Loup Garou XVII - Companion
Author: Lycanthrophile (lycanthrophile@imadethis.org)
Fandom: Original Characters, The X-Files
Spoilers: None
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Rating: PG13 for violence
Summary: Jess Leahs hunts down another werewolf murdering humans Where she lives. And what she finds isn't what she expects at all.
Word Count: 2,217
Notes: This story is meant to fit into the history of the other Loup Garou stories. Since there are no X-File characters in it, I opt only to have it on my webpage. Check with me before archiving elsewhere.
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She sat in her apartment. The San Jose Evening News was on, reporting about the latest in a series of odd murders. Three young men had been found with their throats slashed open. Theory had it that there was a vicious stray dog or coyote on the loose.

Jessica Leahs knew better.

[Damn!] she thought, slamming a fist into her other had out of frustration. [Another one dead, and I can't get a fucking clue as to where he's hiding.] Her frustration was written in the tense pose of her body. Jess wanted to find this particular murderer badly. So did the police. That was what she was afraid of, the police finding the killer before she did. [Okay, the last murder victim was a john about to commit a crime. That fits in with the others. And with what I did.] All three of the men murdered had picked up a prostitute, and were about to rob/rape/murder their hired date. It was a pattern Jess knew from personal experience. Not that Jess had ever been a prostitute. Or even in law enforcement. No, she had killed lawbreakers under similar circumstances.

After she became a werewolf.

And these killings had the exact same flavor that hers did. One or two witnesses seeing what they thought was a dog. The animal intent on the person about to cause harm. And the lack of mercy to the target, but going out of the way not to so much as scratch the innocent observer. It was her former pattern to a tee. But once she had become aware of the fact that she was more than human, she stopped killing. That didn't mean she wasn't violent on occasion and did not seek vengeance when she felt she was wronged. She just didn't intentionally kill indiscriminately any longer.

She wanted to find this person. In the six years that had passed since that first night, Jess had never found another werewolf. She wanted a friend that was like her desperately. And in the last three months, she first dared to hope that she would find another. [Is it too much to ask for?] Jess thought tiredly. And she was tired - tired of always having to watch her back, tired of not having anyone to talk to, tired of being lonely. She wanted someone she could talk to about how to keep her claws from blunting when she walked on cement, if it was normal to crave raw steak as the full moon neared, if all werewolves had the capability to read minds. She had so many questions, but no one who could answer them.

She couldn't, wouldn't take the chance of revealing herself to a human. Never again. She had sworn that to herself after Mulder. The only exception had been her brother, and even he had a hard time with believing, until she had shown him. [Damn it, Mulder,] she thought with a sigh. [Why couldn't things have worked out differently?] Jess remembered her old boyfriend with fondness. And he knew what she was. But the fact that Mulder had suspected what Jess was, but never told her, and had been angry at the fact that she didn't divulge her secret until she had no choice had been what finally driven them apart.

Jess shook her head. [No self pity, girl. If you keep this up, you'll be too depressed to concentrate, and there go your plans to go running tonight.] Jess had been delighted to find that with enough concentration, she could will and control the Change. At first, it had involved staring hard at a necklace charm she wore, a small locket. If she poured out all her concentration, she could initiate the Change. But she had pushed and trained herself to not lean on the crutch her locket provided. Almost anytime she wanted to do something as a wolf, she just thought hard and she was on all fours in no time. She was getting good enough to halt mid-transformation, making herself something that looked a lot like female version of Lon Chaney Jr's werewolf. And, if she tried hard enough, she could keep from transforming on a full moon night, although it was mental torture to do so.

The psychic capability had surprised her even more. It had been an accident the first time she had read her brother's mind. But she could, to some extent, impose her will on a weak mind, but it left her feeling tired and drained emotionally and physically. Frightened by the moral implications of her ability, she only used the talent when absolutely necessary.

Jess clicked off the television and looked out the window to watch the sun set. It was handy to have a ground floor apartment, even if renting it was a little expensive. Her landlord was baffled as to why she wanted to stay in that ground floor when three flights up there were empty apartments that had twice as much room for only a few hundred a month more. She had thought about it, but being on the ground made it easier to slip in and out unobserved. [I'd better take a nap,] Jess yawned. Although she had incredible strength and stamina, she still needed to rest regularly to keep herself at her peak. She curled up on the couch, pulling her legs up to her stomach like a puppy curling up beside its mother, and was asleep in no time.

Five hours later found Jess running on all fours through the city streets. Her solid black coat was almost impossible to distinguish from the night. Normally when she went out running, she would hunt for small game - rats, squirrels, opossums, and the occasional deer that wandered down from the Santa Cruz mountains. Dogs she avoided hunting, feeling it would be killing a mentally handicapped cousins. She had a soft spot for cats, so they were avoided also.

But tonight she had other plans. [I'll check out where they found the latest body.] It had been found on the outskirts of town near a local make out spot, with the car beside it. The hooker had been crying hysterically, babbling some story about a killer dog. She was still under suicide watch at Valley Medical Center.

Jess found the area with little problem. It was stilled isolated by the police tape, even though the car had been towed and all the forensic evidence collected. Ducking under the yellow tape, she began sniffing around. Her ears pricked forward and she whimpered in excitement. [Yes!] There was another scent here, a female one similar to her own, an indescribable blend of human and canine. And it was only a few minutes old. She started to trace it. It led through an open field towards a construction site. A shed stood at the far end, and its door was ajar.

[Easy now,] she cautioned herself. Jess started to stalk forward, crawling low to the ground. [Just because you have friendly intentions doesn't mean that she will.] She was so focused on the shed that she didn't hear the stealthy steps coming up behind her.

A sudden snarling weight dropped onto her back, sharp claws digging through the thick fur to scratch the skin. With a bark of surprise, Jess bucked and threw her attacker off before the attacker could clamp her jaws on Jess's throat. Quick as lightening, she pounced and got her first good look the creature she was hunting.

The fur under her black paws was a blond gold. She had pinned her quarry easily, because it had the appearance of a small female wolf cub. Blue eyes looked at her in terror. The little one twisted beneath her, making a game attempt to bite her leg.

/None of that,/ Jess barked, slapping her paw against the young one's muzzle, clamping the jaws shut. /Promise to behave, and I'll let you back up./

/I'll behave,/ the youngling growled sullenly. Jess lifted her paws and backed off a few paces. The cub bolted. Jess jumped after her, shifting slightly so her forepaws became more hand like.

/Gotcha!/ Jess grabbed the nape of the fleeing wolf. The young one twisted, still trying to break free. /Now, you're gonna talk to me if you want to or not!/ Up on her hind legs, she dragged her captive back to the shed. Jess stepped inside and shut the door. She sat against it. The little one backed into the corner in terror. Jess softened, thinking about how she must appear to this wolf-child. [Poor thing's probably terrified of me.] /My name's Jess. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. What's your name?/

The small werewolf ducked under a blanket and Changed into a human. A small blond head poked out from under the blanket. She looked no more than eight years old. "My name's Lindy," she said, eying Jess cautiously.

Jess grabbed the other blanket and allowed herself to transform back to human. "Okay, Lindy, that's a good start," she said wrapping it around herself. "How did you become like me?"

"My john did it," was the simple reply.

"You're john?" Jess only knew of this as a term for a prostitute's customer.

"Yeah," Lindy answered. "I cost him three thousand bucks," she said with a trace of pride.

"Oh. My. God." Jess shivered violently. A quick mind probe confirmed what she had guessed. The child had only a few vague memories of her mother, and none of her father. Lindy had been sold into slavery by a drug addicted "uncle" after using her for his own pleasure. And the buyer had been a strange one, a werewolf pedophile. To make Lindy fit his fetish even more, he had Changed her before molesting her. "Where can I find that the son of a bitch?" Jess was ready to hunt the bastard to the ends of the earth if she had to. She wasn't about to let this creep go unpunished. And this time, she would break her rule about not killing her victims.

"He's dead." Lindy's voice took on the tone of a street wise hooker. "I stabbed him with a big silver sword he had. He was real rich." Her voice changed to that of a hurt child. "And real mean."

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place, the motive for the murders becoming clear to Jess. "Like those men were gonna be mean to those women?" she asked quietly.

Lindy nodded and started to cry. Despite the tough image she projected, the murders she committed, Lindy was only a small child. And Jess's gentle questions hurt her in ways she did not have the life experience to describe.

"Aw, sweetheart," Her heart went out to the child. And she understood, having been a rape survivor herself. Jess scooted over beside Lindy. She put her arm around Lindy protectively. Lindy leaned into her, sniffling. "Listen, you were right trying to help those women. But we can't just kill anyone who hurts us. They sometimes have to be judged by their own kind, just like you judged the sick man who hurt you. Listen, why don't you come home with me..."

Lindy pulled away, the streetwise mask falling into place. "No thanks. I'm okay on my own. I don't need another john, or a pimp."

"Sweet mother of God, girl! Not for that!" Jess was nauseated by the thought. Obviously, Lindy would have to be won over. Jess decided to try a different tactic. "It's gotta be lonely out here. I know I am at my place. No one to howl at the moon with." she concentrated on making her next words as neutral as possible. "You can come home with me, and if you don't like it, leave."

"I don't know...." Lindy sounded doubtful, but then stomach growled.

Jess smiled. "Listen, rule number one. Never make a decision on an empty belly. Let's go to my place and get something to eat."

Hunger won out over fear. "Okay," Lindy said. And with that, she Changed. Jess watched fascinated. She had never seen another werewolf go through the transformation. And it was similar to her process. First the hair appeared and grew longer, covering pale skin. The knees folded over to form hocks and hind legs. Her nose turned black and the muzzle pushed out, white fangs gleaming. The golden puppy stood in front of Jess again.

Jess looked at Lindy and a wave of doubt hit her. She had just offered to be a mother to this little girl-wolf when she didn't know the first thing about parenting. She knew she couldn't rely on her mother's bad example. [Hell, do I know what I'm in for?] she thought as she Changed. But she didn't let any of her doubt seep into her voice. /Ready to go?/ Jess barked.

/Yeah,/ the Lindy yipped back. She was excited at the prospect of having dinner and a warm place to sleep for once. And despite her street bred skepticism, she sensed that Jess was someone she could trust.

Her excitement was infectious. /Well, here we go! Race ya!/ Jess sped off, Lindy a pace or two behind. They ran off together into the velvety darkness.

The End