean got up and walked out finding Sam on the ground. "Sam?" He rushed over helping his brother up. "Sam, you okay."

"Yeah," Sam nodded. "I saw it. It spoke to me." He look at Dean.

"The spirit?"

"No, the angel. Told me I had to stop a man. Because he was gonna do something bad."

"What? He hasn't done anything."

"No, but he will," Sam looked at him.

"Yeah, well maybe I should stop you because you will too? Sam, it's spirit, look," He pulled Sam into the room, "Wormwood. Associated with mostly spirits that are not at rest."


"Look, want more proof, we summon his spirit. If he shows, it's not an angel. We just need a few things and that seance at the front of Dad's journal. If it's him, it will bring him right to us."

Jess nodded in agreement with Dean. "Sounds about right to me." She wasn't surprised to hear that they had John's journal. "So let's get what we need and perform the seance." But just because there were signs of a spirit not being at rest didn't mean that the angel that Dean had encountered now was trying to do something with Sam.

The three headed out, going to the Korner store to pick up some thing. "Sponge Bob?" Sam asked in carrying the bag with candles.

"We improvise with what we can get. Just turn it over, it will work," Dean offered up.

Jess chuckled, shaking her head. "Well, we'll either end up summoning Father Gregory or Patrick." She glanced down in the bag, noting the black and white candles, the chalk, and other things they would be needing for the seance. But when she looked up, she saw Sam staring. Following his gaze she saw him staring at a man walking out of a shop, carrying a bouquet of flowers. "Sam?" she asked, not liking the intense stare. For some reason, she thought of her stalking a deer. "What is it?"

"The sign. The sign the angel told me about. I gotta stop him," Sam spoke and started off.

"Whoa," Dean moved before him, "No, you can't just kill an innocent man."

"But he's gonna do something bad."

"Okay, I got an idea," Dean headed for the car. He got in and started it.

"Dean, unlock the door," Sam tapped on the window.

"No, you and Jess go do the seance, I'll take care of this," Dean placed the car in drive.

"Dean, no!" Sam watched as Dean drove off, following the other car. Sam looked at Jess, "Let's go," he turned in walking off. It wasn't long before they got to the church and Sam with Jess' help set up the candle and had them lighted. He opened up his father's journal, starting to read from it. He dropped the powder over the flame and watched it flash. He then jumped as the Father interrupted. Both tried to explain.

It was then Father Gregory appeared and Sam wished he hadn't but he did. It spoke to them and the Father told him man could not be angels and to let him give him the last rites. He did and soon Father Gregory faded. Sam and Jess cleaned up and headed back to the motel. There, he waited for Dean to show.

She had almost been as disappointed as Sam to see Father Gregory appear. Jess said nothing as they cleaned up and left the church, lost in her thoughts. Like Sam, she had wanted it to be an angel, to confirm that there was a higher power out there and they weren't just stumbling in the dark. But like Dean, she had suspected that it was just another spirit that needed to be put to rest.

Once they were back to the motel, she sat down on the bed next to Sam, still silent. She took his hand, pressing palm to palm and interlacing their fingers. She only said one thing. "I'm sorry it wasn't an angel, Sam." Before she could say anything more, she looked over to the opening door. There stood Dean, looking pale and shaken. "What happened? You okay?"

Sam held Jess' hand till Dean came in. He turned to him waiting for him to answer.

"I'm fine," he spoke in walking over.

"Well, you were right, Dean. Wasn't an angel. Was a spirit," Sam turned to face him.

"Oh... sorry," He blinked at them.

"You know... you're right, we have to believe what we see before our eyes. I was just... hoping there was some higher power watching over me. You know."

"I'm watching out for you. But... after what I saw... how that man died," Dean looked at them.

"Dean, you didn't?"

"No but... what I saw... it was like... God's will," He looked at them both.

Sam looked to Jess.

Jess looked at Sam and then to Dean. He looked so lost and confused and shaken. This was the last thing he needed right now. There were no words she could say to make him feel better. Without thinking, she reached out, offering her hand and what comfort she could.

Dean just glanced down at her hand before patting it with her other, "I'm fine," though he was wondering how much of it was actually Maximillian's will, though the creature told him he can't really interfere in the workings of man, such as cause death. Though Dean suspected he could give a little... push. "Com'on, we better get out of town. Don't want the cops coming and pounding on our door to get some sort of statement from me." He got up and started packing.

"Sound like a good idea to me," Jess said, getting off of the bed. "If you're sure we're done," she added, giving Dean a sideways look as she double checked everything had been packed in her bag. She had an instinctive feeling that the fallen angel Dean had encountered wasn't quite done with him. She hoped that instinct was wrong.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked in gathering his things.

"I think it's time we had a little talk with Jess' dad." He looked at her. "I think we solve the case that has been riding with us."

Sam looked to Jess then back to Dean, "You're serious?"

"Dead serious." Dean lifted his bag. "California, here we come." He stepped out the door, knowing he would see Maximillian again, sometime. But right now, before Sam found out, he had to get him away from this angel.

It was a five day drive to get to California. And while Jess had seemed enthusiastic at the start, with each state they passed, she grew quieter. She would have put her unease to an approaching full moon, except that had happened just before she had met the Winchesters.

But once they hit the county limits, without hesitation she pulled around the Impala to take the lead. A measure of confidence was regained as she threaded the familiar streets, moving from freeway to thoroughfare to residential streets. This was her home turf, she told herself as they moved into the city, a mix of everything from modern high tech to old Victorian mansions. They’d make her dad see reason, that it was too dangerous for her and everyone around her to continue like this.

Her new found bravado turned out to be short lived, dying just as she pulled up across from her home. She leaned against the car, staring balefully at the two storey house. “This is stupid,” Jess said, more to herself than to the brothers. “I’m supposed to be a bad ass lycanthrope. I’ve faced down pissed off poltergeists and exorcised demons without blinking. So why does the thought of talking to my father have me shaking in my boots?”

Dean got out, Sam behind him, walking around the Impala. "I don't know, ask Dean," Sam answered knowing he never seemed to have that problem talking to his father. Which was more like arguing with his father. Dean always just did what John said. At least just before he died.

Dean just glanced to Sam. "Fine you don't have to, we'll do all the talking." Dean started up the walkway, going up the steps and to the door where he pushed the door bell.

"Wish it were that easy," Jess muttered followed Dean up the walkway. There were subtle hints that someone in a wheelchair lived there - the ramp in addition to the steps was the most noticeable one. She wondered who would end up answering the door.

And soon she had her answer. A slim red headed woman opened the door. "Yes? Can I help you?" she said looking at Dean and Sam before her eyes lit up in recognition. "Jess?" she said, stepping forward to wrap the werewolf in a hug. "What are you doing here? Mike and Daniel didn't say anything about you coming home."

Jess swallowed as her arms came around her, unexpectedly emotional. "It was kind of a last minute decision, Anne. Is Dad here?"

"No, Mike had to take him to a doctor's appointment. They'll be back in a few hours." She pulled back to look at Sam and Dean again, this time a little more assessable. "And where are my manners. Please come in. I'm Anne, Jess' sister-in-law. You are?"

Dean was looking about, it seemed like a very normal home. Something he felt would drive him nuts after a while. Though lately he had to wonder and did wonder what it would be like.

Sam was the one who spoke up, "I'm Sam, this is my brother Dean." He passed on the last name, something him and Dean did most of the time.

Dean flashed a smile.

"We've been... traveling with Jess," Sam finished off.

"Really?" Anne looked at Jess, a playful question in her eyes that clearly said and which one are you sleeping with?

Jess could feel a dull flush creeping up her cheeks as she took a seat on the couch. If she was reacting this badly to her sister-in-law, who was teasing, how was she going to react to her father, who would be angry? "They're in the business, too. Where's Sarah?" she asked trying to change the subject.

"She should be waking up from her nap. Want me to get her?" Anne asked. "I'll be right back," she said when Jess nodded.

Once Anne was out of the room, Jess stood up and started a nervous circuit of the room. "Okay, this just weird," she said as she looked over the room, pausing in front of a picture of two different women, one in her mid thirties and one in her mid teens. Both bore a strong resemblance to Jess as well as each other, although their eyes were a dark blue. "I don't think they've changed anything since I was last here about a year ago."

Dean looked at Anne with a quirked eyebrow at her 'really' comment. He then caught the flush over her cheeks which caused him to glance at Sam who seemed perfectly calm as well, like him. When Anne left the room, he started walking around again. He and Sam moved over to stand behind her.

Sam reached around, lifting the frame, "Was this your mother? And your sister who passed away?" He asked.

"Yeah," Jess said. "That was taken maybe... two months before Rachel died." She frowned, looking at the pictures on the table. She could see several of her brother, his wife, her niece, and her daughter. Jess herself, however, only appeared in a few group shots.

She was about to say more when Anne returned, holding the hand of a sleepy looking three year old child.

Dean looked down and backed up, if anything putting some space between him and the kid. It wasn't he was afraid of her, but to him it was sometimes awkward to handle a child. The only one he handled was Sam. So he knew how to. It was also just... it brought back memories.

Sam gave a soft smile, moving away.

"Look, if he's not gonna be back for a few hours, I think Sam and I should go scout out a motel, hotel, a room to crash in," Dean spoke.

"Nonsense," Anne said as Jess scooped up her niece. "We've got more than enough room here upstairs. You're welcome to stay for - Jess, how long are you staying this time?"

"Day or two at most, Anne," Jess said. She had adopted that rocking motion that women instinctively used as she held Sarah close. "Depends on how long before Dad and I try to kill each other."

"Thanks but," he motioned between him and Sam, "We would be more comfortable staying in a hotel. Brothers, boys, don't think you would really want us around the little one," Dean informed her.

"He just wants to play with the magic fingers bed," Sam grumbled and shot Dean a look.

Dean shot him a look then instantly his hand whipped out and struck Sam's arm. He smiled to Anne and gave a little shrug. "What can I say, I'm tense." He rocked on his heels for a few moments before speaking again, "So... you know what Jess does. And... you're okay with that?"

"Can't say that I'm thrilled with it," Anne said. "But knowing what happened, I can't blame her. My husband would be out there too, if it weren't for their dad."

"Should have sold this place," Jess said, lowering a squirming Sarah. "I can't believe that Dad's willing to live here. No, actually, I can. He's just that stubborn."

"And maybe that's where you get it from?" Anne suggested, keeping an eye on her daughter as she made a beeline for the brothers.

As Sarah made her way over, Sam reached down and picked her up with a smile, "Hey little girl."

"Hmm," Dean nodded, looking over to Sam as he was bouncing the little girl in his arms.

"Well you should at least be comforted a bit to know she's not the only one out there doing what she does." Sam nodded just as Sarah's face started to crinkle in what was gonna be a cry.

"Give her here before you make her scared of heights, Sasquatch," Dean reached over, taking her and holding her over his head and bring her down to him as he made kissy faces at her, getting her giggling again.

"Dean has this way with kids," Sam looked over in watching.

"So I see," Anne said. There was the distant hum of a garage door opening, and both women turned towards the kitchen. "Sounds like they're back early," she commented.

"Yeah." The word came out hard from Jess, and she stiffened, glancing at Dean and Sam. "And here we go."

Soon there was the sound of a door opening and closing. "Let's see," came a male voice from the kitchen. "My hunter-of-evil-stuff sister decides to show up and surprise us and gives herself away by parking her incredibly distinctive car in front of my house."

Jess waited until her brother had stepped into the room. "Bite me, Michael," she said as she stepped up to him to hug him. Her brother's hair was lighter brown, but there was a similar facial structure. "It's good to see you too." She then looked to the man behind him sitting in the wheelchair. "Dad," she said softly.

"Jessica." Daniel Leah's eyes swept over the room, noting the two strangers. "What are you doing here?"

She took a deep breath. "We need to have a talk, Dad."

Dean sat the little girl down. He moved over closer to his brother. He looked at the father but somehow, he couldn't find any sympathy for him. Because he saw a lot of his father in the man.

"Yes we do, Jessica." Daniel looked past her to more closely examine the brothers. "And your friends are?"

Jess stepped away from her brother. "Dad, this is Dean and Sam. Dean, Sam, this is my father Daniel Leahs."

"And does Dean and Sam have a last name, Jessica?"

She tensed, knowing that they were going to open a can of worms. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Anne taking Sarah's hand, guiding the girl out of the room. "Winchester."

"I see." Now his full attention was turned to Sam and Dean. "Any relationship to a John Winchester?"

Dean tipped his head back a bit, "And what of it?"

"Yes, he was our father," Sam answered. "Mr. Leahs," Sam started out slowly, "What you sent your daughter to hunt..."

"Is a vile and vicious, pure evil, being," Dean stepped forward. "We know because this thing came after our family twenty-four years ago. Now I know you must be hurting over what it did to your family. But family HAS to come first. It should always come first. Our father gave Jess a spell to help cure her. And if she has just a small chance of being normal, you should give her that chance."

"It's the right thing to do," Sam added at the end.

Daniel stared at the two brothers coldly before his eyes turned to his daughter. "Is that why you're here? So they can plead your case?"

"Dad, please, I'm trying to hunt this thing. And I doing in it in a community that will kill me the second they find out what I am. And it's getting harder to keep in control. The longer I keep this up, the more likely I'm going to slip up and there's a silver bullet in my future."

"Maybe they're right, Dad-" Michael started, stepping forward.

"Stay out of this, son," Daniel said. He turned his attention back to Jess, blue eyes assessing her coldly. He gestured to the Winchesters. "They haven't killed you."

"Not yet," Jess said. A soft scratching noise could be heard in the background, but too much of her attention was on her father to focus on it properly. "And it's only because of special circumstances."

"Would these special circumstances have occurred before or after you slept with them?"

"Mr. Leahs," Sam again started, "She's right. Her, us, we aren't the only hunters out there. There are some that won't think twice..."

Dean reached behind him, pulling his gun out and cocking it, "Okay, here's how reality goes." He walked over and placed the gun right at Jess' temple. "It's loaded with silver bullets." He cold green eyes looked to the brother in warning.

"Dean?!" Sam looked shocked.

"Now here it is. What kind of ass-hole father are you really who would choose his own selfish revenge over his daughter's life? And don't think I wouldn't do it." Dean glared at the man in the wheel chair.

"Dean?!" Sam started to move forward.

"Stay out of this, Sam," Dean didn't even turn his head to his brother. "You think her being a werewolf would give her an edge that we don't have? Well it doesn't. It makes it harder for in fact. It's not the only the demon out there. There is a war coming and they are throwing everything at anyone who will try and stop this thing from coming. Hell, even my own brother. It's taken our father's life. It's gonna take more."

"Now these demons, they are smart. Hell, they are probably right now whispering in another hunter's ear about your daughter. About Sammy here. They are targets. Now Jess, she can change those odds for going to the dog pound in heaven to her favor. Like she said, eventually, she is gonna lose control. And who is to say it might not be on you. Your son. His wife? Or maybe even Sarah. And who do think they are gonna blame. Her? Not when you could have stopped it? What kind of father are you to allow your own blood to continue to go through with this. Because she's not gonna be able to control it forever. Eventually that side of her will take over. The blood lust will grow and she won't be able to stop it."

Jess had frozen in place the moment Dean pulled on her other than two small motions. One was the slight wave of her left hand to her brother, a 'no, stop' motion to halt him in place. Her right hand was clenched into a fist as she fought the wolf within. The bitch that had been growing angrier with every word her father said and now wanted to shred this impudent human that had the gall to threaten her. And a small corner of her mind just wished he'd pull the trigger and get it over with.

Daniel stared impassively at Jess and Dean. He opened his mouth to speak when the scratching noise Jess noticed earlier became a rattling. She saw a blur of motion and the picture she had been looking at earlier of her mother and sister slammed onto the floor between her and her father, glass shattering.

In a fluid movement, Jess rolled away from Dean, pulling her gun and aiming at the table. A litany of profanity was scrolling through her head, but what she said was quite different. "Michael! Get Dad and Anne out of here now!"

Instantly, Dean spun his gun, aiming it toward where the photo fell. Sam was at his back, gun drawn as well. "Hurry up, get him out now, Sam, get the women," Dean commanded.

Sam rushed past him, "Anne, Sarah, come with me, quickly," He lifted up Sarah and was pushing Anne out ahead of him.

Dean moved closer to Jess, "Can you tell what it is, a demon, spirit?"

She watched out of the corner of her eye as her brother and father also followed Sam. Jess sniffed the air cautiously. "No sulfur, but given what's happened here I'm not quite ready to trust that." Her main focus was on the table, but she didn't allow herself to develop tunnel vision. "I think we've got two choices - strategic retreat or provoke it and see if we can figure out what it is that way."

"Oh, I'm all for provoking," Dean responded quickly.

"Provoking it is." Jess took a deep breath as she settled. "Okay, you son of a bitch," she yelled out. "We know you're still here. So come on, coward. Show us what you've got."

The response was silence, maybe a faint scratch, but it could have been the house settling. "Well, I guess it's your turn."

Dean lowered his gun with a snort, "Oh, com'on, it's like a puppy barking at a bird trying to act all big. It ain't really nothing. Hell, if it was as bad as it thought it was, it wouldn't skirting around like a scared child." Dean yawned. "Com'on, we should go get a beer maybe by the time we finish our beers, it might come out and scratch the air like a little girl."

More silence. "I think you're right, Dean. It's obviously afraid of us. Doesn't want to play." Jess turned as if to leave the room, only to pause when she heard a soft knock. "So you are still there." More silence. Jess turned back to the hunter. "What was happening when the picture was thrown?"

Dean walked over to the picture, crouching down, "I don't think it's a malicious spirit." He picked it up. He held the picture up to her, "We were arguing with your father." He looked at the door where Michael had taken Daniel. "It's either your mother, or your sister since it hasn't attacked us. You got a Ouija board? Or a pen and paper."

Jess lowered her gun and started looking around the room. "If they've known about this and not told me, I'm going to kill them," she muttered as she opened a desk and pulled out a pen. She heard the quiet knock as she picked up some loose printer paper. "Oh come on, if you're mom or Rachel, you know I'm joking."

"Okay," He took the paper and wrote yes on it and then now, "Got get a glass and some tape." He moved over to the coffee table. "We have to keep this basic, yes and no questions only," He took the tape and put the paper on the table. He then took the glass she brought and placed it in the center. He got looking about and found a white color candle, "This will have to do." He lit it then looked at Jess. "Play your fingers lightly at the edge of the glass. He did the same. "Now, ask who it is."

Jess took a deep breath. She knew how glass divination worked in theory, but hadn't tried it before. "Here goes nothing." Not quite sure where she should look while asking, so she across at Dean. "Are you still here?" It was a weird sensation when the glass slid effortlessly to yes and then back to the center of the table without any exertion from her. "Are you Michelle Leahs?" The glass said to no. "Are you Rachel Leahs?" Now the glass slid over to yes.

Her chest shook as she took in a shuddering breath. Jess bit her lower lip but kept her focus. "Have you been here since you passed?" Again the glass indicated yes. "Do you want to be here?" Jess' fingers almost lost contact with how fast the glass flew over to the 'no' paper.

Dean was calm, just watching as the glass moved. He then asked the question, "Is something keeping you here?"

The glass swung to yes. Jess closed her eyes. "He didn't. Don't tell me he did," she muttered before taking a clearing breath. "Is Dad the one keeping you here?" The glass swung to yes again. "This doesn't make sense, Dean. Rachel was cremated. She should be at peace."

Dean shook his head, "Not if she wasn't salted before they done so and given last rights. Also, he could have put a binding spell on her." Dean looked about, "Is there a binding spell?"

The glass slid to yes. "Damn it!" There was a building anger in her voice. "I warned him after what happened to Mom not to dabble in this stuff. God, who knows what other doors he's opened." Jess took a deep breath. "Did you throw the picture?" Now she blinked in surprise as the glass slid the opposite way she expected. "No?"

"Is there another spirit here?" Dean asked in looking about. "A demon possibly? Did he draw in an evil spirit?"

Again the glass slid to no. "Another spirit, not a demon," she mused. A pained expression passed over her face as she looked up at Dean. "Is it Mom?"

The glass slid to yes.

Dean looked at Jess, "What happened to your mom's body?"

"She was buried in Mission City cemet..." Jess eyes widened. "We're going to have to dig her up, aren't we?"

"To release the binding spell, we'll have to bless the house, but to free her from your mother's hold, yeah, we will." Dean nodded. "But there is something else too. You. We still need to convince your father to give you the blood you need... willingly."

The scratching noises started again. "Rachel, is that you making the scratching noises?" The glass slid to no. "Is that Mom?" Now it slid to yes. "Is Mom also under the binding spell?" It swung to yes again. "Well, she's pissed off at Dad, that's for sure."

Dean pushed up, starting to head for the back door where everyone was outside with Sam. He pulled open the door, Sam quickly approached him. The two brothers moved to the side, speaking to each other and Dean was explaining to him what happened, at times angerly gesturing toward Daniel. Sam would look over before turning back to his brother, the two exchanging words.

Jess sat at the table for a moment after Dean left. A lone tear rolled down her cheek as she spoke. "Mom, Rachel, I'll do what it takes to release you. I promise." Not waiting for a response, she righted the glass and blew out the candle. Slowly she stood and walked out the back door.

She could see Dean and Sam talking animatedly. Her family was huddled together, also talking among themselves. Seeing his sister, Michael started forward, but halted at the grim expression on her face. Jess was only focused on her father as she walked forward. "How dare you," she said in a low voice as she neared.

Daniel's expression hardened as well. "Don't take that tone with me, young lady."

"And don't you 'young lady' me," Jess snapped. "I want to know what the hell you thought you were doing, and how you did it. Now."

The brothers grew quiet as they slowly turned their heads to watch. If it was up to Dean, he would be strangling the man, wheelchair or not.

"Jess, what are you talking about?" Anne asked.

"Ask him," Jess answered, gesturing towards the old man. "How long have you guys been hearing scratching sounds? Thought it was squirrels or rats in the roof, although you never saw one? Or air in the pipes?"

"Shortly after Mom died." Michael's eyes widened. "You mean Mom..."

Jess nodded. "Rachel too." Her eyes hardened as she refocused on Daniel. "How long did you think you could hide it from me?"

"This is none of your business, Jessica," Daniel said coldly.

"Hell yes it is! Besides it being family, taking care of this type of situation is exactly what I do as a hunter!"

"When you should be out hunting the Demon that killed your mother."

"Oh no you don't! You don't get to invoke her name to lay a guilt trip on me any more. Not after this." She bent down slightly, the better to look him in the eyes. "Why?" she asked in a hard voice.

Daniel's voice was full of bitterness as he looked at Jess. "Is it a crime that a man wants his wife and only daughter nearby?"

Dean walked over, "Yes it is. All because of your selfishness. That's why you won't give Jess what she needs in order to live a normal life. Because you are a selfish bitter old man. Our father lost his most prized possession and yet he was able to see enough he had to prizes, us." He motioned between him and Sam. "Yes he made it his mission but he also helped a lot of people along the way. How long did you get to enjoy your family?"

Sam stepped forward, "We know the pain you are going through but you are putting them into even more pain by keeping them here and not allowing them to rest. Over time, they will come to resent what you have done to them and the anger will build till they become what we hunt."

Dean blinked, he swore he heard that speech before.

"And it's already starting, Dad." Jess gestured back to the house. "Rachel was the one interested in communicating. Mom is the one who threw the picture. And is making the scratching noises. Those aren't good signs, Dad. You're not only risking your life, but Michael's, Anne's, and Sarah's. Let us put Mom and Rachel to rest."

Daniel looked over at his granddaughter, being held tightly in Anne's arms. Without looking at any of the hunters, he nodded.

"But first things first," Dean's face was total business. "You give her what she needs. If you care anything about her, you will do it. We'll take care of your wife and her sister."

Sam nodded, "We'll take care of that, you need to do the right thing if you love her."

"Com'on," Dean smacked Sam and headed for the house.

Jess watched the brothers head for the house, knowing that they'd make sure that her mother and sister were properly laid to rest. "Dad, please," Jess said. "I know you want the Demon dead. I do too. But I can't do it and be watching my back constantly-"

"Jess, I won't," Daniel interrupted.

"Why? I don't get it. What do I need to do to convince you?"

"I won't because I need you alive to hunt it," he snapped.

"Dad, I'm not stupid," she answered with a roll of her eyes. "I know the precautions to take. I've studied this spell forwards and backwards. It's not going to fail."

To Jess, it looked like Daniel aged ten years as he spoke. "It will if you use my blood, Jessica." He shook his head as Jess paled and Michael and Anne stared at him with open mouths. "I'm not your biological father."

"No." Jess' denial was quiet but forceful. She couldn't smell a lie. This wasn't some new way to manipulate her. "That can't be." Her voice was growing louder, and there was a note of growing panic in her voice. "You've got to be my father!"

Dean and Sam were busy in the house, Dean was grabbing the urn with Rachel's ashes in it, the only thing left of her after the crash. He was about to open it when Sam stopped him. "Wait, I want to find out something." Sam stopped him.

"Huh?" Dean frowned at his brother, "What? What's to find out? You give the sister the last rights and then we go to the cemetery and burn and salt the mother's remains."

Sam sat down where the glass was, glancing out the toward the door before turning the glass over and placing it on the paper. "Rachel? Are you here?" As it slid to the yes, he nodded, "Your father... he won't give Jess his blood till she kills the demon that killed your mother. You know how evil it is. How powerful the demon can be." Again, after it circled around the paper, slid to a yes. "I know you are scared. But there is another reason he won't give it to her, will he."

There was a long pause before it moved to yes. Sam looked at Dean. Dean sat the urn down and joined Sam, his fingers on the edge of the glass. "Daniel, he's not her father. Her blood father. And it's why she can't use Michael's blood either."

Again there was a long pause before it slowly slid to yes.

Sam sat back, frowning. "Okay, there had to be another reason this demon came after her. It couldn't be all because of Dad." Sam was looking across to Dean.

"Dude, it came after Jessica."

"Because she was with me. Jess had no ties other than Dad. She had no interest in hunting just living. There has to be another reason. Jess would not have ever met us if she wasn't pulled into this. Dad would have kept her from it."

"So what you saying?" Dean asked as he watched the urn.

"Someone else was her father." Sam noticed the glass push to yes.

Dean reached over, opening the urn and looked inside. He then tipped it and reached in.

"Dude, what you doing?" Sam asked.

Dean pulled out a picture. His eyes went wide. "Dude, once someone is possessed, exorcised, demons always come around to test you, right outside range. I think... she was possessed once. Or someone in the family." He turned the picture around, "And who knows demons better than dad did?"

Sam blinked at the photo.

Dean jumped as the lights flickered. "Com'on, holy water and last rites," He poured the ashes into the fireplace while Sam mixed in the salt. He poured holy water as well and as Dean lighted the fireplace, Sam spoke.

She could feel the shards of her world crashing down around her. The man who raised her wasn't who she thought he was. "You're lying," she said, wanting to cling to her denial. But what would he gain? He had been manipulating her the whole time with a promise that he wouldn't, couldn't fulfill. And she wasn't certain what she wanted to do more – lean over him and beg for him to take it back, or tear out his throat.

Jess noticed the lights in the house flicker out of the corner of her eye, grateful for the distraction. "Exorcism first, family drama second," she said under her breath. "Stay out here," she snapped back over her shoulder as she ran for the back entrance by the kitchen. Her salt loaded guns were still in her trunk, but she knew how to improvise. She barged into the kitchen and ran straight for the cabinets. She had barely grabbed the container of salt before she was charging into the dining room where the Winchesters were.

Dean and Sam came to a stop before she reached them. "We took care of Rachel but I think mommy dearest is a little ticked," Dean spoke as he tucked the picture away. Now was not the time to discuss who daddy was.

"We need to get to your mother's grave before something worse happens." Sam pushed forward a bit. "I think you should tell your family to just leave the house, right now."

"Once we dig her up and salt and burn her bones, everything will be okay," Dean nodded, "Oh, and find out where that binding symbol is, we need to break it in order to set her free."

A low rumble echoed through the house, one that impressed the wolf in Jess in both menace and volume. "Oh, I think Mom begs to differ," she said, looking around, waiting for an attack from any quarter.

"It's upstairs," an unexpected voice said. They turned to see that Daniel had re-entered the house. "Master bedroom, closet floor, under the carpeting."

Dean turned to Sam, "You stay here with Jess, help take care of the family, I'll take care of Mommy."

"Dean, be careful," Sam looked after his brother as he dashed out of the house, running to the car and hearing the large motor of the Impala roar to life and take off. "Com'on, we gotta break that ring," Sam was already dashing up the stairs, taking two at a time and heading for the master bedroom. Upon reaching it, he was tossing everything out of it and then pulling at the rug to get to the symbol.

Jess glared at Daniel. "Outside, Dad, now!" Then she was bounding up the stairs after Sam, a step behind him as he made it to the closet. And swore when she saw the binding symbol. He hadn't drawn it on the wood, but actually etched it in using some sort of burning tool.

She didn't waste time looking around for any tool she could use, but acted on instinct. It was only a partial Change, giving her shaggier hair, pointed ears, sharpened teeth, and most importantly, strong claws. With an angry snarl of pain, she plunged them into the wood and drew them down. Jagged slashes now defiled the symbol.

Sam pushed up, looking about, "Go check on your family, make sure they get away from here." Sam slowly moved back, not because of Jess but was just cautious for now Michelle was free of the house which means she could go into the yard. "GO! They are still in danger. She's free now. And we can't stop her unless it's with wrought iron and it will only keep her at bay for a while. We have to give Dean time to dig her up."

She had been reversing the Change, wincing as splinters worked their way out from under her nails. Jess didn't even nod an acknowledgement as she scampered out down the hall. She felt a brief surge of relief when she saw her father wasn't in the room any more, although the house was quiet. Or at least until she heard a yell outside. Not noticing if Sam was following, she tore outside.

There she found Anne on her cell phone, Sarah clinging to her leg. Michael was on his knees, clutching Daniel's hand, telling him to hold on. Daniel was on the ground on his back, grabbing his chest, face contorted in pain. Michael's eyes met Jess'. "Anne's calling 911. I think he's having a heart attack."

With Dean gone, Sam was left with the family. He came up behind Jess to see Daniel upon the ground. He saw Anne on the phone. He couldn't remember what it was like when his mom died. But he was half glad Dean wasn't there. He reached into his pocket, pulling his phone out and calling Dean. No answer. He hoped he didn't answer because he was digging. Or breaking open the coffin.

Jess knelt down next to her father, shaking as she touched him, lower lip caught between her teeth. She stayed that way until the paramedics arrived, and then she stumbled backwards. Her arms were wrapped around her waist as she watched them load Daniel up. She handed Sam her keys. "Go check on Dean," she said in a low voice. "I'm going to the hospital with Michael and Anne."

Sam nodded, looking after the ambulance as he was loaded up. "We'll catch up to you there." He placed his hand upon hers, giving it a tender squeeze before heading off to go after Dean.

Many hours later, the pair arrived at the hospital. "Dude, you smell like smoke," Sam whispered to him.

"You try burning a body without smelling," Dean responded. "You didn't tell her did you?"

"No, didn't think it was the right time," Sam walked along. "You think Bobby knows?"

"If he does, he sure as hell doesn't keep pictures of her hanging around or speaks of her," Dean shrugged.

"I take that as a no then."

Dean nodded stopping at a coffee machine. "Got any change?"

"What do I look like? A change machine?"

Dean smacked him, "Give me a dollar then."

"Use your own money."

"Technically none of it is our money." Dean wiggled his fingers.

Sam rolled his eyes as he grabbed for his wallet, pulling a dollar out and handing it over.

Dean got his coffee and gave one to Sam before they both headed up.

Jess was in the waiting room, Sarah on her lap. She looked up at Sam and Dean as they entered. "Michael and Anne are in with him now. They only let two in at a time to see patients." Her nose twitched at the smoky smell on Dean's clothing. "So it's done?"

"It's my job," Dean flashed a quick grin then sat down next to Sam.

"How is he?" Sam asked.

Jess shot a baleful look at Dean, but didn't say anything. "If he makes it through tonight, he'll probably live." She looked down at the little girl practically asleep against her. "Not that it's going to do me much good. I am so damn screwed it's not funny."

Dean nudged Sam.

Sam took the photo from her, "Not exactly. We think we know who your father is." He held it out to her. "We found this in your sister's urn. I think Daniel was hiding it in there to keep the secret. His name is Bobby Singer. And Daniel lucked out, his specialty is demons. He's a demonologist."

"He lives in South Dakota, runs a junk yard. Oh, and be careful of his dog, Rumsfeild II, he's still a puppy."

Jess looked at the photo, then back at the brothers. "You've kidding me..." She looked at the picture again, flipped it around to look at the writing on the back. A year and month nine before she was born was written in her mother's script. She looked at Dean and Sam again. "You really think that he's my...?" She couldn't say the word.

"He can't be any worse than ours. Hell threaten our daddy to fill him full of buckshots, cocked the gun and everything." Dean answered.

"Jess, we think he is your father. According to the words on the back. You have to ask, why was that photo in the urn?"

"Yeah," she said. She looked up as the door to the patient area swung open. Handing the picture back to Sam, she stood up, balancing Sarah against her. "How is he?"

"The docs are kicking us out for the night," Michael said. "Is it safe to go back home, or should we find a motel for the night?"

"It's safe," Dean nodded as both the brothers got up. "We... really should..."

Sam nodded, "We really should go get a room or something," He moved with Dean towards the door.

"Guys, wait," Anne called out. She took Sarah from Jess. "My offer about you guys staying at our place still stands."

Dean glanced at Jess, "I think you guys have other things to work out."

"Thank you anyway," Sam nodded.

Jess looked tiredly at the brothers. She was just about hitting her limit, and she still had to talk to her brother about what Daniel had said. "I'll meet up with you guys tomorrow."

Sam had Dean's coffee waiting for him and a bag of donuts. He was still sleeping and Sam had to kick his bed to get him up, "Dude, rise and shine will ya. We gotta get going."

"Mmm, I don't wanna go to school," Dean grumbled as he rolled over. "You get coffee?" He asked as a cup was shoved in his face.

Sam sat on the edge of his bed. "How do you think things went?"

Dean shrugged, "Who know. She's got things to work out and we got miles to put on."

Sam nodded.

"She's gotta now decide if she wants to be human or not. And if not... well one day..." Dean made a face at his coffee, "Latte?"

"Oh, sorry, that's mine," Sam exchanged cups. "Were you really gonna shoot her?"

Dean just looked at him, "I gotta empty the pipes." Dean escaped into the bathroom.

Sam looked after him before looking back at his coffee.

Jess hadn't gotten much sleep. By the time they had all gotten home and Jess had reassured Sarah that it was okay and that there were no monsters under the bed it was late. And it was much later after she and Michael had finished talking. And once she laid down, she still didn't get any sleep. Instead, she stared up at the ceiling until she fell asleep at dawn. When she woke up, she had hoped that the night before had been some sort of strange dream. Unfortunately, Sam's message on her cell phone confirmed that it hadn't been. She showered and dressed, and told Anne she'd be back in a few hours.

It was only a fifteen minute drive to the motel where the Winchesters were staying. There was something missing from her step as she walked up to the door of their room and knocked.

"You expecting anyone?" Dean asked as he was pulling his shirt on after a shower.

"Only person who knows we are here is Jess," Sam got up, walking over to open the door. And sure enough, Jess was there. "Hey," He greeted her.

"Whoa, no offense but, you look like crap," Dean answered as he was stuffing his dirty clothing into their bag. He turned grabbing a donut to eat.

"Come in," Sam motioned her in, closing the door behind her.

"Thanks," Jess said. "Didn't get much sleep last night," she said by way of explanation for her looks. Too many thoughts, too many choices for her to make, and she couldn't help but try. Two decisions had been made though. One of them was the right one, although it wasn't what she had wanted to make. "Um, I was looking for the picture earlier, and I think I handed it to you, Sam. You still got it?"

"Yeah, sure," Sam went over to his jacket, pulling the photo back out. He returned back extending it to her. "I'm sorry for everything thats happened." He moved over to the bed and sat down while Dean was still moving about the room, gathering things.

"Yeah, it's been interesting, that's for sure." She stayed standing by the door. This was going to be harder for her to do than she thought. "So, um, I take it you guys are about to hit the road?"

Sam nodded, "Yeah, we... figured you had some things that needed working out. But we'll stay in touch. You have my number." Sam got up.

Dean looked at her, not saying anything before he looked back to what he was doing.

"I see." She should have expected this. It fit the pattern she had with John. "So did you guys plan on saying goodbye, or were you just going to hit the road?"

"Actually, we were gonna come by the house," Sam admitted.

Dean looked at her, "Oh, you're pissed we're leaving."

"You could say that," Jess said. "Something I should get used to though. A Winchester dumps something life shattering on me, and high tails it out of town, leaving me to pick up the pieces. But that wasn't why I came by. I came by to tell you it probably wouldn't be best if you came anywhere near my house right now. My brother's not too happy with Dean at the moment."

"Yeah, well, figured you would feel the same way," Dean answered. "Just thought we would say you the breath of telling us and do it for you."

"We'll stay if you want us to," Sam reached out to touch her arm.

"What I want and what's realistic are two different things." Jess didn't react to Sam's touch. "I was going to ask to you stay," she said. "But the longer I think about it, the less of a good idea I think it is." She took a deep breath. "Dean, can I have about five minutes alone with Sam?"

"Sure," Dean grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. He looked at Sam then Jess before closing it behind him.

Sam pulled his hand away, "What is it?"

Jess walked over to the bed and sat down on it. "I was going to give you this big speech about there's something between us, and maybe we can make it work. But after last night, between Dean pulling a gun on me and finding out that the man who've I called dad isn't my father, I don't think we can."

Sam walked over and sat down beside her. "But we can make it work, if you want it to." He looked at her, "But I understand. It is a lot to have dropped on you. But Jess, this means... there is still hope for you to have a somewhat normal life. To be... human again. We can go with you to Bobby's. In fact, that was where we were heading. To, talk to him."

"You really think Dean wants me to come along?" Jess asked. "We've barely managed to be civil to each other since... that night. And just because I'm human again, you think things will go smoother between us?" She shook her head. "I can't, I won't put you in the position where you have to choose between us."

"And as for Bobby, I want to go. And I will. But I can't just up and leave my family. Anne and Michael are still spooked about the spirits in the house, Sarah had nightmares last night, we're not sure if Dad's going to make it. Plus we're making one big assumption - that he is my biological father. We don't know that for certain."

"That's sort of what we wanted to find out. We were gonna go talk to him. And Jess... it was his idea." Sam laughed a bit and shook his head, "Dean and Dad were very much alike."

"Whoa, wait one moment. Don't you think that I should be the one who brings this up to Bobby? I mean, he knows me, but only as a newbie hunter that John sent to him for some basic training. I didn't tell him what the exact relationship between me and John was, let alone what I am." Jess took a deep breath. "Okay, let's make two assumptions. Bobby is my father, and he's willing to help. Still doesn't mean a happily-ever-after ending, Sam, as much as we want one."

"Okay, we won't say anything. I'll talk to Dean about it. But Jess, it sounds like to me, you are trying to make excuses as to not even try this. Saying it may not even work. You have to have faith that it will. Believe it or not, that is the reason why half the spells, chants, incantations work. Because you believe they will." He looked away and shook his head, getting up from her, "Look, it's your choice if you do this or not. But... Just remember the longer you wait, the hard it will be. You have a choice. You can end your condition. I can't. Don't pass this up if you really want it."

Dean pushed in the door, "Yo, dude, Ellen just called, she needs our help. I told her we would, we gotta roll." He looked at Jess, "We'll be back in a couple of days. We'll call to see if you are still here."

She had opened her mouth to argue that this was different, that she was moving cautiously because she wasn't ready to die yet. She had faith that it would work. But the problem was that Jess also had faith that about any other hunter would shoot first and not bother to ask questions later.

But she didn't say any of that when Dean appeared. It looked that, like it or not, she was going to be on her own for this. "You heard him," she said, lightly smacking his arm and then standing up. "Get going." But she crossed the room and pulled Dean into a hug, arms locking around his neck. "Not going to insult you by asking you to take care of Sam," she whispered for his ears only. "But I am gonna ask that you let him take care of you every now and then."

She let go and backed away before he could react and turned to Sam. Her head tilted upward with some exaggeration. "So you going to get down here or what?"

Dean placed his arms around her, giving her a hug. He just gave her a little nod before letting her go. "We'll connect again," he tried to assure her.

Sam moved in closer and leaned down, his hand cupping her cheek. He tipped his head, kissing her something soft and deep. "I'll call you, soon." He whispered. "We'll connect again, promise." He hadn't realized he said the same thing his brother did.

Jess reluctantly let him ago, blinking a bit in surprise at the use of the same phrase. "You'd better," she said teasingly. "If I'm not here, check Bobby's."

The End