Right Place, Wrong Time
Author: Lycanthrophile (lycanthrophile@imadethis.org) and Katherine (Rocket425@aol.com)
Fandom: The X-Files
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully and any other mentioned X-File regulars are the property of 1013 Productions. Chris Carter would probably have a coronary if he knew what we were doing with them. If he does, we wouldn't mind stepping in and taking over and making a few, um, improvements.
Rating: NC17 for male/female sex
Summary: Our take on those oh-so-perfect sex scenes in most fanfiction.
Word Count: 1,772
Notes: To the Cafe's NC17 writers: may your work keep us inspired, hot and bothered.
- Katherine
To Laura, this was your idea to begin with - remember that. ;-D
- Lycanthrophile
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He woke up from a deep sleep. She was pressed against his back, her leg rubbing between his thighs. He could feel her hand stroking his chest. [God! The woman is *insatiable*.] Mulder rolled over, pulling his lover into his arms. "Again already? C'mon. We just did this a few hours ago."

Scully grinned at him. "You? Refusing sex? Alert the media!" Her hand wandered lower and lower, but avoided one area.

Despite his tiredness, he was starting to stir. "Can't have that, can we?" He eased onto his back. "Just hurry up."

"Maybe I don't want to 'hurry up,'" she breathed into his ear, shifting to curl a leg over his midsection.

[Uh oh. She's in a playful mood.] Her hands had moved back up to his shoulders, rubbing the muscles. "Mmmm. That feels good," he sighed, closing his eyes.

Scully continued massaging as she felt Mulder's muscles relax. "Enjoying yourself, Mulder?" No response. "Mulder?"

He snored in answer.

"Mulder... Mulder..." she drew a slender finger down his chest, circling his nipples and belly button. "Mulder... wake up, honey...." Her finger continued further down....

"Oh! Whoa, Scully, if you wanted me awake, I'm sure there are other ways to accomplish that!"



"I know."

With that, she climbed on top of him and began pulling at his clothes. Once both shirts were disposed of, she attacked his mouth. Kissing, sucking, her tongue probing all the way back to his throat. "Scully, when I said I missed Deep Throat, that's not what I meant!" "Oh, you meant another kind of Deep Throat?" "Yes. No, wait, *that's* not what I meant!" Too late. Scully was already pulling off his boxers, stroking his length. "Still sleepy, Mulder?"

"Mmm...what? Oh, nope, wide awake!"

"Good!" And with that, she lunged for his swelling nether regions.

"Scully, get off, quick!"

She grinned up at him. "I thought I told you, I don't want to do this quick."

"Not that. You just put *a lot* of pressure on my bladder and..."

Scully withdrew. "Told you you shouldn't have had that third ice tea."

"Next time, I'll listen." Mulder brushed his lips across her forehead. "Be right back." He left the bed.

Scully leaned back into the pillows with a sigh. [I hope Mulder remembered to get condoms *this* time.] She didn't want to play the trying-to-find-an-open- drugstore-at-2am game like the last time she surprised him in the middle of the night. [Ought to just by those things by the gross...] she thought as her eyelids closed.

Mulder returned, only to find his partner dozing.

"Time for a dose of your own treatment, Scully," he murmured as he slid in bed beside her. All ready feeling warm from her touch of a few minutes ago, he decided to do justice to the perfect torso she had bared moments ago. He kissed her neck and jaw line, and felt her stir beneath him as he worked his hands up and down her hips.

"Mmm... what a way to wake up..." She murmured, getting into the act. Her back arched as his hands caressed her pink, hard nipples and his tongue bathed her collar bone. He felt himself growing stronger and harder. "Mmm, Mulder, you smell good." Was her breathy reply, digging her face into his neck.

"Well, you taste pretty good yourself, and I'm only a fifth of the way down." With that, he shifted and loved each breast, separately yet together,


his hands into the action.

"Oohh... Mulder, you're drooling on me..." "I know... " He grinned and salivated a bit more, the oral juices running onto her toned stomach. "Eww! Gross! Mulder!" Upon seeing his slightly pouty expression, "You missed my belly button with that spray, there, fella. Good thing you weren't a firefighter!"

"Wanna see my hose?" was his only reply, retuning to the task at hand. "You really light *my* fires, Mulder."

With that, a ringing sound filled the air. "What's that, smoke alarm?" Mulder asked, still enjoying the theme. "Wait, Mulder, it's the phone." "Let it ring." He was done with her torso for now, and was busily playing with the satin pajama pants. He untied the waistband and slowly toyed with pulling them off.

"But it could be Skinner."

"Now *that* gets me in the mood!"

He pulled the fabric over her slim ankles and returned north, to find a small

pair of silken panties awaiting.

"Hold that thought, Mulder, I'm getting the phone." A hand reached to the nightstand.

"Hello?....No, I do not want to change my long distance carrier!" She slammed the phone down. "Come here, lover boy!" "Well, actually, I was thinking that MCI might... " She silenced him with her tongue and a breast. "But... oh yes!.... But Frohike said that AT&T..." "'Now *that* gets me in the mood!'" She mimicked. "Come on, Mulder... hungry?

You always liked a late night snack..." "And you like your burgers well done...."

His hands traced back over her body, back to her silken panties. He slowly eased the elastic band downwards. "Hmm, I didn't know that you had a birthmark there."

"That's not a birthmark," Scully giggled. "You did that to me *last* night. Don't you even recognize your own handiwork?"

"You have to admit, I'm pretty handy to have around." He was now stroking the inside of her thighs. "Uh, Scully?"

"Yes, Mulder?"

"If I don't get some relief soon, I'm gonna explode."

"Can't have that, can we?" Scully reached down and stroked his length. He was so hot, so hard, she couldn't wait any longer. "Do you want to put the condom on or shall I?"

"This time, I think I will."

Scully gave him an evil grin. "You always did like to touch yourself."

"Just wait until I get this on," Mulder mock threatened. He levered up on one arm to reach onto the bedside table. "Then I'll show you some touching."

The arm supporting him slipped off the edge of the bed. Mulder fell forward. Craaack! His head struck the table.


"Oww... Scully, that hurt!"

"Come here, big boy, I'll fix that head of yours right up."

He climbed back up onto he bed, and her skillful fingers probed his hair and head, making sure he was OK. After quickly flicking on the light, she finished his examination, and pronounced him healthy. Once the room was dark again, she continued her exploration of Mulder. "Scully, isn't it my turn to play doctor?" "Mulder, you're a shrink. We don't want anything getting smaller here!" "True, but I am a master of heads! Now were was I? Oh, yes. The condom." He quickly slid it on and lay Scully on her back. Hovering over her, his long rod played with her entrance. "Scully, I think some exploratory procedures are in order here." All she could do was moan in response.

"What, Scully,was my joke *that* bad?" As she laughed, he slowly slid himself into her long canal. He attempted to connect deeply, to put all of himself into all of her, when suddenly, he couldn't. "Scully, is there something in there?"

"Oooh...ooohh...Oh! The tampon! Oops..."

"Scully, I think I'll let you handle this..." Mulder pulled out slowly, just to torture her.

Scully moaned as he withdrew. "I'll be right back," she whispered as she left the bed.

Mulder lay back in the bed with a sigh. It was getting harder to keep up with Scully late at night. Literally. [It's a sick cosmic joke that a man reaches his sexual peak at eighteen and a woman at thirty six. I hope she hurries up.]

Scully slipped back into bed. "Now where were we?"

"At the beginning, I'm afraid. I, um, uh, lost it." Mulder looked down shamefaced.

She pouted slightly, then smirked, "Well, I guess I have a bit of work to do, now don't I."

She bent her head under the covers and slowly, carefully took him in her mouth, her hands manipulating the fold of skin at the base of his shaft. Her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth, causing him to moan and groan. He was nearly back to where he was, when she abruptly pulled off. "Condom." She murmured. He did. She shifted to lay on top of him, her breasts pushing into his abdomen. She began to lick and kiss him, from navel to jawline, his chest gleaming from her love juices as she worked him over. Eventually bending back down to admire her handiwork and asses the situation, she squealed, "Houston, we have lift off!" "Not so fast, Scully." And with that, he pulled her towards him, feet first. She bent her knees, and he had a face full of woman hood. Licking and sucking, like she had him, he pleasured her until she moaned and groaned, begging for entry. "Mulder, now!" With that, they flipped around, so she lay on her back, resting on the silken pillows recently disturbed by their actions. Finally, he hovered over her, tempting her, playing with her, at last to slowly push himself into her, savoring the feeling of her, warm and utter perfection. "I love you, Scully." "I love you too, Mulder." With that, she began rocking her hips back and forth, her crimson locks splayed out around her face.

Mulder began to thrust, slowly at first. He wanted to hear Scully beg for that final explosive release.

He didn't have long to wait. "Mulder," Scully moaned, "quit fucking around and finish this off."

"Funny," he breathed into her ear. "I thought 'fucking around' was *exactly* what you wanted me to do." With that, he started to slam into her hard and fast.

Scully yelped in surprise and delight. She groaned, "Oooooh, Mulder, that was *too* good." She pulled his head down to hers. Her tongue began to probe his mouth in time to his thrusts.

That tore what little control Mulder had left. Moaning as he came, grasped her hips and held her firmly in place as he flooded her.

They dozed quietly for the rest of the night, their passion crescendoed enough to satisfy both... for awhile. In the morning, Mulder awoke to find Scully lying beside him, her finger drawing lazy circles on his chest. "Come on, let's get up." "Again, Scully?"

"No, Mulder. I mean, out of bed!"

"On the floor? Ooh, kinky!"

With that, she laughed, climbed out of their bed and padded towards the kitchen. "So, Mulder, how's your head?" "Which one?" With a smile and a laugh, they began their day.

The End... or is it?